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[ROM][PORT] MIUI 2.4.20-Triumph [UPDATED 07/27/2012]| (GB 2.3.7 based)

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  1. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member


    Isaacj87 guide but same produce goes.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages (bricking/phone ruining) occurred while flashing or using this ROM. By using this ROM, you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk!

    SPECIAL NOTE (please read): These builds are NOT being built from source (only partially). I cannot account for what Xiaomi has done to the Android source. Also, this port is technically a port of a port (DesireS-CN --> DesireS-EN --> Triumph). I can only account for the changes I made personally. There are no records on what was changed up to this point from elsewhere. The fact that this ROM is closed-source has unnerved some people in the Android community (for good reason). These things are something to consider. I have yet to find anything malicious in MIUI (neither has anyone else in the Android community), but if it were me, I would be careful with my sensitive data.

    Also, since I don't have the source for this ROM, it's being worked on with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. If I can manage to fix something, it'll get fix. Since it was originally in Chinese, some of the language translations will be strange. I'm using code from CM7, building said code, and cramming it into MIUI. Since MIUI and CM7 share a lot of the same code, this has been working fine so far. But remember:This is mostly because most serious problems will go unfixed. This is the unfortunate situation we're in (MIUI being closed source). Whatever I can fix, I am more than willing to share it with you guys.

    Overall, everything has been working quite well and I hope your happy with the results.

    What works:

    Audio/Call recording
    USB Tethering
    Capacitive button keymapping
    2D/3D/EGL/GPU [see "Known issues" section below]
    LED (dual-mode)
    Capacitive button lights with PWM control
    Screen rotate/orientation
    Touchscreen with multitouch/screen rotate capable
    USB mounting
    CRT screen off animation
    Proximity sensor
    Camera (front and rear) [see "Known issues" section below]
    Ambient light sensor
    HD 720P video recording/FFC video recording
    MMS (send and receive; pictures or video)
    Google Talk with video/voice chat
    Wired headset
    Haptic feedback on capacitive keys
    Native WIFI tethering [see "Known issues" section below]

    What doesn't work:

    HDMI out/mirroring

    Known issues:

    These builds, as mentioned, are not being built from source. As such, measures were taken to get everything working. Don't be surprised if you get a FC or eleven. Furthermore, these are developmental builds (i.e. not stable). Some of you may be able to live with it, some won't.
    Since MIUI requires VMSPLIT3G, a new kernel was made to follow this requirement. As such, the memory allocation for the GPU was changed. Most lower-end games should not have any issues, but HD (higher-end) games are mostly unplayable as so many elements are missing.



    MiuiAndroid 2.4.20 v3 MiuiAndroid_Triumph-2.4.20-v3.zip
    MiuiAndroid 2.4.20 v2 MiuiAndroid_Triumph-2.4.20-v2.zip
    MiuiAndroid 2.4.20 v1 MiuiAndroid_Triumph-2.4.20-v1.zip
    MiuiAndroid 2.4.20 MiuiAndroid_Triumph-2.4.20.zip

    NOTE: Always check md5sum! The versioning is the following: miuiandroid_Triumph-(MIUI VERSION)-(MMDDYY)-(REVISION). Check the "About Phone" section in settings to determine what build you're on.



    Download the ROM package and place it in the main folder of your SDcard
    Power off phone and boot into recovery mode
    Choose "Wipe data/factory reset"
    Go back to main menu and choose "install zip from sdcard" then, "choose zip from sdcard"
    Navigate to the ROM package and install it.
    Once it finishes, go back to the main menu and reboot.

    NOTE: First boot may take some time. Once you get to the MIUI boot splash, you're golden.

    NOTE: Any subsequent releases of MIUI will NOT require a data wipe. If, in the off-chance, a wipe is required, I will note it.

    NOTE: Do NOT flash the Gapps package used with Cyanogenmod.


