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  1. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    This is for the Samsung Gravity Smart T589.
    Flash this in stock recovery.

    This is a stock 2.2.2 froyo rom that is not modded in any way.

    Look at post #2 below this one for a debloated version.

    This was built from a system dump by me.
    This is odexed, just like when you purchased the phone.
    This includes all the bloatware that came with the device from the store.
    Flashing this will return your device to original out of the box state.
    It will utilize the stock kernel already in the phone.
    I will not post screenshots, you know what the stock original rom looks like.
    If you've tried a couple different ROMS and wish you could return to original,
    like when you bought it, now you can by flashing this.

    You can not over clock the phone with this rom, this is pure stock.

    Installation instructions:
    - download rom (which is an update.zip for the stock recovery)
    - put rom on the sd card
    - power off phone
    - slide open the keyboard and hold down the <T/5> button and the <Power> button until the recovery appears
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe data/factory reset> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe cache partition> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <apply update.zip> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - rom will install and reboot phone automatically
    - first boot will take a minute


    Download ROM from here ----->update.zip

    Thanks and enjoy!


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  2. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    Here is a debloated version -----> Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?kc2ptadr7obvrtz

    Lots of bloat

    Adw Launcher
    Adw Notifications
    Flash Player
    Gingerbread Keyboard
    Black Theme

    Note: this version is NOT ROOTED! <you can root if you want>
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  3. knitfreak

    knitfreak New Member

    I just tried this on my frankenphone and it is amazing!! Will be putting this on my good phone soon.:)
  4. naumanmufti

    naumanmufti New Member


    I have the same phone (Galaxy Smart) here in Canada (called Q, T589W here; originally Gingerbread).
    My Bluetooth stack didn't include the SPP profile so I thought I would try downgrading to Froyo using your ROM.
    It works, but my screen flickers very often, the Camera snaps pics but doesn't show any image and the Wifi shows an error and doesn't allow it to run.
    Is there some way I can fix the Wifi ?

    Also, just curious- in the debloated version you posted, what is the 'Black Theme' ? Is it some kind of Heavy metal/Metallica theme ?

    Thanks so much,
    Kind regards,
  5. naumanmufti

    naumanmufti New Member


    I think I may have found the problem- I notice the 'kernel' remains the same. I am currently still using the Galaxy T589W Kernel as that remains constant. On top of that, I have used your ROM (T589)...maybe thats the problem ?
    Is there some place I can download and also install the T589 Kernel ?
    Could I use ODIN and the T589R firmware from SAMFIRMWARE site to 'flash' the ROM ? I am not an expert on this. I tried to find and install Cyanogenmod, but they don't have a T589 version.

    Thanks so much,

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