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[ROM][PORT] Sharp ROM 2.2.2 for the Triumph (Updated: 12/16/12)

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  1. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Introducing the Stock Sharp Froyo 2.2.2 ROM for the Triumph!!!


    This is a port of the Sharp SH8188U X6 variant Stock 2.2.2 Froyo ROM.

    This ROM is fully functional! You will find some nice surprises included in this ROM.

    This ROM is deodexed, rooted and includes busybox, so you can easily remove system apps that you don't want. Also, there is a bloat remover in the second post.

    If anybody wants to help, all contributions are welcome.

    If you have any issues make sure you include which ROM build and any tweaks that you have applied, so I can help you better and understand better what the problem might be.

    Note: There are settings to use AGPS in Settings>Location & security settings. Just check the "Use assisted GPS" box.

    If you have never flashed a ROM before, follow these instructions.

    If you are on a rooted ROM, it would make it easier to transition, if you backup all of the apks in data/app with a root explorer. Then you don't have to download them and you can just install them from any file manager.

    For those that have CWM or TWRP Recovery already installed follow these steps

    1. Backup

    2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    4. Flash Rom
    5. Reboot
    6. Apply the fix below
    7. Enjoy

    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver8: (12/16/12)
    Note: Only known bug is voicemail dials *86 by default, use fix below {Thanks to wsimon}, this fix will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot. Tethering requires the included script to be run before starting tether, it can be found in system/etc/init.d.
    Changed filesystem to ext4 from ext3
    Fixed date not showing when notification bar is pulled down
    Added in Custom kernel 9
    Added init.d folder including MTU script.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    BSydz-Sharp-Triumph-Froyo-Deodexed-Ver8.zip (120.5MB)
    MD5: 8ede2ae6a54e01c4108c7965099e636c

    Voicemail Fix Instructions:
    Thanks to wsimon

    1. Install es file explorer or equivalent, that can use root privilege, from the market. In es file explorer press menu, go to settings, all the way down enable "Root Explorer" and "Mount File System". Then go back and press favorites and select the phone. You should be good from there.
    2. Open up /data/data/com.android.phone/shared_prefs/com.android.phone_preferences.xml
    If the file is not there send yourself a voicemail and it should be there.
    3. Add this line: "<string name="vm_number_key_cdma">##########</string>", without the main qoutes, where ########## is your 10 digit phone number, right above the vm_id_key property
    4. Save and exit.
    5. Delete com.android.phone_preferences.xml.bak
    You may need to reboot for it to take effect.
    6. (Optional)Make a backup of the file you just modified for future use.

    Note: Bluetooth:
    Bluetooth does not work in Original, Trim or Deodexed versions. I will be leaving them up for reference, but hiding the discriptions. Bluetooth is working in Deodexed Ver2, Ver3, Ver4 and Deodexed rev 2.1.

    Note: FM Radio:
    I left the fm radiocause it didn't cause any issues while I was testing it but it causes the phone to reboot, when you turn it on. We're not supposed to have an FM radio anyway.
    Edit: FM Radio does not reboot phone with Deodexed Ver2,Ver3 and Ver4, though I cannot test it fully, because I only have regular headphones.
    Assume it does not function.

    Note: Triumph kernels will break wifi.
    I didn't test beyond that cause wifi is important to me. If anybody wants to patch this kernel up, like say b_randon or mantera, hint hint, I'm sure this is better than our current stock kernel. If you are gonna patch the kernel, I would suggest using the kernel from one of the reference roms, as I messed with the kernel in Rev2.

