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  1. Afteraffekt

    Afteraffekt Well-Known Member

    Death stated that originally the rom did have the new baseband, but he decided to remove it in case somebody wanted to update or keep the old.

  2. xepicxacidx

    xepicxacidx Well-Known Member

    The boot animations really cool other then that its a pretty good rom
  3. Afteraffekt

    Afteraffekt Well-Known Member

    I believe when its said only once...I think its meant once..EVER not per ROM flash, Like if you installed the baseband for Velocity 0.3, then switch to Punisher, you still have the new radio. Correct me death if I have this wrong, but this is what Im getting from all of this!!!!!!
  4. blay

    blay Well-Known Member

    Oddly, mine reports ZVB.
  5. dmoriarty

    dmoriarty Active Member

    Very nice rom. Loaded it a couple of hours ago and so far it has been very fast, smooth, and stable. Reloaded all my apps with titanium backup no problem. The only thing I would add to it is a terminal emulator.
  6. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Totally gonna dwnld =D
  7. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Tried that. It actually FCs on launch. Sorry. It MUST BE INSTALLED FROM MARKET. Otherwise it would be in there.
  8. solo65impala

    solo65impala Well-Known Member

    I put ed because I was having typing lag on my mobile browser, so I just shortened it. I meant energy drink, but education is fine too. Cheers on this rom.
  9. Lord Nikon

    Lord Nikon Member

    I flashed this ROM this morning, and I have to say it's awesome! Smooth, stable, and fast! The layout is great, and it has a great look. You have outdone yourself death, this one is a winner. Quick question: I flashed the new radio.img when I was using Velocity v.3, does that mean I have to reflash it for Punisher? I know its been covered in this thread, but I just feel I need definite clarification on this, since it should only be flashed once. Also, in deaths description of the ROM at the beginning of the thread, he said speed tweaks, what exactly are these tweaks? Other than those two questions, I am MORE than satisfied with this ROM, its by far the best one available for the Ally.
  10. blay

    blay Well-Known Member

    No, you don't need to re-flash radio.
  11. Gereima

    Gereima Member

    I was trying to overclock with setcpu but when I move the slider its forces it to close anyone else having this problem or just me?
  12. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Well-Known Member

    This is slick. Great work.
  13. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Try reinstalling it.
  14. BugsyM

    BugsyM Active Member

    I've tried downloading this 5 times now and can't get the right md5 checksum :/
  15. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    I covered the speed tweaks above....
    unicorn tears
    as for the radio update if you flashed it in velocity dont flash it again.

    Hmm ill check the server copy
  16. ForceFedTrauma

    ForceFedTrauma Active Member

    just flashed this a few hours ago... very pleased. gotta love the fact that there are multiple ROMs available for this phone, the competition benefits us all in the sense that each developer is pushed even further to release a great build. props to Death and all of our other developers for making this community great, i'm looking forward to future releases of all of our ROM's!!!
  17. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Honestly, some of this wouldn't be possible without trident or drellisdee. Trident saved my ass on the boot.img
  18. frozenberg25

    frozenberg25 Member

    Why won't it let me download this rom.
  19. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    What do you mean? the link is working fine for me
  20. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Nice ROM, Death! Installed it last night just before I headed out to see Tron Legacy 3D at midnight. runs great! Props to you!
  21. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    What happened to CarHome? I thought you included it in the ROM?

    I think I have a copy on my SD card somewhere and if not I'll find it online. Not a big deal, this is a great ROM. VERY stable and fast for me.
  22. srozzman

    srozzman Active Member

    thegingerbread theme does work with this rom. I used the velocity 0.3 version successfully. Ymmv
  23. th1969

    th1969 Member

    This is a quick and snappy rom
    thanks for all your hard work
  24. th1969

    th1969 Member

    i just tried to overclock and just got a force close
  25. jbwalters

    jbwalters New Member

    Good Morning,

    I too really like this ROM. Thank you!

    I'm getting the annoying message that an over-the-air update is ready to be installed. What is the procedure with this ROM to eliminate this?

    Secondly is there a application to control what programs go to the SD card or to the phone?

    Thanks, and great work!

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