  2. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    Changelog: Updated July 27,2012 v3

    • New lockscreen
    • Clock Centered
    • MIUI Control Panel
    • Fixed Headphones v1
    • Torch Fixed v2
    • Roaming indicator off now shows VirginMobile v2
    • MMS Fixed v2
    • Incoming calls (no longer force closes) Fixed v3


    • Isaacj87
    • djboi2011

  3. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    MIUI Walkthrough

    For detailed information on MIUI, have a look at this article (credits to addictivetips!): The Complete Review Of MIUI ROM For Android [Walkthrough & Guide]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MIUI Tips

    If you find the launcher is slightly sluggish, go into launcher settings and turn OFF "Keep in memory" and "Hi-res graphics." I find that I need to cycle Hi-res to notice any change.
    If you get those annoying 9999999 garbled messages like I do, simply block them by utilizing the Firewall. (thanks to dg61981 for the tip) [NOTE: This shouldn't be necessary anymore]
    While the light sensor is fixed, I found certain options make it behave funny. To fix this, simply go to Settings --> "Display Settings" --> "Advanced mode" (under Brightness) and disable "Light sensor filter." After doing this, lock the screen or turn auto-brightness off and on to reset ALS.
    Since build 1.10.7-10122011-3, Torch has been re-added. One cool feature is the ability to toggle Torch from the lockscreen. Simply press the Home key while on the lockscreen.
    Pressing Menu and Volume Up simultaneously maxes the brightness until you change it. (thanks to FroyoShark for the tip)
    Pressing Menu and Volume Down simultaneously takes a screenshot of the current screen. (thanks to FroyoShark for the tip)
    I allowed for the capacitive key backlight to be dimmable, but I didn't set any default dimmed values (i.e. the keys are still at full brightness). If, however, you would like to dim the keys, you can set your own values in Settings --> "Display Settings" --> "Advanced Mode" --> "Edit other levels..."
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  4. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    Oh yea baby!
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  5. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    Woot :D
  6. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    So can i just wipe dalvik cache? and will 5.6 Speed demon kernel work ? coming from 1.11.25
  7. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    Yes you. Or you can just backup using the MIUI Backup app. Flash this one then once it reboots into the rom restore using the same app. Sorry I dont know, I'm not that big on kernels.
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  8. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    Noice :D Thanks for the update man . :)
  9. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    No problem I just hate being stuck on the one from November. So I did a lot of researching and asking people and found out how to update it and everything.
  10. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    Same here, glad somebody finally gave us an update c: *(by somebody i mean you lol)
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  11. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    Yea I'm going to keep updating as long as I can find a phone to port it from. :D
  12. terrestrialfx

    terrestrialfx Active Member

    I backed up my old MIUI and restored it and now it's stuck in a bootloop :/ Going to reflash and try to restore only some stuff
  13. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    WOW! great job man! now we finally have an update miui :) keep up the great work! ill b looking for more updates ;)
  14. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    Are you using CWM or TWRP or MiuiBackup app. Sorry forgot to tell you don't restore system settings with the MiuiBackup app.
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  15. SarcasmSiempre

    SarcasmSiempre Active Member

    This is fantastic.
  16. terrestrialfx

    terrestrialfx Active Member

    I'm using CWM. Just reflashed and backed up apps and notes and messages with no problems. :D

    Edit: I used MiuiBackup App to backup and restore apps and notes and messages.
  17. mantera

    mantera Well-Known Member

    Very good job!
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  18. cocheese101

    cocheese101 Active Member

    I just restored my miui backup and flashed this without wiping. Everything good so far.
  19. moonknightus

    moonknightus Well-Known Member

    Works fine with mantera's latest mOCK kernel
  20. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Gooooood Job! :thumbup:
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  21. JTAKER

    JTAKER Well-Known Member

    Do I really have to format /system? Or can I just wipe data and caches?
  22. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for one day we'd get an updated GB-MIUI and I thought that day would never come....until now :)

    Pretty awesome..I'm about to flash and give it a good run

    Big props to the old man ;) :D
  23. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Well-Known Member

    No you don't have to format system. Just wipe data caches.
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  24. SarcasmSiempre

    SarcasmSiempre Active Member

    Wiping /data isn't necessary if you're coming from MIUI 1.11.25, I just wiped the dalvik cache and everything works perfectly.
  25. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Well-Known Member

    just noticed there is no flashlight app ...also holding home button after waking device shows the flashlight but still doesn't turn on light

    is it just me or is it a known issue?

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