    Note: Just to clarify the versions, the branches split from the first original release,

    TRIM RELEASE^^^^^^^Mobstergunz Rev 2.1
    DEODEXED TRIM^^^^^^Ginger Sharp Rev 2.2
    There are 4 kernels being used throughout the different versions. The Sharp kernel is present in original, trim and deodexed trim, a slightly modified stock Triumph kernel is present in Ver2 Ver3 and Ver4 (to get bluetooth working), and Mobstergunz hybrid kernel is present in Rev 2.1 and a different hybrid kernel in his Rev 2.2.
    Older Versions for Reference:
    Stock Sharp SH8188u system.img.rar
    Prep ROM for Dirty Install:
    Dirty Install Instructions: This is needed to fix network location, and also fixes voicemail dialing *86 by default.
    1. Backup

    2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    4. Flash Prep Rom
    5. Reboot and let it fully boot for a few minutes to connect to the networks.
    6. Flash Ver6 without wiping anything
    7. Reboot
    8. Enjoy
    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver7: (7/15/12)
    This is an update to Deodexed Ver6, GB System Theme is default now. This is not quite a stock ROM anymore. Tethering requires custom kernel and script available in the second post.

    Note: Only known bug is voicemail dials *86 by default use fix below {Thanks to wsimon
    }, this fix will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-Sharp-Triumph-Froyo-Deodexed-Ver7.zip
    (119 MB)
    MD5: c88df6f98f9e7ffe78c84978a0652ed9

    Fixed Network Location
    Updated Gapps
    Updated theme
    Added Facebook
    New contacts provider
    Switched wifi drivers
    Updated SuperUser
    Modified build.prop
    A few other things

    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver6: (6/27/12)
    This is an update to Deodexed Ver5. GB System Theme V5 is compatible.
    Note: Only known bugs are voicemail dials *86 by default (FIX) {Thanks to wsimon
    }, and network location (FIX). Both of these fixes will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-Sharp-Triumph-Froyo-Deodexed-Ver6.zip
    (121 MB)
    MD5: 74da7e2cce8fb8a5e5ae01b133e0ab94


    Fixed app/geolocation compatibility (network location fix requires patch)
    Updated Maps
    Modified Kernel
    Removed/Replaced all files that came from Triumph except
    touchpal keyboard, libra.ko to get wifi working with kernel, and the base Gapps that have been there from the start.
    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver6 Network Location Fix: (7/5/12)
    This is a patch for Ver6 to enable network location. Just flash after first boot. Wiping data will remove this patch, if you do a factory reset just flash this patch after first boot.

    If you are already up and running, you may have to uninstall and reinstall a few apps that are already installed, and clear data for a few others.

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver6 Network Location Fix.zip (265 KB)
    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver5: (6/24/12)
    This is an update to Deodexed Ver2.
    Note: Only known bugs are voicemail dials *86 by default, and some app compatibility.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-Sharp-Triumph-Froyo-Deodexed-Ver5.zip

    MD5: 1b7ec6e7575d4b0574e97d68ef1d5cef
    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver4: (6/17/12)
    This is and update to Deodexed Ver2, You must have Ver2 installed before flashing this, do not wipe anything.

    Note: MMS IS WORKING!!!


    Fixed MMS
    Modded build.prop back to Sharp SH8188u and added some Virgin Mobile stuff.
    Changed Carrier to Virgin Mobile
    Updated apns-conf.xml
    Made few other small tweaks

    BSydz Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Ver2: (6/1/12)
    Note: Bluetooth is working. This is an update to the Deodexed Trim Version. Bluetooth is now working and FM Radio no longer reboots phone when it is turned on (I can't test, so assume FM Radio does NOT function properly). Need some testers to find out if there are anymore bugs besides MMS and the *86 voicemail issue.


    Modded build.prop to be recognized as a Triumph
    Changed zip naming format
    Updated Maps
    Modified Stock Triumph Kernel (to fix Bluetooth)(OTHER TRIUMPH KERNELS STILL BREAK STUFF!)
    Init.d support

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Stock Sharp Triumph Froyo Deodexed Trim Release (For Reference): (5/30/12)
    Note: Bluetooth doesn't work, it is kernel related.
    This is the deodexed Trim version with new gapps, for all the themers out there. Thanks to Mobstergunz for the new gapps, some deodexed files and the new file explorer, as ES File Explorer was included in the original Sharp nb0. I also removed the Comic viewer in this version.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Stock Sharp Triumph Froyo Trim Release (For Reference): (5/29/12)
    Note: Bluetooth doesn't work, it is kernel related.

