[ROM] MTDEV-MIUIv4 build 20130102 [BETA]

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  1. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Image by: CornfedChris & g60madman​

    Welcome to MIUIv4 aka ICS. This ROM is being developed by Team MTDEV.

    MTDEV would like to thank Austrie for allowing us to take over this ROM. This ROM is a port of a port and is not being built by source.

    ∙ Partial Camera
    ∙ Tethering (USB)
    ∙ HDMI
    ∙ Other?!?

    ∙ BSydz

    MTDEV MIUI Rom Browser

    Follow these simple instructions if you

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  2. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    ∙ Camera displays
    ∙ Video displays
    ∙ Panorama does not work

    10/5/2012 - Austrie's Final Release
    ∙ Smoothen Out ROM
    ∙ Updated ROM to 2.6.1
    ∙ Removed 4-Way Reboot
    ∙ MIUI Chanelog:
    ∙ 2.5.11: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-rom-2-5-11-changelog-ics.16501/
    ∙ 2.5.18: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-rom-2-5-18-changelog.16607/
    ∙ 2.5.25: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-rom-2-5-25-change-log-ics.16704/
    ∙ 2.6.1: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-rom-2-6-1-change-log.16803/
  3. chri81

    chri81 Active Member

    Awesome dude... just awesome. Nice work!
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  4. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks, I will try and get a new release out this weekend or sooner depending on time. Right now this is still Austrie's last release.
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  5. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    you're not human!! lol thank you
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  6. Darktaker

    Darktaker Well-Known Member

    Wow!!!!! CM9 new Kernel and NOW MIUI you sir are awesome!!!! You've taken this phone to a higher lever then it was in just a few months all the Devs here are doing great work keep it up guys never give up.
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  7. Ken2Chill

    Ken2Chill Well-Known Member

    Yay! :D What's going to change in The new release?
  8. jamesd1085

    jamesd1085 Well-Known Member

    Whatever Mtdev tries to fix...lol...you know these guys are not gonna stop at minimal funtion...they are way to devoted for that...only the best from the best
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  9. sikk66

    sikk66 Well-Known Member

    wow g60! No doubt the hardest working dev around!
    What I wouldn't give for a little piece of your motivation!
    Do you sleep? :D

    Thanks for all your hard work.
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  10. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I think he would have answered, but he may have dozed off:D

    Not really.
  11. bidzer

    bidzer Well-Known Member

    I think the new word should be......


    Haha, can't wait for this update! It's the weekend so enjoy it!!!

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  12. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Actually going to take a nap right now lol :)
  13. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Alxexander Ghram Bell would average about 4 hours of sleep a day.
    As soon as he felt he was asleep, he would wake up.
  14. Inc0gnit0

    Inc0gnit0 Well-Known Member

    Even in his avatar he looks like he is fighting off sleep. His wife is all like "honey, please come to bed." and g60 is like "...must...fix...roms..."

  15. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

    wifi connects but does not receive data
  16. jamesd1085

    jamesd1085 Well-Known Member

    This from has just been taken over by mtdev...the last version posted is still austries final...I would recommend another from until the team gets a crack at some fixes...I downloaded this rom when this last version was released and it was awesome but nothing short of buggy... give it time it will be sweet when its gotten some fixes
  17. havikx

    havikx Well-Known Member

    I lol'd. My gf gets mad when I'm up all night trying to root someone's phone too.
  18. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

    Games like Temple Run don't run well even when overclocked at 1.5GHZ
  19. jamesd1085

    jamesd1085 Well-Known Member

    That's because the game needs more free memory not processing power...try closing all apps before opening temple run...if that doesn't work then you need a from with better memory profiles
  20. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Awe, dude. I know how it is when I feel like I am getting close to fixing something. "Almost done. I can feel it this time! What!? Anothere error?"

    Then I remember how expensive all of this equipment is, and don't throw it out the window.
  21. emerald10

    emerald10 Well-Known Member

    First off, YAY! I thought this ROM would never see the light of day again. Second, the main bug that I've noticed is everything freezes. But this ROM has so much potential to be amazing. Glad you guys see that too!
  22. SemeteryRocker

    SemeteryRocker Well-Known Member

    I do so love MIUI, huge thanks to picking it up and working on it!
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  23. chucksaysblah

    chucksaysblah Well-Known Member

    Ok I flashed this coming from miui 2.4.2 and it just sits on the bootscreen with the motorola logo and does nothing. I wiped everything the way I have always done for every other rom and no boot up any ideas?
  24. jamesd1085

    jamesd1085 Well-Known Member

    It takes forever on first boot...sometimes like10 minutes... just give it time
  25. chucksaysblah

    chucksaysblah Well-Known Member

    I let it sit for 12 minutes lol i will try it again and see what happens. It didnt seem to take as long to install as other roms do so I thought something was amiss. I will flash it one more time and wait even longer and see . Thanks for the reply.

    ***UPDATE*** Reflashed the rom after wiping everything and let it sit on the boot animation for over 30 minutes still no boot . Any ideas guys?

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