[ROM][PORT] U9000-81 2.2.2 for the Triumph Updated:(12/16/12)

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  1. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Introducing the U9000-81 Froyo 2.2.2 ROM for the Triumph!!!


    This is a port of the U9000-81 X6 variant 2.2.2 Froyo ROM.

    This ROM is fully functional!
    You will find some nice surprises included in this ROM.

    This ROM is deodexed, rooted and includes busybox, so you can easily remove system apps that you don't want.

    If anybody wants to help, all contributions are welcome.

    If you have any issues make sure you include as many details as possible, so I can help you better and understand better what the problem might be.

    Note: There are settings to use AGPS in Settings>Location & security settings. Just check the "Use assisted GPS" box.

    If your 3G is anything like mine you will want to skip the setup wizard and add an account on wifi.

    If you have never flashed a ROM before, follow these instructions.

    If you are on a rooted ROM, it would make it easier to transition, if you backup all of the apks in data/app with a root explorer. Then you don't have to download them and you can just install them from any file manager.

    For those that have CWM or TWRP Recovery already installed follow these steps

    1. Backup
    2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    4. Flash Rom
    5. Reboot
    6. Apply the Voicemail fix below
    7. Enjoy

    BSydz-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver3: (12/16/12)
    Note: Only known bug is voicemail dials *86 by default, use fix below {Thanks to wsimon
    }, this fix will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot. Tethering requires the included script to be run before starting tether, it can be found in system/etc/init.d.
    Changed filesystem to ext4 from ext3
    Fixed date not showing when notification bar is pulled down
    Added in Custom kernel 9
    Added init.d folder including MTU script.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver3.zip (91.1MB)

    Voicemail Fix Instructions:
    Thanks to wsimon

    1. Install es file explorer or equivalent, that can use root privilege, from the market. In es file explorer press menu, go to settings, all the way down enable "Root Explorer" and "Mount File System". Then go back and press favorites and select the phone. You should be good from there.
    2. Open up /data/data/com.android.phone/shared_prefs/com.android.phone_preferences.xml
    If the file is not there send yourself a voicemail and it should be there.
    3. Add this line: "<string name="vm_number_key_cdma">##########</string>", without the main qoutes, where ########## is your 10 digit phone number, right above the vm_id_key property
    4. Save and exit.
    5. Delete com.android.phone_preferences.xml.bak
    6. Reboot for it to take effect.
    6. (Optional)Make a backup of the file you just modified for future use.

    BSydz-Beta-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver1: (7/14/12)
    Note: Only known bug is voicemail dials *86 by default, use fix below {Thanks to wsimon}, this fix will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-Beta-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver1.zip
    BSydz-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver2: (7/15/12)
    Note: Only known bug is voicemail dials *86 by default, use fix below {Thanks to wsimon}, this fix will be removed if you wipe data or factory reset, just reapply after first boot. Fixed MMS. Tethering requires custom kernel and script available in the second post.

    Be patient it takes a while on first boot.

    Download: BSydz-U9000-81-Froyo-Triumph-Ver2.zip (91MB)


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  2. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    MOD Section:

    Huawei-U9000 ICS Theme:

    Boot Animation Sound:
    Boot in to recovery and flash zip. Or extract the zip and copy the build.prop to your system folder.

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 build.prop:
    This is the original Ver2 build.prop
    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 build.prop.zip

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Triumph Stock build.prop:
    This will make the phone look like a Stock Triumph

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Triumph Stock build.prop.zip

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Thunder.prop:
    This will make your phone look like an HTC Thunderbolt

    Thanks to JollyRoger87 for creating the thunder.prop concept.

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Thunder.prop.zip

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Sharp 2.35 build.prop:
    This will make the phone look like the GB version of the Sharp ROM

    BSydz U9000-81 2.2 Ver2 Sharp 2.35 build.prop.zip

    MTU/Tether FIX:
    Here is the script for anybody that wants to try this out. Just extract the file,and open it in a root explorer and select execute. Wifi must be disabled and 3G must be active for the script to execute correctly. It doesn't seem to work from the SD card, I put it in system/etc/init.d folder and it worked. This also may only work with my custom kernel.(more testing is needed) The custom kernel should be compatible with all Sharp ROM versions. More info can be found here http://androidforums.com/triumph-al...triumph-updated-7-15-12-a-21.html#post4972844

    BSydz mtu 1500.sh.zip

    Instructions for Terminal Emulator:

    The terminal emulator way is the for sure way to do it.
    In terminal emulator:
    Type su
    Hit enter
    Allow root access
    Type "ifconfig rmnet0 mtu 1500" without the quotes
    Hit enter
    You're done
    Boot in to recovery and flash zip file.

    BSydz U9000-81 Ver2 Original Kernel:
    This is the original Ver2 kernel.
    BSydz U9000-81 Ver2 Original Kernel.zip

    BSydz U9000-81 Ver2 Custom Kernel - try 3(08/04/2012):
    Credit to b_randon14, pwnyourace, Napsta, DooMLoRD, and FXP for the overclock patch.
    This is a custom kernel I built that changes the MTU settings and includes overclock and underclock abilities along with a bunch of other stuff. This custom kernel should be compatible with all ROM versions. This will be refined over time.
    BSydz U9000-81 Ver2 Custom Kernel - try 3.zip
    Status Bar Notification Widgets:
    Thanks to ajace for bringing this to my attention.
    Play Store Link: Status Bar Notification Widgets



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  3. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

  4. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    If the GPS works as well as the Sharp ROM, then it would be nice to look at the gps.config and see what it looks like. I'm sure you have seen the anecdotal evidence when chairshot made his changes to the CM7 file.
  5. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    It does have the same GPS, locks in seconds within feet. I have only read about chairshots CM version, I have not tested it out yet. I want to get a fully functional GB ROM on our phones and all of my time has gone to that. I found this about 7AM this morning and after my initial tests it was basically where the Sharp ROM started except Gapps where built in. So, I knew what all had to be done so I did what I could today and put it out for testing.