    This is the slightly trimmed down version, I removed a few unneeded apps like APR which is a tool to send log files to the manufacturer I think, and a few others. If you have the original version installed, you can just remove/uninstall APR.apk, rthunder2apk.apk and .odex, and SinaSync_Home3_hdpi.apk.

    EDIT: You can also remove CXMDFViewer.apk it is the comic viewer app, and is in both Stock and Trim versions.

    Stock Sharp Triumph Froyo Original Release (For Reference): (5/29/12)
    This is the "as stock as possible" version.
    Note: Bluetooth and doesn't work, it is kernel related.

    Stock Sharp Triumph Froyo 2.2.2 Deodexed Rev 2.1: (5/30/12)
    Note: Bluetooth is working.
    This is the deodexed revision from Mobstergunz.

    Updated Gapps
    Hybrid Kernel
    Init.d support
    Overclock and Underclock
    the cpu won't clock lower then 245mhz but it does overclock fine
    Various Triumph 2.2 Transplants
    Basically Everything works....

    BSydz Stock Sharp Triumph Froyo 2.2.2 Rev 2.1.zip
    Updated kernel for Deodexed Rev 2.1 and Ginger Sharp 2.2 v1.0
    Be sure to check out the MOD Section in the second post!


    Attached Files:

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  2. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Most mods are flashable in recovery and will not require reinstalling anything.

    MODs can be reversed by just flashing the same or latest version of the ROM

    MTU/Tether FIX:
    Here is the script for anybody that wants to try this out. Just extract the file,and open it in a root explorer and select execute. Wifi must be disabled and 3G must be active for the script to execute correctly. It doesn't seem to work from the SD card, I put it in system/etc/init.d folder and it worked. This also may only work with my custom kernel.(more testing is needed) The custom kernel should be compatible with all Sharp ROM versions. More info can be found here http://androidforums.com/triumph-al...triumph-updated-7-15-12-a-21.html#post4972844

    BSydz mtu 1500.sh.zip

    Instructions for Terminal Emulator:

    The terminal emulator way is the for sure way to do it.
    In terminal emulator:
    Type su
    Hit enter
    Allow root access
    Type "ifconfig rmnet0 mtu 1500" without the quotes
    Hit enter
    You're done
    Boot to recovery, flash zip file, then reboot.

    BSydz Sharp Ver7 Original Kernel:
    BSydz Sharp Ver7 Original Kernel.zip

    BSydz Sharp Ver7 Custom Kernel - try 3(08/04/2012):
    Credit to b_randon14, pwnyourace, Napsta, DooMLoRD, and FXP for the overclock patch.
    This is a custom kernel I built that changes the MTU settings and includes overclock and underclock abilities. This custom kernel should be compatible with all Sharp ROM versions. This will be refined over time.

    BSydz Sharp Ver7 Custom Kernel - try 3.zip
    BSydz Sharp Ver7 Custom Kernel - test 9(10/27/2012):
    This kernel is included in Ver8. Underclocking settings should stick now. Just flash in CWM or TWRP.

    Sharp Ver8 Kernel test 9.zip

    Mobstergunz Updated Ginger Sharp 2.2 kernel(05/31/2012):

    Thanks to Mobstergunz
    Hybrid Kernel for Rev 2.2.zip
    Boot in to recovery and flash zip. Or extract the zip and copy the build.prop to your system folder.

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 build.prop:
    This is the original Ver7 build.prop
    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 build.prop.zip

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Triumph Stock build.prop:
    This will make the phone look like a Stock Triumph
    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Triumph Stock build.prop.zip

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Thunder.prop:
    This will make your phone look like an HTC Thunderbolt
    Thanks to JollyRoger87 for creating the thunder.prop concept.

