[ROM] Nameless v7.4.3 HTC Desire C

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  1. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member


    • Aroma Installer
    • Based on 2.00.401.2 RUU
    • Desire 200 system apps on version 7.4.4
    • Themed as default
    • Overclockable upto 800Mhz
    • Optimized Simple OC Kernel
    • Rooted With SuperSU
    • Newest Busybox Installed
    • Deodexed app and framework
    • Full Transistion Animations
    • 3D Cube Effect Sense Apps Tabslike in HTC One X
    • Keyboard Pop-up Animation
    • Fast GPS Lock
    • Ads blocked
    • All Apps Updated
    • Full Beats Profiles, HTC Audio Enhancement
    • Build.prop and init.d tweaks
    • Fallout Tweaks
    -Enable 3D Rosie
    -Disable Wallpaper Scrolling
    -3-9 Home Screens Count
    -Wake Up with Vol Keys
    -Statusbar Tweaks clock centered, default, hidden
    • Advance Power Menu and Quick Settings
    • HTC Google Spyware removed
    • Sony Xloud
    • EGL Force Hardware Acceleration
    • Autobrightness tweak
    • Long press media volume/headset skip tracks mod
    • Sense 5 tones, wallpapers and keyboard
    • Battery Percentage in Statusbar
    • Easy apps installer
    • One X Browser, Music and Messaging
    • Vol Up Camera Shutter mod
    • Changeable backgrounds on rosie and systemui
    • 9 icon Rosie themes, 5x5 app drawer
    • Latest Adobe Flash player
    • Pre installed basic free apps
    • Inverted modded Youtube app

  2. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

  3. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    HTC Bug - Please report to HTC
    • Black Screen during incoming call, if charger connected and Auto Brightness is off


    Included inside rom zip

    • cwm recovery
    • overclocked kernels boot.img
    • main rom files
    • readme
    Requirements for flashing

    • htcdev unlocked bootloader
    • gsm htc desire c
    • adb/fastboot + htc drivers installed in pc

    • for nfc devices visit this link
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  4. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

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  5. deetking

    deetking New Member

    can you help m, i do not know is turn on-wifi after install rom

    What should I do??
  6. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Flash boot.img
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  7. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Updated.... :)
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  8. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Youtube app bug, pausing and and not resuming

    set ur kernel clock at min 600Mhz max @ 800Mhz
  9. Shagalag1981

    Shagalag1981 Member

    Has anyone tried this on a cmda phone such as cricket wireless?
  10. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    All my roms are for gsm only, sorry I forgot to put in description.
  11. LaKsHaY1997

    LaKsHaY1997 Member

  12. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    I will make 767 when I have time, o2 optimization in my understanding is just like quick defrag of hdd correct me if I'm wrong. Your phone might not boot higher than 767, it doesn't do anything with the kernel tweaks.
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  13. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Updated to 7.4.3 changelog:

    -added red clock
    -inverted youtube
    -updated to new aroma 2.70
    -updated addblock hosts
    -new simple oc kernel boot.img
    -remove some apps and tr2 in aroma
    -remove stock ui in aroma
    -friendstream and ime languages back in system
    -other widgets, plugins, back in system
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  14. krle011

    krle011 New Member

    When phone charging in sleep mod incoming call not showing its dark screen and only hear ringing sound ,its tricky because when set brightnes to auto everyting is normal ,can you fix this problem because its realy bad, Thanks
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  15. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    htc bug?

  16. Prototyp

    Prototyp Active Member

    Hi DSCPLX ;) ... I would be say to you: Thanks thanks thanks for your great Nameless Rom for the Desire C ... I`m happy and you make a very good job! Thanks for all and I hope all is okay with you?! I saw in the XDA your account is disabled and I was a little sad about it but you're also online here, lol ... Sorry for my funny english but I hope you understand me ... Keep it up, Sir! :cool: :thumb:

    Best wishes from Germany,

    Prototyp(1981) or leather.face @XDA :D
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  17. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    new boot sound


    adb remount

    adb push to /system/customize/resource/
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  18. BreakingAlpha

    BreakingAlpha New Member

    PLz provide an alternate download link for the rom as im not being able to download the file correctly from the source.
    plz help.
    thank u.
  19. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

  20. franml

    franml New Member

    hey man where can i get de boot.img file?? i have a trouble whit the wifi, can turn it on
  21. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Inside the zip file.
  22. yogidesai16

    yogidesai16 New Member

    Devnagri fonts matra problem, hindi support natively can u solve this...
    Use nameless rom 7.4.3
    Rom is best but not support hindi properly..

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  23. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Use a windows app called FONTCREATOR
    and maybe add or replace hindi characters to this


    replace it with a better hindi character font, if you already have
    in your compvter.

    found on system/fonts

    then adb push and reboot.

    You can find tutorial to do this on the net.
  24. Chasiscorto

    Chasiscorto New Member

    Hi guys! Excelent job on this ROM. I'm having an issue here, if I flash the boot.img on the OC_800 MHZ folder my phone keeps rebooting (sometimes it lets me input my sim's PIN, some times it reboots earlyer, with the file on the Stock_600 Mhz it works just fine. Is there a way to find the cause of this? I want to OC my phone! Thanks in advance.
  25. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Use 767Mhz Simple OC Kernel. :) found in the other thread.

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