    Edit: I don't believe gps.config has anything really to do with it.
  6. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    everything seems to be in order except for receiving mms like u stated

    edit: 3g speeds seem to have improved with this rom
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  7. JollyRoger87

    JollyRoger87 Well-Known Member

    Woo hoo Bsyds bringing us froyo roms worth using... No offense to any ROM dev whatsoever I only say this cause gps is great and only his two seem to have it working so well
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  8. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    I feel as if that assisted GPS setting is what's making the GPS so fantastic. I wonder if there is some way to get it on CM7..

    Does it just come included with these ports?
  9. jjohn7293

    jjohn7293 Well-Known Member

    How hard would it be to port a Froyo miui ROM? Miui is awesome, and I don't think anyone ever thought that Froyo could get it's chance against the upper systems like cm7 or cm9... Until BSydz took his time to make it so. To get at least a semi functional Froyo miui would be a huge accomplishment, and create a new path to journey on for triumph users.
  10. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. I tried to fix as much as I could in one shot, just going from memory. I should be able to get it all worked out today or tomorrow.
    Thank you. I would have to say the Sharp ROM has a lil bit more going for it than just GPS, it is rock solid, smooth and scores as high as GB on the phone it was made for. Wanna make a thunder.prop for this? I think Google may be trying to look at more information now, than what was changed in the build.prop, could just be me, I haven't tested other ROMs to be sure.
    The GPS is all around better but yes the aGPS is definitely the factor in few second locks. As I have been going through code I think that the Triumph is set by default to use aGPS, cause without it enabled it doesn't knock the phone down to 1x, and the Stock ROM knocks it down whenever you use gps. Yes, everything is built in to these I just get them to work with our phone.
    When I first dropped the Sharp ROM I was thinking the same thing until I read that CM doesn't support HDMI, but I never looked into MIUI. I'll have a look and see what I can do.
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  11. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I fixed the MMS, I missed one edit. I'm uploading Ver2 now. I don't think this needs the beta title but would like more testers to make sure everything is working before I remove it.
  12. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    can i just flash over version one?
  13. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I did, and I tested it fresh also. It was only one edit I forgot in the framework, this isn't a major overhaul, just fixed the MMS. I was so fresh from the Sharp ROM that I knew all the major things that needed to happen, and tried to apply them all. It was sooooo much easier knowing what to look for. But again, this is a completely different phone that this ROM comes from so just like the Sharp ROM everything will have to start from scratch.
  14. jjohn7293

    jjohn7293 Well-Known Member

    :D yay!!! :D
  15. lanceg

    lanceg Well-Known Member

    does this still have the fugly 1x/3g bars in the status menu like sharp does?
  16. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    yup, sadly :(
  17. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    Can we use the Hybrid 2.2 kernel from the Sharp ROM?
  18. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    may i ask whats different about this compared to stock froyo besides ui? sharp was different in terms of a lot of things especially gps. is there anything like that here?
  19. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    No. It's full froyo stock + working GPS and wireless tethering.
  20. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    There is a screenshot in the OP, I don't know what you mean by fugly, but if you want to theme this ROM, feel free to do what you like with it.
    I tried the regular Sharp kernel and there were a few issues but this is a different kernel on this one. So, testing will be needed.
    It was never touched by VM!!! I think that is enough, but it is basically just like the Sharp ROM, the framework and system is more like the Sharp ROM than the Stock ROM. I think the Sharp ROM is a little smoother and faster but I have not had time to test this cause I was updating the Sharp ROM today. I ran it most of the day yesterday but I did so many fresh installs that I can't really tell you about the performance.
  21. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    Just flashed the Hybrid kernel and it seems to run fine. Overclocked with No Frills CPU and no problems so far. Anything specific I should look out for to tell us this kernel shouldn't be used with this particular ROM?
  22. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Basically this kernel initiates stuff differently, so things like camera, hdmi, wifi and stuff like that. Austrie said he was gonna work on a kernel for the Sharp ROM and I'm gonna see what I can do about getting one for this also.
  23. dunni88

    dunni88 Active Member

    I am a little confused, what is the difference between this and the Sharp ROM?

    Is this better than the sharp ROM in some way?
  24. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    This is a completely different ROM from a completely different phone. I haven't had a lot of time testing it but I can only imagine it is better than stock and it has the same aGPS as the Sharp ROM.

    Edit: This is basically another option for those that don't like the Sharp ROM and to give our devs something else to scratch their heads about and spend countless hours trying to narrow down what it actually is that makes it work. :D
  25. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    Checked front and back camera/camcorder, wifi, 3g, sound etc works with the Hybrid kernel. Although.. you said this ROM has the same GPS performance as the Sharp? I've set all the settings the same as Sharp but it's taking 1-2 minutes to lock on.. Perhaps it's the kernel borking it?
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