[ROM][PORT] U9000-81 2.2.2 for the Triumph Updated:(12/16/12)

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  1. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Yep! Got a new HDTV so it led me to this rom for the exact same reason :)

  2. cwatkins6412

    cwatkins6412 Member

    I made this theme for the U9000 rom based on CM7's Androidian theme and thought I would share it. I have replaced the dual 1x/3g icon with the standard signal bars and the icons are green rather than grey.

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  3. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Really cool! Thanks! Looks good :)
    If one decided to revert to the original theme, would they just reflash the rom?
  4. cwatkins6412

    cwatkins6412 Member

    Just make a nandroid backup of your current setup before flashing the theme. I don't really plan on putting together a theme to go back to the original setup. I was thinking of an ICS theme if I find the time though.
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  5. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    Currently running
    + ROM ver2
    + Stock build.prop (triumph)
    + Custom Kernel try 3 (overclocked to 1.2)
    + Androidian theme
    + Holo Launcher

    No complains so far.
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  6. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Is there a flashable MOD available to add the "screenshot" and "reboot" option to the power menu after it is held down when shutting down? If so, can someone link me to it? I have searched and can't find one but I think I remember seeing something like it before somewhere.

    By the way, I have been running this ROM for several days now and I must say again.. thank you for this, BSydz! It is so smooth!
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  7. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    Can someone please test Google maps navigation and confirm that the voice is not reading the street names. She just says head east, turn left without even trying and it looks like she has sister living with her now because i swear i hear two different voices.
  8. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    I tried working the notification widgets and the shutdown options in but the framework on this and the Sharp ROM are very different from Stock, even mantera gave the shutdown options a try. As far as the screenshot in the power menu goes, that is a CM thing, I use Screenshot UX. Also check out the second post, there is an app for the notification toggles and it includes the reboot options.
    I've been having a few issues with the new Maps update but I can't confirm anything about the voices you are hearing. :D Never really paid attention to the street names being announced as my music is always too loud any way. Hopefully somebody will have some useful info for you soon.
  9. crimsontime

    crimsontime Member

    I can't wait to try this. I just scored a Triumph advertised as working from eBay for $69. I'm kind of a n00b at this stuff. I assume I need to first activate this phone using the stock ROM and make sure it's functioning and then go thru the steps on the first page?
  10. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Yep- make sure you activate the phone on the stock ROM & check that everything is working network-wise. Heck- use the stock ROM for a few days, it'll make you appreciate the custom ROMs that much more! You could always try a custom kernel with the stock ROM first too.

    Have fun! Just make sure to make a backup of your stock ROM once you're rooted & have a recovery installed before you start tinkering with custom ROMs or kernels. :)
  11. fusionice

    fusionice Active Member

    Is there any way to theme this like ICS or JellyBean?
  12. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    download Holo Launcher, it will give you ICS feel.
  13. fusionice

    fusionice Active Member

    I know I'm crazy but.. I would like the status bar themed as well
  14. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    I know most of you Froyo fans giving lots of love to Sharp Rom but this one is the beast!
    I really think Motorola just must steal this Rom, replace their sh*ty rom with this one and ship Triumph with this one on board. They can avoid lots of complains if they just do that.
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  15. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Agree- my favorite Froyo ROM. :)
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  16. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    There's always Froyocream Sandwich...but I like the operation of U9000 a little better.
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  17. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    I feel the problem with no TTS in Maps is location based. I noticed that Google Maps Local shows the distances in KM not in Miles.
    Is there anyway to fix it?
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  18. Davegrow

    Davegrow Well-Known Member

    I'm going to try to add reboot and recovery to this rom if its possable. If I can get a decent guide I will try porting quickpanel. I've done this on a couple of gingerbread roms but froyo is a little different.
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  19. overclocked92

    overclocked92 Member

    Is anyone else having issues with the Bluetooth connectivity?

    I can get it to pair and connect the first time from discovery. If I think turn off the bluetooth device and restart it it will not connect.

    I really like the ROM other than that, GPS lock isn't quite as fast as some have stated but once it locks it stays connected which is more than I can say for some of the CM7 ROMs I had been using which drove me to try this. But need the bluetooth to work for me to stay with this ROM.

