[ROM v3] 2.3.7 GingerXperia Revolution ROM for X8

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  1. bal27

    bal27 Member

    Lupajz I have installed the update you had previosly mentioned but I have a couple of questions why is the layout so small? As in everything in the phone is very small and also Im still confused on how did this actualy change my ROM compared to the hackdroid because I see no difference? Thanx

  2. sathish087

    sathish087 Active Member

    hey read the posts there completely..
    u need to edit the build.prop in the hot fix... just go thru posts u wil get it..

    it has bluetooth working, n some other bugs fixed....
    im using it right now, no prob till now.. hv to wait n c..
  3. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    I am still running v1 :p It looks there will be more updates comming ;) so I think it is pointless to install every update ;)

    To bal27: read through the forum, you can find the build.prop file;) Just push it via adb to your /system/ and you are done ;)
  4. bal27

    bal27 Member

    Ive got no clue how to use adb never used it before so dont want to mess anything up so I think Ill leave this ROM lol
  5. EvrStngNevDwn

    EvrStngNevDwn Member

    does anyone know how to uninstall LauncherPro included in custom ROM ?i just want to change with LP Plus.
  6. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Just install with Astro normally and you will get an <upgrade> option.
    Just hit that and everything will work.

    cheers :)
  7. EvrStngNevDwn

    EvrStngNevDwn Member

    Thanks for reply
    not work for me. seems like i mess up too much.
    following method fixed me
    1) Install ADW
    2) Set default launcher as ADW
    3) Search LauncherPro in root explorer & delete all found files & folder(deleted /system/app/lanucherpro.apk and /data/app/com.fede.launcher-1.apk)
    4) Installl LauncherPro Plus
    5) Set default lanucher as LP
    6) Remove ADW

    thanks gabeyong .. u helped me a lot in my X8..lol
  8. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    There is already v3 out and I think the bug in build.prop has been fixed already ;)
  9. bal27

    bal27 Member

    I keep getting android.process error every time I try to download something, Ive changed ROMS and factory reset it works for a little while but then stops working again please help!
  10. cheeseng89

    cheeseng89 Active Member

    hi mate,

    Maybe u can use SystemApp Remover,can uninstall regular & system apk.

    Hope that helps.:cool:
  11. chaangster

    chaangster Member

    gabeyong, when I try to restore the cm file, suddenly it says 'MD5 mismatch' why so?
  12. chaangster

    chaangster Member

    gabeyong, when I try to restore the file it says 'MD5 mismatch' why so? Please help me asap.
  13. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Zip extraction error...
    Use Winrar to extract the compressed file.

    cheers :)
  14. zayhtuttin

    zayhtuttin Member

  15. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    You should be downloading and installing V2 <--- here

    and yes, radio is not working.

    cheers :)
  16. restituto

    restituto New Member

    hey Gabeyong!!

    racht has released Floyo v0.20 :D. Everything is working!!!
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  17. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Will update my Floyo-0.15 post.
  18. hasrul_5585

    hasrul_5585 Member

    Halo everebody......

    Just test floyo 0.2 by ratch...
    Just great like 0.15, got 1059 point for quadrant!!!:D
    1) launcher pro sometimes force close
    2) wifi detected but always cannot enter web or market.....
    3) camera button not functioning
    4) installed gingerbread keyboard and select but no coming out...

    but still great rom.....:)

    any solution for wifi and keyboard.......

  19. Harious

    Harious New Member

    @ gabeyong

    Thats awesome, 2.3.3 was stable indeed but i decided not to keep it for now coz i cant stand the fact that everything isnt perfectly functional on my phone...
    Anyway restoration worked fine except for the android market. Idk why, but everytime i try to run android market it crashes. Any ideas? Thnx btw :)

    PS. I restored exactly as you said, without wiping first. maybe i should have done this right?

    PS2. Ignore the previous. Wipping and restoring fixed that :)
  20. x8fans

    x8fans Member

    gabeyong... help me.... i've tried the methods u teach for floyo 0.20 for android 2.2.1 and Srom-2.3.3Gingerbread-v2(x8).... both also end up with same result which is my x8 keep reboot after the sony ericsson screen show up... pls help me~~
  21. HaN6787

    HaN6787 Well-Known Member

    have you tried this? I've been using this since RC1 release. No PROBLEM AT ALL. make sure to stick with the instruction provided. Good luck
  22. x8fans

    x8fans Member

    sorry gabeyong to bother you again.. i don't know what is minicm6-1.0.1..
    i really stupid in software.. so i tried the step u provide
    1st i root x8
    -install Root.Explorer.v2.15.apk
    -copy the xRecovery folder with the 3 files inside to root of SD Card
    -copy the 3 files (busybox, chargemon and xrecovery.tar) to </system/bin>
    -reboot the phone and back up
    -reboot again and copy floyo-0.20 folder with 4 files (cache.img, data.img, nandroid.md5 and system.img) into /SD/xRecovery/backup
    -reboot and restore floyo-0.20 ROM from the xrecovery menu
    -after done reboot again
    at the end the phone start up and show "sony ericsson" screen and "hackdroid" screen and it keep repeat this 2 screen.. seems like the phone won't start..
    can u tell me in detail which step i did wrong or did i miss something?
    pls help me.. i'm worry about my x8.. really sorry to cause u this trouble.. ><"
  23. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    check your baseband
    if your baseband ends with 006 you cannot use any Custom ROMs
    go to racht's post and download + flash 015 baseband.
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  24. x8fans

    x8fans Member

    Gabeyong!!!! I don't know what to say......
    thanks you very very much... you're the one who can really save me.. you did it.. u save my x8.. thx very much.. so, the only thing i missed out is flash my x8 baseband to 015.. thx a lot.
  25. haulring

    haulring Member


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