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  1. M0ose

    M0ose Member

    I do not like the stock Rom. It only has a 4x4 grid available for apps.
    My small android phone has the same 4x4 grid - The apps on the home screen are just bigger in picture size on the tablet.

    I have the German ICS Rom and love the new grid size, however it keeps freezing up, restarting, and the annoying serial number pop up all the time.

    The question.

    Is there a custom Rom that has a larger grid area similar to ICS?

    Thank you for any help you can give. Links are appreciated.

    I will be looking through the site (and others) to find a Rom on my own, but it will save me a lot of time if someone knows of one.


    I do not use HDMI

    I do not think I have
    Microphone (voice search)

  2. M0ose

    M0ose Member

    I have found the answer to this question.

    This can be deleted.

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