    Let me know if I have missed something.
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  20. pillsclenic

    pillsclenic Member

    I seem to be having some trouble locating the custom kernal for this rom can someone please post a link.? It'd be very much appreciated.
  21. Mancow60

    Mancow60 Well-Known Member

    Great job, BSydz! Thank you for this ROM, I'm definitely sticking with this one. I do have a question though. Is there a way to repeat the phone ringer? It only rings once for me bit I would like it to repeat itself.
  22. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Maybe, I am looking in to a few things between this and the Sharp ROM. I'm spread kinda thin but I am still working on these. Once I figure something out in one i can get it in the other very easily. I was working on it for Ver8 but got lost in the kernel. I did post an intermediate Sharp Ver7.5 with some google maps changes. Maybe you could check it out if you have the time and see if it has changed anything for you, if it does let me know.
    I don't have any BT accessories to test BT with, so I can't help you very much. But have you tried the Sharp ROM, there seem to be no issues with BT there, from all the comments. I haven't spent a lot of time using this ROM, as I have the Sharp ROM on my phone and my dev phone is never on any one ROM more than a day or so. Hopefully somebody can comment about this, as I don't have much to offer.
    I always try to include all related items in the second post of my threads, you can find the kernel and much more in the second post.
    Like I said above, I haven't had a lot of time using tihs ROM, so somebody else will have to help you out with this. This is a very vanilla Froyo, so I would think that it would be the same as stock, if there is a setting for that. My ringtones are usually long so I don't run in to that problem. Sorry I can't be of more help, but if you can give me some specifics or point me to a discussion that is similar, I will look in to the issue.

    Thanks everybody for the feedback, the more feedback the better I can make this. Nobody uses there phone the same so every little bit counts.
  23. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    I feel the ROM needs more love from community and developers.

    First of all it's the best Froyo ROM out there. I'm sorry Sharp ROM users but Sharp is just too much for my taste.
    I think this ROM must be a replacement for Stock by default. If you just bought Triumph jump here, flash this ROM and enjoy. I mean everything works from the box.

    What I would like to see is a very minor improvements. To be honest I don't like all this options in the second post, overclocked kernel and all the goodies must be in the zip in the first place. Also I removed some things from the zip, got it under 65 mb, which is very light if you ask me. I always say thing that can be downloaded from the market shouldn't be in the /system folder: gmail, maps, voice, facebook, twitter - it will need updates anyway, just downloaded the newest version, do back if you need. Also, the keyboard with dictionary should be in the zip by default.

    Anyhow: here's one very annoying bug that needs work. GPS lock is super fast, amazing but it completely knocks data down. Not just to the point of 1x but to the point of not working at all. Of course it comes back in 20 seconds or so, but why can't we have both: gps and 3g (or at least 1x) ?
    Another thing is voice mail? Is there any way to fix it out of the box?
  24. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks, I understand what you are saying, but let me give you a few things to contemplate. I have done all of the work on the Sharp and U9000 ROMs, while a few people have said they would contribute, nothing has panned out. I had never looked inside a ROM, apk, or jar file before 6 months or so ago. I have never had a coding class for java, C or any other programing language in my life. The Sharp ROM gets all the attention because that was the first ROM I released and had the fast GPS lock, I know the UI is not for everybody, but out of the 20 or so different phone nb0's (converting to ROMs, not the nb0's from the Triumph experiment thread) that I tried after I found the Sharp 2.2.2 ROM, this is the only one I could get to work properly. There are no real experts when it comes to smali files, so there is no good documentation. I have other people from other phones asking me how to do it, cause I had some success. But, I don't have a clue, just like the rest. I released these ROMs as a stock alternative, not a custom ROM. While I have customized them to an extent, I don't plan on getting in to theming. I'm sorry that you don't approve of putting options in the second post, but stuff from the Triumph doesn't work properly, so I wanted to give the community a place to get some customizations as I learned how to do them. I felt no need to include the custom kernel in the zip cause it was created after the ROM and there was no new movement inside the ROM itself. I understand where you are coming from, but if you want so see something in this ROM, anybody and everybody has my permission to use and post whatever they wish. I always hoped that somebody would give me a hand with these, wsimon figured out the voicemail fix, and I was very grateful, cause I had spent hours upon hours trying to figure it out. I wasn't even sure what file was the dictionary, until you posted it in the Sharp thread. Please, forgive my ignorance, but my learning has been problem specific, when somebody posts a problem I spend hours trying to find info on how to fix it then through trial and error, I seem to figure it out. I'm not trying to dig at you in any way, but these are things to consider when you post. I haven't had a team to bounce ideas off for these ROMs, but I'm trying my best. I released these and they are my responsibility.

    As far as the data getting knocked down when GPS is working, it is a hit and miss situation, remember we are asking our phone to do something that it was not intended to do from the manufacturer. While it is capable, as we can see, there are still some issues that need to be worked out.

    I do appreciate your feedback and you help a lot of people out around here, like I said I am not try to dig at you. But the way you laid that out, kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I would love some help on these ROMs, I think that right now they are the best thing going for the Triumph, but as far as the working internals go, I haven't received any.

    Also, as far as a replacement for Stock, I have gotten activation worked in to this ROM but is a little quirky. I am still actively working on these, and once a fix is found for one, I can apply it to the other.

    Thank you Izzard, and everybody for your feedback and support of these ROMs, it helps to iron out any kinks. Also, if anybody would like to help, I am and always have been open to any suggestions.
  25. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    One other thing people remember is that you are doing this all on your time!
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