[ROM] The AfterMath JB_4.1.1_CM10[CDMA/PrimoC]

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  1. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Well-Known Member Developer

    HTC One V_The AfterMath v4.0 JB 4.1.1 CM10 [CDMA] [PrimoC]

    It is not my fault if this zip breaks your phone, now with that out of the way, first boot into recovery & wipe factory data reset, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache in advanced, & format the system in mounts & storage. Then choose install zip from SD card & navigate to wherever you have the rom, Then flash the rom, NO need to flash any Gapps their already installed.
    ( Power & Volume Down To Hboot & Recovery Access )

    What's Themed:
    Apollo Music Player
    Adobe Flash Player
    Desk Clock
    DPS Manager
    File Manager
    Google Search
    Genie Widget
    Goo Manager
    Movie Studio
    Quick Reboot
    Ring Droid
    Rom Manager
    Terminal Emulator
    Trebuchet Launcher
    Wifi Tether
    Virgin Mobile Account App

    Known Issue's: Bluetooth doesn't work & the Camcorder doesn't work, other than that I haven't found any other bugs. If any bugs found post & we'll take it from there.

    Custom Ringtones & Notification tones added, Custom Background throuhout the rom, Custom Status Bar, Custom Boot animation, Sony Bravia Engine & Xloud added, Custom Wallpaper. Superusers & Binaries already installed, Custom USB Connection Screen.:D

    After Rom is installed fastboot this boot.img to get rom to boot.
    Link: Dev-Host - jbboot.img - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    The AfterMath v4.0 JB 4.1.1 CM10 Link: Dev-Host - [ROM]CM10 JB_The AfterMath[CDMA][PRIMOC].zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Jelly Bean OC Kernel Link: Dev-Host - JellyBean Kernel-20120820.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Special Thanks To:
    Simonsimons34 for giving the go ahead for me to work with CM10, G60 Madman, Marc12868, Mantera, & The CM development team.
    If i've forgotten anyone PM me & i'll fix it.

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  2. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Well-Known Member Developer

    The jelly bean overclock kernel will give you OC abilities but it cripples the Native WiFi Hotspot, actually it cripples WiFi all together. Not to worry just fast boot the boot.img that's provided with the ROM & this will restore your WiFi.
  3. PseudoRush

    PseudoRush New Member

    Downloading now... Excited to try this one!
  4. BossyQuis

    BossyQuis Member

    The boot animation flashs white about every 20 seconds is this normal how long should the first boot take.
  5. BossyQuis

    BossyQuis Member

    do you need to do the kernel
  6. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Its not the kernel. Its the module. So if you would match the kernel and module combo. Youd be fine
  7. mpnutty

    mpnutty Well-Known Member

    "module combo"? please explain
    Thank you
  8. mpnutty

    mpnutty Well-Known Member

    nevermind...i flashed the jbboot.img so far so good

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