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[ROM] NoLiMiT06's OTA 4.67 Slim and Tweaked v1.2.2 02/15/12

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by nolimit06, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Welcome to NoLiMiT06 OTA 4.67 Slim and Tweaked
    Brought to you by nolimit06
    Version 1.2.2 build 021512
    Special thanx to the devs at XDA and Rxpert83
    This ROM is a small personal project I started to learn how to develop some basic things for Android and this is what I came up with. The build is very fast and smooth and is built from the latest OTA and Kernel. I would like to thank the devs @ XDA for all of their hard work as they inspired me to put this together. I hope you like it, let me know what you think!!!!
    Android 2.3.5
    Based off latest OTA 4.67 Stock
    -Only 133mb zip file
    -Over 350mb free space on fresh install
    -BusyBox Installed w/ run-parts
    -A2SD Support
    -Data/App Enabled
    -Bash Support
    -Hacked Hotspot
    -Advanced 4 in 1 Power Menu
    -CRT Animations (On/Off)
    -ICS Animations
    -Native Screenshot (Power+Home)
    -Status Bar Quick Settings, Battery Mod, and 1x/3G Fix
    -Wireless N support
    -No Boot Animation (Faster Boot)
    -Custom Wallpapers from Stock and TN
    -Stock Kernel
    -Sprint VVM included
    -Market included, Maps, Gmail, etc, can be found in the Marketplace
    -HTC Facebook and Flickr Sync
    -VM Heap set to 48mb
    -Wireless Scan set to 90

    Update v1.2.0 02/08/12
    -Nifty Coniptions Tweaks now included thanks to scottypeterson
    -Roboto Fonts are now the default font
    -Recent Apps removed from notifications window (Gruesomewolf)
    -1% Battery Mod updated
    -About 1mb smaller due to new theme and quick settings
    -Other small performance tweaks

    Update v1.2.2 02/15/12
    -All prior features included
    -New Rosie w/LaunchKey thanks to tommytomatoe
    -added Google Talk but the video chat does not work (WIP)
    -removed % from battery for a more clean look
    -changed font to default DroidSans (can be changed with ROM Toolbox)
    -updated "Nifty Coniptions" to v1.01 thanks to scottypeterson
    -increased wi-fi interval to 180 seconds (helps with battery life)

    Always perform a complete wipe to eliminate the risk of errors and bugs. Wipe everything 2x except SD card and run SuperWipe 2x then flash the ROM [​IMG]
    Download Links
    Dev-Host 135mb v1.2.2 Recommended


    Recommended Apps
    ROM Toolbox (Pro version is worth every penny)

    UOT Kitchen used to theme

    Mods are from [Collection][Project] Update to 4.67 OTA

    Stock Kernel performs great but I recommend using AnthraX 009 (Please do not ask for this kernel, it can be found on Chad's ftp [​IMG] )

    Screenshots are attached (Updated 02/15/12) NOTE: The screen shot is just what my current setup looks like, apps shown are not included.

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