Rom problem after partitioning sd card

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  1. Sepulman8

    Sepulman8 New Member

    Please help!

    After partition sd card my phone ROM is reseted and I have no wireless whatsoever. Phone seems to be slower. I am using rooted Htc Desire with cyanogenmod 10.1. and I used 4ext partitioning solution. Partition is created fine and it shows 1.8 free internal memory but ROM is messed up. What seems to be the problem? even installing INT2EXT4+ didn't do help. Thanx in advance for answers!

  2. Paul8944

    Paul8944 Well-Known Member

    I'm not 100% sure but have you tried reflashing the rom so that it recognises the new partition that you made
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Partitioning the card should not affect the ROM at all unless you've added a script to use the partition (CM doesn't come with one by default). I think we'll probably need to know exactly what you did and in what order, and when problems occurred. Also which CM10.1, since there is no official CM10 for the HTC Desire? Can you provide a link to the ROM thread?

    TBH I'm not sure Int2Ext would be my choice, especially if you have some uncertainty - it's maximising your dependence on the card, and I would actually expect it to slow the phone down (you've put all of your data on a slower device). A simple a2sd script, just to give you more app space, would have been my recommendation.

    You can try reflashing the ROM, of course. If the Int2Ext wasn't part of the ROM, reflashing the ROM will remove it. But unless you can turn it off first and move stuff back to the phone I expect the phone won't work without that script any more (if the data are all on ext and you don't have a script telling the phone to look there, what's going to happen?). If you took a nandroid before adding int2ext it might be best to restore that first. Otherwise the simplest might just be to do a factory reset, reflash the ROM and start clean, then see whether there are still problems.
  4. Sepulman8

    Sepulman8 New Member

    I installed this ROM on Desire [ROM/4.2.2] [June 03 2013] VJ CM10.1 | Jelly Bean 4.2.2 - v6.3 Stock/Sense/Data++ - xda-developers

    I tried every partitioning solution including MiniTool Partition Wizard, Clockword mode/4ext with link2sd, even this custom script with command prompt [Tutorial] Android ICS for your HTC Desire. I didn't use Gparted because my laptop boot isn't good (believe me).

    If partitioning succeeds(and storage shows 2gb) than my ROM sucks(booting is longeeer or dont happen at all, ROM is like just reflashed - brand new,asking for language etc., no wifi - grey icon, cannot install from Play Store). When I remove partition and format card into Fat32 my ROM is like before with all my setting and working normally.

    Scripts aren't guilty for this because i only use them from this frenchtouch tutorial and last try with 4ext, they didn't do nothing for better or worse I think.

    So what's your opinion? Starting all clean is fine by me.

    What ROM should I install? Possibly with script already inside and ROM that doesn't suck :D Or Great ROM for Desire and a simple a2sd script to flash later?

    Which partitioning solution? this seems best for me [GUIDE] Partitioning your sd-card correctly - xda-developers Gparted is out of question, but I think it will have the same effect on ROM.

    I just want Desire with good ROM and space for apps :D:rolleyes:
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sorry, I'm very busy ATM so not responding quickly.

    If you can't use GParted then 4Ext does a decent job. CWM is likely to misalign partitions, which slows the card down. Minitool Partition Wizard is to be avoided at all costs.

    When I talk about scripts I mean the a2sd (or data2int etc) scripts, because these functions are provided by scripts which run when you boot the ROM. That ROM is based on CM10, but isn't pure CM10, and one difference is that it includes an a2sd script already. The second post of the thread tells you how to turn that on. So what I'd suggest is partition with 4Ext, clean install of the ROM (as in factory reset and reinstall) and follow the instructions in that second post to activate a2sd. If that doesn't do it, then maybe another ROM.

    As for which, TBH the only JellyBean ROM I ever ran on the Desire was Nikez's ROM, which worked fine for the day or so I used it. Others may be fine, but I've no first-hand experience of any of them.

    However, Gingerbread ROMs were typically faster on that hardware. My main ROM was dGB (very small, stripped down, intended to be used without a partition and using a custom HBOOT to gain space). A lot of people had good experiences with MildWild's ROMs (which have a2sd built in). I ran the Oxygen-based one successfully, found the one based on Redux2 unstable on my phone, though some others found it fine. Redux2 itself was fine, as was the original Oxygen, and I'd happily recommend either of those (old as they are).
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