ROM Packs [LeeDrOiD / ARHD / MIUI] [UPDATED: 06.09.11]

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  1. SB13X

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    What you get:
    Code (Text):
    2. Latest release of LeeDrOiD ROM
    3. Latest release of LeeDrOiD KERNELS (Both CFS and BFS Flavours)
    4. Recommended Radio w/ Installer
    5. Full EXT4 and EXT4 Cache format tools
    6. Sense 3.0 AIO and Sense 3.0 Non Rosie Add-ons (with optional Black Lock Ring)
    7. Step by Step Installation README walkthrough guide
    8. md5 Checksum Verification Software
    md5: 3f5c78a410ca5f048dec7f658f872890

    XDA Link: [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3 GB [KERNEL]V3.2.1 >EPIC!< 11th August| HTC GB | OTA | CRT TV - xda-developers

    [ROM] Android Revolution HD | High Quality & Performance | OC | Sense

    What you get:
    Code (Text):
    2. Latest release of Android Revolution HD ROM
    3. Latest release of LeeDrOiD KERNEL & RCMIXHD KERNEL
    4. Recommended Radio w/ Installer
    5. EXT4 Superwipe format tool (Installs 4EXT Advanced Recovery)
    6. Set CPU clock back to 1.0 GHz Patch
    7. Sense 3.0 AIO (Add-On)
    8. CRT Screen Off Animation (Add-On)
    9. Advanced Power Menu (Add-On)
    10. Step by Step Installation README walkthrough guide
    11. md5 Checksum Verification Software
    md5: 692c71f5cc52ab74e9c06de5db114e62

    XDA Link: [ROM] Android Revolution HD

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    OVERCLOCKING NOTICE: If you download a ROM that has OC Daemon pre installed and you have SetCPU as part of your Titanium Backup, when restoring untick it as it conflicts with the Daemon. The Daemon is able to read the screen status faster and perform the tasks quicker than SetCPU could implement them. Most ROM Cooks who now use OC Daemon, also customise the app for their individual ROM.

    ARHD NOTICE: Anyone who downloaded the ARHD pack prior to 1600 on 16.08.11 please double check to see if your archive contains:


    There was a bug with this build of the kernel which would cause a boot loop. The pack has now been updated with the latest RCMIX kernel with this resolved. Again however I've been using ARHD with the LeeDrOiD CFS kernel with no issues at all and I still highly recommend it. If you have other kernel preferences please feel free to mention them here and why you recommend it and I'll throw it in the pack.
  3. D-U-R-X

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    Sweet Stu!!

    Was thinkin about giving both of those a go... nice to have all I need in one place on here (rather than going to different places on the net)!
  4. Dixi1801

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    5.2.4 ARHD is up now :)
  5. SB13X

    SB13X Well-Known Member

    I know crikey gimme chance I'm at work fella ;)
  6. El Presidente

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  7. SB13X

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    [EDIT]5.2.6 updated and uploaded by 2000hrs[/EDIT]
  8. Dixi1801

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    im using sci miui, is the freshly squeezed edition better?
  9. SB13X

    SB13X Well-Known Member

    Not personally had enough experience to comment......yet.....;)

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