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[ROM v028b] GingerDX v28b 2.3 by Doixanh

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  1. meiaxx8

    meiaxx8 Active Member

    Hi gabe,

    Thx for reply.

    Now i understand..
    If you get better version without hotfix,tell me too..^^

  2. icekeniceken

    icekeniceken New Member

    Hello im a newbie here.

    Just want to ask how can i fix the wifi on my phone. it always says that my wifi is not in range. its working a few days ago after installing v017.

    Can someone help me with this please..

    Thank you in advance!
  3. d0ntcry

    d0ntcry New Member

    please help me...

    minta maaf bhs inggris saya jelek..
    dari rom backupan saya eclair (2.1.1.A.0.6) dgn baseband xxx015+xrecovery+root.. kemudian saya install cuztome zip gdxv017 >> full wipe >> reboot.... saya masi stuck di boot loop gdx logo.. :(

    anehnya.. saya coba telpon nomer saya...masuk..setelah itu saya reject.. dan akhirnya masuk ke homescreennya...dan akhirnya bisa digunakan dgn normal..knp bisa begitu ya?? gak perfect untuk install rom nya...bingung cari letak kesalahan..:(

    please help me..
  4. ravanica

    ravanica New Member

    hi sorry newbie here i dont know how to start coz its not working when i press the back button during the start what should i do first please help
  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Assuming you have successfully ROOTed your phone...

    1. to install xRecovery properly you have to make sure you copy and paste the three files using Root Explorer
    a) copy all three files to SD Card
    b) launch Root Explorer and select <Mount R/W> (the button is at the top)
    c) copy the three files one by one into /system/bin folder

    that's it...

    cheers :)
  6. ravanica

    ravanica New Member

    how will i root my fone coz it gets me to the loop now and im having trouble running this fone :( kinda sad......

    is it possible to revert if im in the loop

    there was no menu of doing the back up for rooting though
  7. shameeltas

    shameeltas New Member

    Hi all,
    my fone and sd card is working perfect and i'm using gingerdx v17. but i cant move the applications to sd card.
    when i try to move the application it shows 'failed to move application'..
    plz help me for this situation...
  8. shameeltas

    shameeltas New Member

    yes but before 2 days i can move the apps to sd card n yesterday my phone juz hang in the sony ericsson logo screen..
    for that i need to flash my phone... after flashing i restored one of my backup.. but the phone is jus restarting continously when its booting....
    so for it i installed the gingerdx 017 custom zip rom..
    after that i cant move the apps to sd card...

  9. sunsril

    sunsril Active Member

    I have also upgraded to 2.3.7(v017) last week and it's all working fine.

    I even downloaded a app called apps2sd with the help of which i can move the apps to sd card easily.

    As of my observation, the ROM is stable and offers all the features and also offers great camera and music ( default )

    Are you downloading lot of apps ? then do check those downloaded recently to see if they are causing any issues.
  10. Rhuu

    Rhuu New Member

    pake GingerDX gan?
  11. Rhuu

    Rhuu New Member

    full wipe sebelum instal ROM gan
    backup > full wipe > install rom > reboot
  12. icekeniceken

    icekeniceken New Member


    iam using v.17 now and i want to use the v.18 do i need delete all the files i have or i can update to v.18 and use my settings in v.17?
  13. meiaxx8

    meiaxx8 Active Member


    "All versions will preserve your DATA partition, so don't worry about losing apps/setting"

    thats Doixanh say. Its mean, you can flash v018. Its just update your data partition. If you do full wipe after flash v018, ur setting,apps will lose.

    if you have any bug, try full wipe.

    p/s : sory if wrong..:(
  14. se_kaitou26

    se_kaitou26 Member

    Hi gabeyong,

    I installed GingerDX weeks ago.

    I was quite happy with the results and I rarely found glitches with the software. Overall, the experience was great and I forgot the I am using an unofficial software for my Xperia X8. Great job!

    But one problem bugs me. It is about my internet connection through my mobile network.

    My Carrier is Globe Telecom, and I happened to call (customer service) them for about 5-8 times by now, and they manually configured my internet account for my phone. All the APN and necessary information has been configured, and my simcard is ready to be used for the internet. I have extra load (I'm using prepaid); but I can't connect to the internet. My "Data Enabled" is checked and so is the Power Control icon on my homescreen.

    Globe said that it would be a problem in my phone and not from theirs.

    I'm just asking...how can I fix this kind of problem. I always restart my phone and it does nothing. The E logo (with the arrows pointing up and down) doesn't appear in the notification area, even though I am getting a decent phone signal and clicking on the browser.

    Please help me. Please. Thank you!
  15. sunsril

    sunsril Active Member


    I have also upgraded to gingerdx v17 ( 2.3.7 ) 3 weeks back and my phone works great.

    But i have faced this interenet problem intermittently and then it works fine again.

    Internet is connecting for me at home through wifi ( wireless router ) and also mobile network.

    Not had a chance to try on an wifi unsecured network outside.
  16. sunsril

    sunsril Active Member

    Gabe , thanks for the clarification between GingerDx and GingerXperia, just checking if you have any info on this.

    Comparing the GingerDx (v17,V18,V19 )with GingerXperia( whatever the latest versions), which one is very stable and has lot of features ( sorry i know the list is exhaustible , but till )

    Would you suggest to upgrade the GingerDx v17 to GingerXperia , if the latter is very good ?

    Waiting for your valuable feedback

  17. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    After using both GingerXperia and GingerDX for a while
    I can't say which is better... I am currently using GingerXperia v10
    I experience better battery life with it.

    GingerDX is getting too complicated for me with the Linux Kernel which may be experimental at the moment.

    cheers :)
    meiaxx8 and sunsril like this.
  18. sunsril

    sunsril Active Member

    Thanks for the info Gabe,

    I understand that you would be only running a stable version ( gingerXperia v10 ) as you have seen GingerDx too.

    So, if i am planning order to upgrade to GingerXperia v10 from GingerDx v17, what are the brief steps and relevant links(download ROM) that you could help with.

    Cheers and thanks in advance .
  19. nini_2010

    nini_2010 New Member

  20. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You have to flash Linux Kernel to get "fake" multi-touch.
    SONY Xperia X8 is hardware limited to a single touch LCD screen

    cheers :)
  21. nini_2010

    nini_2010 New Member

    hi gabe,thanks for ur info,but can u provide me step by step how to do it
  22. karthidas

    karthidas New Member

    i upgraded to v018....but my double finger pinch zoom is disabled....what can i do?????

    Thanks in advance....:D
  23. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Flash LinuxDX Kernel

    1. Download LinuxDX Kernel
    2. Download FlashTools
    3. Connect Phone to PC
    3. Launch FlashTools
    4. Flash LinuxDX Kernel
    5. Reboot

    2. Copy to sdcard
    3. Reboot to CWM
    4. Install custom zip
    5. Reboot

    cheers :)
  24. meiaxx8

    meiaxx8 Active Member


    can install it without Unlocked bootloader and flasttools?
  25. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    yes... just use xRecovery.

    sorry... you have to use flashtool to flash the Linux kernel
    beware not all apps supported in multitouch mode

    cheers :)

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