[ROM] MTDEV CM9, Yet again ;-)

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  1. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm starting a new thread as I am basicly taking over the projects now that chairshot and g60 have moved to the Evo 4G

    I'll have a ROM posted up soon with the normal list of things that go with the listing. I am still going to work on CM7, but as that doesn't need much work, I'll consentrate the updates here.

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  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

  3. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see that the torch is still lit. Best of regards.
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  4. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    Thanks for keeping this moving forward:)
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  5. jr9306

    jr9306 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your continued endeavor for this calamitous contraption we ironically refer to as a "Triumph".
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  6. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Since g60 has officially passed the tourch (hope I don't burn myself), I don't need this thread. Everything will be done through the old CM9 thread. Thank you for your support.
  7. JokaLo

    JokaLo Well-Known Member

    Best of luck, can't wait to watch you evolve, its always nice to see what new devs bring to the table
  8. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    And I bought a book too.

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