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  1. a290

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    Welcome to the "Axlien" thread !
    Read all info. below Please !

    Main targets of my ROMs:
    -Ready out of the box

    I have spent many mouths to perfecting this rom,
    If you like my rom consider and give me more motivation by donating.

    Resources & Thanx to:
    Tim, FlanFlingers, ME

    Flash this rom at your own risk

    Axlien v3
    mirror (Rapidshare)
    mirror (Deposit)

    Axlien v2
    Axlien v1

    Before Flashing:
    • If you want to do a Backup do it only for User Apps and only restore User Apps after flashing, backing up and restoring system apps will break everything
    *I don’t recommend you to restore your backup on this rom, do a backup to use it when you flash back your old rom*
    • Make sure your tablet is at least 70% charged or plugged into the mains charger
    • I recommend a Full wipe format of SD card (micro SD Card) you are using to flash with SD Formatter
    SD Formatter for Windows
    SD Formatter for Mac

    • Unzip the download zip file
    • Copy ”firmware2” & ” firmware-discovery” to the root of your SD card
    • Insert SD card into slot in tablet
    • Power on the tablet
    • Installation will be automatic then the tablet will Power off
    • Remove SD card
    • Power on the tablet
    • First boot may take some time to build the caches and sets things up

    *if you going to use the SD card delete the files “firmware2” and “firmware_discovery” & Reinsert the SD card in the tablet*

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  3. a290

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    Known Issues
  4. a290

    a290 Member

    Axlien v3 <--- Clean Release
    &#8226; More Style (glow) & More Response
    &#8226; Merged base from 0803 firmware
    &#8226; Super Cleaned up & Added tweaks
    &#8226; Updated Clock widget Axlien v3 edtion
    &#8226; Updated Calendar widget Axlien v3 edtion
    &#8226; Updated Power widget Axlien v3 edtion
    &#8226; Updated Start animation
    &#8226; Updated Flash Player 10.1 (work smooth but color issues)
    &#8226; Added to G-script ( [R]=Device will restart when patch is done):
    --Camera fix
    --Wifi fix
    --Arabic support
    --Much more (see the video)
    &#8226; Removed & {Added} the following Apps:
    --Astro-------------------------{File manager Axlien v3 edtion}
    --LauncherPro & Launcher---{Launcher Axlien v3 edition}
    --Better Keyboard-------------{Stock Keyboard Axlien v3 edtion}
    --Dolphine browser HD--------
    --Adobe Reader----------------
    ----------------------------------{USB Debug shortcut}
    &#8226; &#8230;..

    Axlien v2
    &#8226; More speed & More Style
    &#8226; Icon change for: gps test, better keyboard, launcherPro, CCplayer (Vlc blue icon)
    &#8226; Cleaned up & Added tweaks
    &#8226; Removed & {Added} the following Apps:
    --estrogen taskmanager- {Astro Task Killer}
    --gallery3d-----------{Astro image viewer}
    --android protips-----
    --swiftkey-------------{updated Better Keyboard}
    --filemanager---------{Astro filemanager}
    --launcherPro--------{LauncherPro Axlien v2 Edtion}
    --ccplayer------------{CCplayer Axlien v2 Edtion}
    --market-------------{Market 3.4.4 (show more apps now)}
    --dolphine browser---{Dolphine browser HD + Blue Theme}
    ---------------------- {Adobe Reader}
    &#8226; Added 9 shortcuts on LauncherPro Dock
    &#8226; customized Astro/Dolphine brower HD/ Launcher Pro/ Better Keyboard
    &#8226; and more......
    + LP drawer Icons (see Tips & Tricks first post)


    Axlien v1
    &#8226; Based on Tim4e (Tim Hybrid ROM)
    &#8226; Updated framework
    &#8226; Updated Lockscreen
    &#8226; Stock clock widget Honeycomb themed (background 100% transparence)
    &#8226; Wallpaper (in infotm)
    &#8226; &#8230;..
    + additional wallpapers
  5. brown3285

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    Still using FT3 SP2, just loaded Axlien V3. Great rom. Would love to donate if you could provide a paypal link in English. One problem with Axlien V3, unable to detect pad thru adb, or adb shell. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Don't forget provide an English link for paypal donations.

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