rom or not to rom?

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  1. allmanallpimp

    allmanallpimp Well-Known Member

    i may be onto something. can someone tell me if clockwork recovery works on these phones? if so i may have something awesome developed :) let me know. if not let me know how i would do a clean install of a rom overwriting the original rom obviously :) i of course will share all my work and rom(s) happy modding folks ;)

  2. The admire has a recovery out now
  3. d2007k

    d2007k Active Member

    im guessing if you dont know how to do any of this let alone google instructions to find out .. id say you shouldnt "try" it just yet
  4. abanoub14

    abanoub14 Member

    I tried the samsung admire recovery on my friends vitality and it worked perfectly and so did their roms after I used their system dump but everything works except it has alot of metropcs branding
  5. I didn't use there roms just the recovery and it works fine for me
  6. can someone please send me a nandroid backup bc i bricked my phone and cant get it past the boot screen i can still use recovery though it would be greatly appreciated please

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