[ROM][PORT] MIUI 2.4.20-Triumph [UPDATED 07/27/2012]| (GB 2.3.7 based)

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  1. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    Or just call yourself

  2. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    this is a great rom. really smooth :) i can say sd kernel by austria does work with this rom which is great :D I'm loving it. only bug that bugs me is the facing on the incoming call
  3. Prosophobia

    Prosophobia Well-Known Member

    It says my phone isn't compatible with instagram? Please fix. That's my main app. :(((

    JTAKER Well-Known Member

    Says it's not available on CM7 either...o_O

    EDIT: Never mind. I cleared data for the Play Store and it showed up after that.
  5. fusionice

    fusionice Active Member

    I would like it better if it came with no customisations (default MIUI icons, theme, and lockscreen) and default skin on Music player.
  6. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

    Hmm tried that and left myself a voicemail. ill try again. Thanks!
  7. amzer81

    amzer81 Well-Known Member

    I meant from your phone itself lol ;o
  8. Prosophobia

    Prosophobia Well-Known Member

    How do i clear the data for play store?
    Also, it shows up in the market but it says it's not compatible.

    JTAKER Well-Known Member

    Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Data
  10. Prosophobia

    Prosophobia Well-Known Member

    Awesome, it worked! Thanks a lot!
  11. AyeSoReal

    AyeSoReal Member

    Settings > Programs > Call settings > Settings > Voicemail settings > Voicemail number change it to your number.
  12. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

    I had google voice set to make all calls. Lol thanks!
  13. goshangiee

    goshangiee Member

    i flashed v2 & still have incoming calls Fc. o: is it just me ?
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  14. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Well-Known Member

    Hes working on getting it fixed...just give it some time
  15. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    Calls force closing seems to be a widespread problem over at the MIUI community, so it may not just be a problem with this build. I heard one person say that this was a dialer bug on MIUI versions 1.12.23 and above.

    Also, I did some research and found a guy HERE who proposed a fix to the fc'ing problem. The only thing is is that he is on an ICS MIUI, so I don't know if it would work....worth a shot....I apologize if it is irrelevant.
  16. SarcasmSiempre

    SarcasmSiempre Active Member

    I was doing some research on the Phone FCs and I found this thread on XDA. It may be specific to the EVO 4G Shift, but they had the same problem with their MIUI and they were able to fix it by replacing the CdmaCallTracker.smali in framework.jar with one from an older version of MIUI. I tried replacing the smali in our 2.4.20 with the one from 1.11.25 as a test; it just got stuck at the bootlogo, but I don't really know what I'm doing, so maybe someone more experienced could use this information.
  17. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    You could also try replacing Phone.apk with a newer or older one, cause that's the one that's force closing.
  18. matthewrocz

    matthewrocz Well-Known Member

    Is this newer then 1.11.25? whats different?
  19. NitrogenTSRH

    NitrogenTSRH Member

    I find it absurd that this ROM was even released with the claim "Everything works"...."Oh, except for the one thing you actually use your phone for". The ROM is stable in many ways but has many bugs just like previous versions. If you're like me, you're searching google every day to see when someone crafty finally figures out the ICS camera issue. You'd think that development efforts would be going to updating a new version of the Android software and not outdated MIUI (The rest of the MIUI community is also already on ICS). I'm not hating on the dev, I'm just saying, please test your ROM before you release it, it's very time consuming to wipe, restore all data, retweak everything, just to get in the car to go to work and find out you can't receive any calls.
  20. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Well-Known Member

    If you are spending that much time searching Google for a camera fix everyday...then maybe you should Google search how to make ROMs and start developing yourself and then you'd understand how much time and effort is put into making these. The ROM devs do this in their spare time and don't have to fix anything. Please just keep comments like that to yourself. We would hate to see another ROM dev leave.
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  21. SarcasmSiempre

    SarcasmSiempre Active Member

    Also, it's really not a huge deal. See who's calling you, force close or reject, call them back. Done.

    Our ICS camera issue is most likely not going to be fixed for a long time if ever, since it requires basically an entirely new kernel and our devs don't have any helpful source code from Motorola.
  22. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Ladies, gentlemen and other assorted nerds, geeks and technophiles:

    Let's keep this friendly. One of the most important ideas that keeps Android Forums above all the other support forums is that we attack only issues, not each other. If you see something that you find out of place, off topic or just plain unnecessary, use the report button and the staff will review it. Please do reply to the post in an equally inappropriate manner. We're here to help each other.

    Try to remember that it is equally frustrating for ROM Dev's (who do most of the work for free and on their own time) to be hounded for release updates as it is for rom users to be plagued by buggy releases. If we keep focused on helping the dev's to make the roms better, then everybody will be happier in the long run.
  23. goshjosh

    goshjosh Well-Known Member Contributor

    Would flashing to an older version work the same as flashing to a new one? I'd like to go back to 1.11.25 while the FC phone problems get fixed. Thank you for your time, man. :)
  24. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    Got a logcat on the phone force closing, I posted the full logcat HERE. The actual FC is probably close to the bottom. Hope this helps!
  25. NitrogenTSRH

    NitrogenTSRH Member

    From my limited programming experience, those are definitely the lines that are giving you trouble.

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