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Thunder.prop.zip

    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Sharp 2.35 build.prop:
    This will make the phone look like the GB version of the Sharp ROM
    BSydz Sharp 2.2 Ver7 Sharp 2.35 build.prop.zip

    Boot Animation Sound:
    Info can be found here.
    Status Bar Notification Widgets:
    Thanks to ajace for bringing this to my attention.
    Play Store Link: Status Bar Notification Widgets

    BSydz Stock Sharp 2.2 Triumph Bloat Remover
    Installation: Flash in recovery, then reboot.
    Android_RSS_Home2_FB3_hdpi.apk: RSS Reader
    DocViewer.apk: Document Viewer
    FileManager_FB3_hdpi.apk: File Manager
    FMRadio_Home3_hdpi.apk: FM Radio
    NameCardRec.apk: A Business Card Reader/Rolodex
    NotePad_FB3_hdpi.apk: Notepad
    VoiceNote_FB3_hdpi.apk; Voice Note Taker
    GenieWidget.apk: News & Weather app

    Note: This is very easy to customize to your liking, just open the zip and edit updater.script in META-INF\com\google\android with notepad++ or your favorite text editor.

    BSydz Stock Sharp 2.2 Triumph Bloat Remover.zip

    Hopefully, many more to come!


    "If somethings in your way, you gotta move it or use it." - Me

    If you would like to thank me, beyond just saying thanks, you can donate to my coffee fund to keep my eyes open.

    Attached Files:

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  3. xThatGuyZ

    xThatGuyZ Active Member

    dumping my Triumph at the end of the month but i wanna try this out. THANKS!
  4. taha1112

    taha1112 Well-Known Member

    so wait, this rom is using a kernel from another device and still functioning correctly 0.o ? which device did you port this from ?
  5. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes this is the Sharp SH8188u 2.2.2 kernel.
  6. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    Dude your amazing i love this Rom :D i'll fix up that kernel for you today and i definetly want to make a theme for this Rom if you'll let me :)
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  7. taha1112

    taha1112 Well-Known Member

    lol, looked up the device, another huawei u9000 copy, but the UI is awesome, too bad I already sold my triumph :|
    BSydz likes this.
  8. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Well-Known Member

    Since it's stock 2.2 Froyo, is the battery life still pretty bad on this one?
  9. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I just found the Sharp Froyo nb0 yesterday afternoon, I just finished building the update.zip at about 2:30 AM this morning, so I have not had a chance to get into testing the nitty gritty or longevity stuff yet. I'm working by myself here so, if anybody wants to test out all the bells and whistles feel free to leave feedback. I'm sure people will be commenting as soon as they have this for a few days. As with any software, it is never perfect. There are quite literally only a few files borrowed from the Triumph stock rom, so this is as pure of a Sharp Stock rom as possible, it even uses the Sharp kernel. This should be a whole new experience for Triumph users. I'm sure over time this will become the rom of choice since we are not getting an official update. Though I am working on getting us one. Give the devs a chance to play with this and I'm sure there will be all sorts of mods and custom roms to go around. I am just trying to give all the Triumph users more options. I knew that the Sharp X6 variant was gonna be a game changer for us when I was flashing all the X6 variant nb0s (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, FOLKS!). This phone is only available in China so there is no source code and I had to search through so much Chinese that I think I'm picking some of it up. But I never could find anything but the Sharp 2.3.5 that runs on the updated kernel, until I found the 2.2 version yesterday, but that is a whole nother headache in itself.
  10. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Mobster, you are welcome to mod and theme away at this. Do what you do! :D This is why I released this. I'm trying to think outside the box, I am trying to get stuff working on our phone that nobody has thought about yet. All contributions to this rom are welcome, credit will always go to anybody who helps out.
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  11. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Well-Known Member

    I'm running this rom now and I must say it is very slick and very smooth! I really love the Sharp Weather widget, but it looks like only major metro cities are in the database. Maybe we can fix that. The battery usage is fairly good. Been putting it under a heavy load and it's handling things very well. Wi-Fi uses a good bit of the battery. I love the camera now! Especially being able to zoom in and out with the volume keys. Netflix and Youtube are playing perfectly fine. Having a lil trouble with the GPS getting a lock. Flash videos also seem to not wanna play in full screen correctly. I'm sure these are all minor bugs, but I though I'd help and let you know what I've found so far.
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  12. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Yeah the sharp weather widget is built into the launcher I think. And yes I like it too but it is built for China so most US cities are not included.

