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[ROM] [THEME] Sense Rom Optimus M

Is the latest update working for you?

  1. Yes it works!!

  2. Not working, please post your problem.


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  1. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Dude try it again it works perfectly

  2. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Dude, how did you get it to work. I can't get it to download. Tried from the phone, Chrome, FF, IE. Nothing. Either that error or a blank screen.
  3. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Too big to scan>Download anyway>Blank screen with no DL starting.
  4. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Check your pm`s
    fixitpete likes this.
  5. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Updated op
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  6. nydd

    nydd Member

    The update looks really good and it runs great. Really nice work! Is there a way to get the original sense theme with this update?
  7. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    joneidy this new updated sense rom seem faster more responsive and now i have 127mb internal phone storage and i love the superuser it's a ninja lol very nice man.

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  8. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Is this:

    To make the launcher look correctly press menu button then go to sense setting, then ui setting then select Tint AB and set AB Scale factot to 1. It should make the launcher look like in the pic above.

    Done differently now?
  9. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    fixitpete - those instructions were first the first version of the sense rom; no need to follow those instructions now; everything works great right of the box.
  10. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Background behind clock isn't white. It looks the way it looked when I first did the first version, before the steps shown. ?
  11. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    I'm playing with the clock... how do I get the background (behind the number) to be white?
  12. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    Wiped everything and tried to install but received:
    E:Can't open /sdcard/Sense Rom Update.zip

    Does this ROM need to be renamed?
  13. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    when i flash a rom i use my empty 1g sd and just have the rom i want to flash on it and i wipe all user data,sd-ext and dalvik-cache then go to flash zip menu and click toggle signature verify then flash zip from sd card works with no problems for me.
  14. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    Nope, same result.

    E:Can't open /sdcard/Sense Rom Update.zip

    Installation Aborted
  15. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    i downloaded my copy with internet explorer 79.9mb
    jabbawest likes this.
  16. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    My Sense Rom Update.zip shows 135MB total via Firefox
  17. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    try internet explorer lol
    jabbawest likes this.
  18. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    Did and shows 79.9MB. WTF?? (EXPLAIN)

    'Ode to Joy' plays in back ground as update completes.

    Thank you!!
  19. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    yeah i have fire fox but i prefer opera cause it's fast and internet explorer for downloading files. i bet it flashes fine now let me know if it worked.
  20. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Let me know what color the background is of your flip-clock when you install... please.

  21. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    i use fancy widgets clock skin digital black.
  22. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll check it out!
  23. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    If anyone else has trouble getting the white background behind the clock digits, snoop around in the Weather & Toggle Widgets>Select market clock skin>load installed clock skins>H7C Clock

    That fixes it! :) Or at least it fixed it for me! :) :) :)

    AWESOME ROM!!!! I am now, officially 100% happy with my phone!

    THANK YOU!!!!
  24. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    It flashed fine, that's why ode to joy was playing, didn't you hear it?

    Thanks for the help Blaxican

    Woops, almost forgot.
    Thank you for the super looking and super running ROM joneidy
    I'm glad yours was my first. :rolleyes:
    Wait, that didn't sound right. I'm glad I chose to install your ROM first. :D
  25. Odis

    Odis Member

    now do red my reggin!

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