[ROM] MTDEV-CM7 build 2013-03-03

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  1. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Did you do the 9-23 or the one I posted?

  2. sikk66

    sikk66 Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that freshly installing everything was recommended... Is that incorrect?
    I have used titanium backup and appextractor in the past, but I thought it was recommended to install everything fresh to avoid problems. Maybe I was wrong about that.
  3. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    No not at all, the only thing we recommend is doing a full wipe and reload ROM. From there it's safe to restore apps. If the app is having problems you can always wipe cache on the app under settings < apps. That usually works fine.
  4. sikk66

    sikk66 Well-Known Member

    hahaha. Oh man, I feel like I goof. I must have misread a post on here or something(likely after knocking a few cold ones back) and got that idea stuck in my head and I've been doing fresh installs of all my apps for a while now.

    Thanks for the info g60. My flashes will be much easier now. :smokingsomb:
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  5. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    About the only thing I can add is when switching from FroYo to GB or ICS....
    I would consider redownloading an app that goofs up. On a rare occasion the app isn't made to work with the newer APIs and can have issues. What I would do is wait for a failure then update. I haven't had that for quite a while, but it can happen.
  6. EonHand

    EonHand New Member

    So I gave 20120921 a shot yesterday - wiped system, dalvik. Couldn't get it to find my Bluetooth device (car) that both MIUI 1.11.25 and Sharp found just fine. I'm excited about the video finally being flicker-free! Is there anything else I should be doing before I install?

    Sorry if I'm retreading - I couldn't find much on Bluetooth-only issues in the thread.
  7. mexicaninja

    mexicaninja Member

  8. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Bahaa this made me chuckle!!
  9. aadilh14

    aadilh14 Active Member

    Videos in quickpic and in Mxplayer are just a black screen with audio when I am playing them. Anyone else having this problem? Youtube is working fine however.
  10. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    OK, I see. G60 fixed what I messed up. I added in a part to the updater script that in later versions of CWR would somehow mess up the process. That has been removed and I will update my CWR so I don't do something like that again.

    Guys, I'm sorry. You are used to better than that. You will get better than that.

    If I get this other MT I will be able to test under a wider veriety of conditions and will be able to produce better work.
  11. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey I gotta say today's build is quite fancy fast! Since I had got my replacement I had been running on a tweaked stock rom(I know lame of me right!!) And today I got a notion to download this latest build and flash it!

    Dude it's sweet and so far no wifi issues or cm settings not sticking issues. Everything runs smooth!! Nice work guys!!
  12. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    I always have it use software decoding to minimize issues with it instead of hardware decoding!
  13. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    With the pro licence you can create a backup zip that you can flash when you flash a new rom & gapps. Remember to run as a system app (you can select option when creating zip). Worked quite well for me while flashing last mtdev cm7.2 rom.
  14. mattbodin

    mattbodin Well-Known Member

    where is that at?
  15. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    menu>more>& scroll down to 'create "update.zip"...'

    The titanium zip file is automatically placed in root of sd card for easy locating during rom flash.
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  16. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Well-Known Member Developer

    Sorry guys was able to fix most of the video issues last night but still working out the video on the camcorder being a bit chopy on the motion. Have a few things to try after work.
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  17. sqwerl

    sqwerl Well-Known Member

    The free version of Titanium also allows you to create a zip file for restore.

    It isn't necessary to make it a system app but the only catch is if you make it a user app is you can't apply update.zip right after loading the new ROM/gapps but you need to do it later after the phone has initialized. I'm not sure which way is better or that it really matters.
  18. caityouth

    caityouth Member

    Just installed 923 today and I'm having the same problem with black screen during video playback also after using my camcorder it showed it being black and white andblueish in gallary view
  19. Dimensions

    Dimensions Member

    Hehehe, I just read the updates on 9/32 and I'm excited. I'll be rooting this as soon as I back up my apps and data.
  20. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    It comes pre-rooted. Do you mean update the SU binaries?
  21. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    I just like how titanium shows up in app drawer when using system app option after flashing all 3 (rom, gapps & update. zip) on reboot. Have had pro for a while now, but since zip can be created with free version others can save $$. If anybody wants to try this, im sure they can use whichever method floats their boat :dontknow:

  22. caityouth

    caityouth Member

    reflashed the latest 9.23
    and still I have a blue and green video playback when I take a video and still very very choppy but the color thing is totally weird its normal colors with taking pictures and records in normal colors but then as soon as it goes to preview box everything is heavily tinted like the RGB is off.
    Anyone else expeiriencing this?
  23. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Just as soon as I say no widow issues I start having them! Still having the issue where if you reboot with wifi on it keeps turning itself on over and over again until you reboot again, and it will connect to wifi networks but most of the time the icon stays gray and the internet wont work or it will turn green but the internet still wont work. It seems to be a DNS issue. Its done this on several networks including my home!

    And has anyone had an issue where while in call it will mute your call then when you try to turn the screen on to unmute it, it drops the call? Its done this to me on just about every cm build. Not sure what's causing it!

    Just thought I'd throw in some bug reports here!!
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  24. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

  25. nwaves

    nwaves Well-Known Member

    0923 is smooth as butter, GPS is really fast but I'm having problems receiving calls. It only rings if I'm in a call, otherwise I don't get the call at all, it goes to voice mail. I restored the stock nandroid backup and i'm receiving all calls so I know it's not a hardware problem. Any ideas?
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