    As for GPS, this is the first rom to allow me to get my location from inside my house and is very accurate. There are settings to use AGPS in Settings>Location & security settings.

    Edit: I just added a note in the op about the GPS.

    Edit 2: I watched a full TV episode from a network website in the browser, through HDMI, and didn't have any issues. I also watched a few youtube videos through the browser and they went fullscreen just fine. What site or video were you trying to watch? You also have to remember this is froyo so there will still be froyo issues, not saying that is the cause. But, this is still a work in progress, thank you for your feedback.
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  13. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Well-Known Member

    I rebooted the phone after installing Flash and it seems to work fine now. Before the problem I had was it would play full screen on 3G but not Wi-fi. Seems to be fine now. Still testing for you.

    I totally love this rom!
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  14. viskon

    viskon Well-Known Member

    This is the first rom that i have been able to play Temple Run on without the game freezing up frequently or lagging. Thank you !
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  15. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Holy crap; I just got the elite, but I still have my triumph! I'm gonna flash this! Once I put an SD Card in it.

    Edit: okay so my camera seems to not respond. I open it and it gives me the option to FC it or wait. Yet it doesn't work. I did a full wipe and installed the ROM. I'm gonna try to reflash it and see what happens.
  16. skarni

    skarni Well-Known Member

    Just tried this. Looks good, and my Antutu scores are just as high as with CM7-g60. (2950-3050)
    Plugged the headphones in and did try the radio and it causes a reboot. Tried 3 times. I'm not sure the triumph has that connected anyway.

    All in all, this is a good ROM! Thanks for taking the time to give us another option.
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  17. viskon

    viskon Well-Known Member

    Yep. Plugging in the headphones with the FM radio on caused a reboot for me too.
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  18. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I just tested it and the camera and camcorder both work just fine. Did you wipe the dalvik cache?

    It worked fine last night with my regular headphones just with no sound it even tuned the frequencies, but I just tried it and it rebooted me. Oh well, we never had it anyway. I edited the op.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody.
  19. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Yeah I was coming from minimal triumph. Wiped dalvik and factory reset in twrp. Camera loads eventually, but no preview and can't take pictures. Gonna flash another rom to make sure its not hardware related. In the meantime thoughts? Tried both regular and trimmed. Same issue.
  20. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Only thing I can think of is that I use agentc13 Recovery, will have to see if anybody else is having this problem before I can do anything. I haven't tried TWRP recovery yet, as all my backups are done with CWM recovery. Remember this is not a Triumph kernel or rom, and basically all the drivers, Ril included, are from the sharp so this is gonna be like working on a new phone.

    Edit: I just flashed TWRP2.1.3-Triumph.zip, wiped, and then flashed Minimal 1.1 and then back to this rom and the camera works fine for me.
  21. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Worse comes to worse, I'll flash CWM and see if that pertains to the issue I am having. From what I've seen, though, its an awesome ROM. I might switch BACK to the triumph just to use it XD Great job!
    BSydz likes this.
  22. PoconoTech

    PoconoTech Active Member

    This is one solid ROM. Wifi connects quickly, GPS seems improved. Looking forward to what Mobstergunz will do with this. Thanks so much!
    BSydz likes this.
  23. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Do you think you can disable captcha cause it's not letting me type it in. My keyboard keeps disappearing.

    Edit: Found a way around it. I typed it in color note and pasted it into the box.
  24. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Yeah me too! He is already working on it. I am putting together a deodexed rom now, that he provided new gapps and some deodexed files for.
  25. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    So to update my rom status : pretty sure the camera on my triumph is borked. Tried several Roms. None worked for the camera :( just black screens. Oh well! Still playing with this rom and its awesome. Great job!
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