[ROM][MS870] hybrid MIUI V5 ROM

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  1. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    MIUI Jelly Bean theme is up. ;)

    This will give you JB lockscreen, icons, clock widget, and wallpaper in MIUI style.

    [THEMES][MS870] All MIUI Themes

    I'll post screen shots in that thread.

  2. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

    I had this problem also, couldn't use my phone for like 4 hours till I could return to katana. Also when I was using that ROM it had parts of katana also, might of been a bad flash. Like it was trying to load nova also on top of the miui ROM.
  3. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    Yeah this rom doesn't have nova. For it to flash correctly you must factory reset, wipe cache, and dalvik. After flash you can restore call log, and messages, but not system settings from previous rom.

    It's all good, MIUI roms are not for everyone. Usually only miui fans stick to it, like me. lol

    Katana is less customizable, but just as good. If your happy with it, then that's all that matters. ;)
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  4. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks bro

    I prolly wont be doing anything else. Everyone seems to be using CM as their daily with the exception of like 3 users including myself, who are waiting for CM to be 100%.

    I guess doing anything more would be a waste of time and host space. lol
  5. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    Make that 4 sir, and I'm still using Katana w/red devil theme. It's boss sir, straight up boss!
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  6. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

    And a 5th, won't use cm10 till 4g works even tho it is jb, I'll be using katana.

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  7. cubone

    cubone Well-Known Member

    Katana User as well, I need my 4g :p
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  8. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    You know I can't have a rom without some key lime glow! :D

    Was doing it for me for this rom, but might as well share when I'm done.
  9. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    I changed the look for my own personal use, but if you guys are interested I can post it.

    This will add a more MIUI look, but blacked out since I don't like white backdrops.

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  10. mario16

    mario16 Well-Known Member

    What about the status bar stuff being orange like a orange theme for it and the contacts and dial pad I think will look cool too only if I knew how I would just to see how it will look but I don't lol
  11. determined sou

    determined sou Well-Known Member

    This thing is off the hook , I cant believe this is actually on my phone . Thanks a lot bro you are amazing .
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  12. Go redownload myxer π. It has the orange contacts and dialer. Just pull those apks and copy over them in system/app.
    And framework.... copy and paste them over your active system on the miui ROM from my Myxer π. Bam!!!! Reboot and profit......u know where to find the link. ;-)
  13. syacoff

    syacoff Active Member

    My girl and I are still rocking katana too. This is a nice looking rom but not my style. When CM10 is finished then we may switch but until then.....
    Katana is where it's at.
    Sorry to go off topic:D
  14. AGLtech

    AGLtech Well-Known Member

    Would this work if I pulled them from myxer and installed them to Katana system/app?
  15. Yes. As long as there's no security signature. Back up first of course...but yes I'm 99% sure it'll work.
  16. mario16

    mario16 Well-Known Member

    I seen you updated it last night but didn't have time to check it out. About to download it now
  17. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok guys I would like to get back on topic with this rom and no more talk about other roms here since they each have their own thread and place.

    I'm bout to flash some changes I did. Hopefully they look good. I'll post some screenies if they do.
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  18. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok so this is gonna be the new look for this rom. I'm also throwing in an app drawer for you guys that want one.

    I'll be uploading the rom update. When it's done I'll let you guys know.

  19. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    ROM updated

    See Change Log in OP and screenshots in post above or in OP.
  20. I just flashed it but now im having issues connecting to wifi APs. It just keeps trying to get an IP address.
  21. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    It seems your internet provider doesn't allow you to use different dns servers. Long press on build.prop and select open with text editor and delete the last 5 lines that start with #google dns. Then reboot your phone and try to connect. This is a tweak I added for faster web browsing.
  22. Oh...sorry 4got to update. I tried using my Note 2 wifi tether to see if it would connect to it. It did as long as I had security turned off. Wouldn't connect with security on.

    But only thing I'm running into this rom amd others is an issue with 4g. The phone stays at 1x more often. So far same result from Icy spirit & this one. Not sure why. It will take me a few days to be sure as at the moment it may very well be the area I'm currently in.
  23. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    That's definitely the area your in because noone else has reported these issues. Icy rom is completely stock only deodexed with some things added so it's like being on complete stock. So chances are if you experience issues with Icy rom connecting to wifi then you'll have them on stock also. I guess in a few days you'll know for sure. ;)
  24. mario16

    mario16 Well-Known Member

    Have you flash cm10
  25. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    If he did, then that's probably what's causing the issue. Good catch on that.

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