[ROM v3] 2.3.7 GingerXperia Revolution ROM for X8

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  1. xperiax8prob

    xperiax8prob New Member

    Hi there.

    Please help me with this.. I bought a xperia x8 (2.1) and eventually I upgraded it to 2.2.5 and now that I found this update I wish I could have it but it doesn't work for my phone. it says that I should upgrade my baseband to xxxxx15 but I already have xxxxx15. It's so frustrating.. I hope you could help me.

  2. xperiax8prob

    xperiax8prob New Member

  3. gferen

    gferen Member

    ok i kind of fix issue with no conection to secured networks. i hope. i went thrue procedure again on this page [MOD] Faster WIFI for X8 - N standard enabling - xda-developers and it now connect to secure wifi. for now is working i will see what will be in few days :)
  4. 4zan

    4zan Member

    Help me Application Force to Close.

    I got SE W8. First I upgrade it to android 2.2.9. Then i got little bored, i update it to gingerdx..then i bored back, I turn back to android 2.2.9. Suddenly, when I trying to open application like NFS SHIFT, it say the application nfs shift(process com.ideadworks3d.nfsshift) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.... same also when i trying to open app like angry bird, fruit ninja.


  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    the only thing I can suggest you try is to flash the 015 baseband using Flashtool.

    cheers :)
  6. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    if you have a backup using CWM or xRecovery - then flash the backup.
    If not, delete you game data folder on your sd card and re-install your game.
    (corrupted data folders) you have paid a high price for being bored...

    cheers :)
  7. 4zan

    4zan Member

    How and where to flash the back up?

    By the way i got one more probleme, I'll already uninstall the game mean i delete it but when i try to install it back, it say APPLICATION NOT INSTALL...

    Any solution?
  8. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    use PC Companion to re-install your phone's software, reformat your sd card and re-install your games.

    cheers :)
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  9. legiwei

    legiwei New Member


    I just got a new x8 and was on stock OS and decided to use Gingerxperia v12 custom rom. Everything looks great just that it has rebooting issues. I've got it like for perhaps 3-4days and I've noticed it rebooting itself for at least 3 times. It might hv rebooted more but I might not have noticed it. Any solution?
  10. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    Hi guys!!

    I read ur forum and installed Floyo v.1 in my X8 and it is working fine except for the Android Market Crash... when i was reading the forum threads again for resolving the Android Market Crash, i found that GingerXperia is much better than floyo v.1...

    Gabeyong or anyother prominent users please help me out with my following issues:

    1. Should i install GingerXperia now?
    2. If yes, which is the best GingerXperia version with no bugs and perfectly stable?
    3. Please tell me the procedure for installing GingerXperia from Floyo
    4. Send me the links of the ROM and other necessary softwares (if any)

    expecting ur reply at the earliest!!

  11. throbberx8

    throbberx8 Member

    assuming you have xrecovery on your phone.
    put gingerxperia on the sdcard.
    boot to xrecovery and do the "factory reset full swipe.
    then install gingerxperia.
    thats if you want gingerxperia or even gingerdx
    most of the other info you need is on the first page.
    i installed v12 two days ago from gingerdx and find it slightly quicker....and have not have any problems at all.
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  12. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    hey ThrobberX!!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and timely help. But i need ur help to address few more of my queries...

    1) the procedure given in the first page of the thread is with regard to Eclair 2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3 but i want for Floyo 2.2 to Gingerbread (or) should i follow the same procedure in my case too??

    2) Please send me the link for the best version.. according to u, it was v12... please send me the link for downloading it

    3) if i factory reset (full wipe) in xRecovery, will i loose all the data completely and should i take a complete back-up of the memory card??

    Please bear with me and answer my queries :)

    Thank U :)
  13. throbberx8

    throbberx8 Member

    1..........its the same

    2...........its on page one

    3...........back it up
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  14. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    hey ThrobberX8!!

    Thanks again.. but i find ROM only for v.18, v.17 and v.15... there is no v.12... please help me with its link!!
  15. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    Hey Throbberx8!!!

    Thanks a lot for ur kind replies and help... i installed GingerDX v.17 and everything seems fine so far...

    can u or anyone tell me the differences between floyo and gingerbread pleaseeee??

  16. throbberx8

    throbberx8 Member

    i misread your post.
    gingerdx v19 [ROM] GingerDX | v019 | 02-11-2011 - xda-developers

    iv never tryed floyo....but im sure sombody will tell you.......... or google it:)
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  17. bardahl

    bardahl Member

    i use v12 and i can not send mms...
  18. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    i installed v.17 but the double touch (or) the pinch to zoom function is not working... what should i do??? please tell me
  19. norliana143

    norliana143 New Member

    i also have the same problem.. my x8 keeps rebooting itself if i dont lock the phone. example: open the text message around 5minutes then it reboot itself.
  20. okmate

    okmate Member

    guys i've an issue here my wav files used to work but now there not i've tried another player but no good

    any suggestions
  21. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    most players you find in Android Market can play wav files.
    Try Winamp it is a player that can play wav files.

    cheers :)
  22. suninside

    suninside Member

    Hi, I'm using this great rom, it works fine and thanks to you my x8 is fast and smooth, but I miss gtalk a lot, how can I get it?
  23. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    if you do a google search <GTalk.apk> you will find the app you can download and install. But make sure you do a backup of your custom rom so you can recover functionality of your phone if the GTalk app goes horribly wrong.

    cheers :)
  24. Boianeze

    Boianeze Member

  25. NaveenZ

    NaveenZ Member

    Hey guys!!

    i use GingerDX v.17 and my pinch to zoom (or can we call it as the multi-touch) is not working... please help me as to what should i do now to get the multi touch or pinch to zoom functionality!!

    thanks!! :)

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