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  1. Cup24

    Cup24 Member

    Bought my G1310 on ebay from Hong Kong. I'd like to update the ROM to the latest version but the ROM update section on the GSmart web page says that the ROMs are only valid for phones bought in Eastern Europe. I've contacted both the support people at GSmart and the guy I purchased the phone from and neither have been particularly helpful. Could I use this update on my phone or could (would) it brick the thing?

  2. Times8

    Times8 Member

    Where do you use your G1310? The reason that the ROM on the website of Gigabyte are only suitable for the models sold in Eastern-Europe are the Languages present on the phone. If you have Chinese or another language that you use, you better not update the ROM because then only Polish, Czech and English will be present on your phone after update. The rest of the languages will be gone. IF you only use English you can update your G1310 without any problems.
    May I ask how much you've paid for the G1310 including transport?
  3. Cup24

    Cup24 Member


    I live in Australia; got the phone on eBay early on (around June/July) and paid just under $400 US delivered for it, from Hong Kong. Was OK, but lately been getting a problem with "ghost" touches on the screen and thought the update may correct this. Gigabyte service haven't been very helpful.
  4. Times8

    Times8 Member

    I've purchased my G1310 at a company in Holland (Europe), it costed 185 euro (about 250 US dollar) including transport. The software version in my G1310 is the latest one (including a radio version modification, battery lasts longer now), may be you could give me the ROM/software version. The gost touch problem is caused by dust or accumulated dirt in the outer limits of the display (where the touch screen ends and the housing starts). While holding the phone, induction by parasitic currents cause the touch screen to act strange. Cleaning the small groves on the outer touch screen will solve this problem. You may use a soft alcoholic detergent, here it's called GlassEx. If you want my ROM version just give me your e-mail and i'll send you the link to download it. It contains only the US English Language!
  5. Cup24

    Cup24 Member

    Thanks again!

    There is some accumulated dust under the screen on my phone and I thought that this may be contributing to the problem. I've also heard that any moisture may have the same "ghost touch" effect, and for that reason I've been keeping a small bag of desiccant in my phone pouch. Seems to be working, but I'll give your suggestion a try too. Is your software version v0.46.1? I noticed they have this on the GSmart website, but according to their instructions, it's only for phones purchased in Eastern Europe.

    I've sent a PM.
  6. Times8

    Times8 Member

    The version that I have is 0.46.2, I'll send you the link by personal mail.
  7. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

    Hi, could I get a copy of that too? Also have a g1310 in Australia, and am struggeling to get any updates.

    Thanks in advance.

    (which version is this in android terms, is it still 2.2?)
  8. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

    Id also like to know if there are any other roms compatible with the G1310... as so many phones are the same with different names.
    The G1310 is the same as the Cherry Mobile Orbit, from the Philipeans... the Moto XT502 is a Gsmart G1305, and there is a CyanogenMod 7.1 for XT502/G1305.

    The phones are very similar, G1310, G1305, G1345 hardware wise... could I use the ROM from any of the other phones on my G1310 to get a newer or better performing Rom?
  9. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

  10. Times8

    Times8 Member

  11. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

    Thanks Times8

    I didnt end up applying the 48.2 update, I was hoping to find a 2.3 Android ROM

    these people sell the G1310 with a 2.3 rom, and have done for quite a while, how is this posible?
    Gigabyte GSmart G1310 Android 2.3 3G WCDMA Dual Sim

  12. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

    ok, tried to update with the

    Problem is my G1310, is a cherry mobile orbit. I could load it using SUT, except the file has to be and mlf, nb0 or whatever.

    is there a way to convert the zip into an acceptable file to use with SUT?

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