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[ROM]{port} The Arctic 2.3.4

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  1. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    [ROM] The Arctic

    Build Version: , by mattlgroff [​IMG] [OP]
    (Developer) [​IMG]

    Developer Last Online: Apr 2012 [​IMG] [​IMG] Build Version: Rating: [​IMG] Released: 02-21-2012 Last Update: Never Installs: 0 Theme: Custom [​IMG] No support by the author.

    Developed by shady_lanem

    PNG Optimized
    1% Battery Mod
    Themes and tweaks
    Minimal Blurs
    Cpu Optimization
    Reboot option in [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]power
    8 toggles notification drop down
    Speedy v7 scripts
    build.prop tweaks
    Webtop HDMI [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]Hack[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    Dalvikvm tweak
    RTL support
    GPS lock/accuracy tweak
    Smooth scrolling mod
    Wake on volume keys mod
    Ram optimization script
    Supercharge custom scripts
    Proximity tweak
    Music app from ICS
    Gallery 3D
    CM7 [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]Email[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] app[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]Based of 6.11.748 Deodexed

    PLEASE DO A BACKUP AND INSTALL SAFESTRAP OR BOOTSTRAP BEFORE ATTEMPT TO [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]FLASH[/FONT][/COLOR] THIS ROM![/FONT][/COLOR]
    After initial setup, choose launcher instead of Setup

    Known issues/bugs:

    Facebook sync not working (Solution: Added Pre-Loaded app that does this!)
    Calendar widget is broken (Solution: Added Pre-Loaded widget that does this!)
    4G LTE shows up as H in the status bar (Solution: Coming soon...in the entire re-theme by mopar57!)

    How to install the ROM
    1. Download the ROM from links provided below
    2. Put it to the external sdcard
    3. Boot into SafeStrap, [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]switch
    [/COLOR] to Safe System Enabled
    4. Wipe data/Factory reset
    5. Wipe [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]cache[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] partition
    6. Navigate to the folder you've put the zip file
    7. Choose the zip file and install
    8. Reboot and wait for it to boot up

    benjiprize || Rovirar14 || nagnrik

    Some notes for Droid 4 owners:
    According to this thread on XDA the Arctic Rom is flashable on the Droid 4 as well.
    Some things to note:
    Flash as your own risk. I am doing my best to get this Rom to work better on 2.3.6 Gingerbread, and I am going to start with bluetooth.
    Shady_lanem has given up Razr work and has granted me permission to his Arctic Rom.

    If you are going to flash this before the fastboot files are out, do so carefully and in safestrap. (Even then I don't recommend safestrap until we get a Droid 4 version from hashcode).

    For rooting use the Droid 4 Utility threads for Mac/Linux and Windows. (by skylarmb)

    The Arctic 2.3.4 (fixed backlight and keyboard!)

    Size: 224 MB
    Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uec6t0fr4l...v2.3.4_VZW.zip

    The Arctic 2.3.3 (NOT fixed backlight yet..but brightness control works!)

    Size: 224.94 MB
    MD5: c589a9cb5e43b6bf1b57ba105c01c1f2
    Link: http://goo-inside.me/roms/mattlgroff...v2.3.3_VZW.zip

    The Arctic 2.3.2 (Bluetooth fixed!)

    Size: 223.61 MB
    MD5: 91d3bb4e119ee0da392ba04fe1173407
    Link: http://goo-inside.me/roms/mattlgroff...v2.3.2_VZW.zip


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