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[ROM v3] 2.3.7 GingerXperia Revolution ROM for X8

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  1. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    Hi, first i want to say many thanks for bringing Gingerbread to my Xperia X8. Also thanks for the nice tutorial! It was very helpful for me!!! But a few questions are open after the update to GingerXperia_V8... Can i delete all empty folders on my device and sdcard? Many Folders are named with a number followed by a space an then the folder name. But most of them are empty?! And further: Can you please tell me how to delete the f***ing Facebook App and optionally others?! Were are the System Apps located? Thanks in advance! PS: Will there be a full localized System for German language (maybe in GingerXperia_V9)?

  2. SanTRiP Dj

    SanTRiP Dj New Member

    first i'd like to thank you, this rom really has boosted my phones overall speed and usability.

    the net thing is, ive had this (v8) for about 5 days, and i've had an strange situation at sometimes when this really high volume white noise sounds and no volume control can make it quieter and the only way to stop it is rebooting the phone. the fisrt time it happened was when i was getting a phone call, i used the volume button to silence it but not hang it, and when the incoming call ended, the noise started playing, other time i was changing the sound from vibration to full volume with the volume button and got the sound, the next time i got it was this morning, i set up an alarm to wake me last night, and left the phone on silence (vibrate mode) and when the alarm went off, i got the alarm sound and a few seconds later the noise again. do you know what could be causing it?:confused:

    another thing, i changed my ringtone to sound like digital phone, today i noticed that when i receive a call, it sounds only once and then just keeps on vibrating instead of also looping the sound as a normal sound would..

    and third, i was wondering about the home layout... i was expecting to get the shortcuts bar at the bottom of the screen as the theme preview shows, but instead i have the 4 corners shortcuts as in eclair, how can i change this cause i like it more the "new" layout instead.

    sorry if my post is too long :eek:
  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I am glad that you are happy with the custom rom.
    I don't know about the "white noise" you are experiencing on the phone.
    I have been using this custom rom for a few weeks now and I have not experienced any problems.

    I know you can customise the ring tones by copying a .ogg ringtone into the system folder

    As for the homescreen you can use a launcher like LauncherPro. Once you install it you just have to reboot and you will be asked which launcher to use. Just select the launcher you want and set it to default. Hope that helps.

    cheers :)
  4. mukesh19

    mukesh19 New Member

    hii Mr.gabe i really thank u for th aawesome ROM. . im using v8 from 2days , its really awesome. . n wenz th next version wil be realeased . . ?

    thnx again. . great work. . :)
  5. mat tojie

    mat tojie Member


    Can u post the link multiupload or mediafire?
    My country block fileserve..
  6. kosmos123

    kosmos123 New Member

    where can i download for GingerXperia V8 - 2/10/2011?
    Latest Download?
  7. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Here is the link...

    GingerXperia V8

    cheers :)
  8. Arlestron

    Arlestron New Member


    I just installed the V8 ROM on my X8. Looks well and great but. If I download apps from the market my phone hangs when it starts installing. I have to remove my battery and boot the phone. Anyone else has this problem?
    I hope you guys can help me out.

  9. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha New Member


    I installed the V8 ROM on my X8.But i have a problem.

    I can't send empty SMS
    what shoud i do ??
  10. Arlestron

    Arlestron New Member

    Okay, I reinstalled the V8 and everything seems to work fine now. Thanks again for this great ROM!
  11. mitsosgest

    mitsosgest New Member

  12. adhs

    adhs New Member

    Hey I cannot access my android market with V8 ! What do I do ?
  13. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    Bye the way: Can you tell me how to backup and restore my device (apps, settings, etc.) when i want to upgrade my existing GingerXperia_V8 to GingerXperia_V9?! Is there an app or do i have to setup everything again?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You can use clockworkMod Recovery or xRecovery to do a back up.

    1. shutdown and reboot you phone
    2. when you see the words SONY Ericsson <hit> the back button multiple times
    3. in xRecovery or ClockworkMod Recovery <hit> the backup / restore then <hit><backup>

    Once backup is done... you can find the backup (folder) in xRecovery or ClockworkMod Recovery folder

    to restore... it is the same process, except in reverse.
    1. shutdown and reboot you phone
    2. when you see the words SONY Ericsson <hit> the back button multiple times
    3. in xRecovery or ClockworkMod Recovery <hit> the backup / restore then <hit><restore>

    Reboot once restore is done...

    cheers :)
    gferen likes this.
  15. gferen

    gferen Member

    installed ROMv9 works great. dont want to go bact to stock 2.1 anymore :D
    done it as newby. first time root first time change rom. didnt know that is soooo easy :) THANKS
  16. basil2801

    basil2801 New Member

    Is it right when i do this i have the old System or not?
    By the instroduction is to read

    Well it was fun visiting and touring the Gingerbread 2.3.5 ROM, now let's go back to Eclair 2.1.1

    D) RESTORING THE Official Android Eclair 2.1.1 ROM

    Step 4: Reinstalling your original Eclair 2.1.1 ROM
    - <shutdown> wait 5 seconds <reboot> Xpedia X8
    - when you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen -> start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times and you will enter the xRecovery Menu.
    - <select><factory reset (full wipe)>
    - scroll down and hit <backup/restore><restore>
    - you should see your original 2.1 backup ROM
    - <select> <2011-10-xx.xx.xx.xx.ROM><restore> [it should look something like 2011-05-]
    - xRecovery will start to install the original 2.1.1 ROM [the ROM you've backed up in Step 1] from your phone's SD Card.
    - when it is done xRecovey will go back to the startup menu
    - <click><reboot>

    And you are back to where you have started - Xperia X8 Android Eclair 2.1.1 <--
  17. wilbso1234

    wilbso1234 Member

  18. SanTRiP Dj

    SanTRiP Dj New Member

    hi gabe, thanks for your answer on the previous post, i've got no problems since then, now i just want to know whats new i v9.
  19. gferen

    gferen Member

    Is it possible just to update V10 version of ginger xperia or do i have to repet procedure as i did upgrade from stock to V9?
  20. mat tojie

    mat tojie Member

    i update to this gingerxperia..i hve multitouch...
    why u all cant get multitouch???

    (sorry for my bad english)
  21. earth_toph0601

    earth_toph0601 New Member

    Can I install v10 without installing v8 first? :confused:
  22. vinzal

    vinzal New Member

    Hi, i'm new to my sony x8. I downloaded GingerXperiaV10 from the link you given above, and installed it following to the instruction that you given above, but now i stucked at the boot screen which display a Ginger android and "GingerXperia" word underneath it. I reboot it from the xRecovery menu after the GingerXperiaV10 completed install. What can i do now?? Please help!!!:confused: Urgent:(
  23. MrGriefshire

    MrGriefshire New Member

    There's no way I can install games like Sims 3 and Need For Speed on GingerXperiaV10? Thanks.
  24. MrGriefshire

    MrGriefshire New Member

    Hey, I really like what you do but I didn't like the GingerXperiaV10 style and a lot of apps are missing and it's too bad.. I do not mean to be rude but you can improve the quality of the video camera? I mean The video quality is bad and very low volume compared to Version 2.1 and the quality photos isn't very pretty. And why games like Sims 3 and need for speed does not work? Sorry if I did not express myself well. My English is not good.
  25. gferen

    gferen Member

    is not my buisnes but for pictures and videos we have SLR cameras and video cameras. for sims and NFS and such we use PC. good that u didint say that crysis is not working on xperia ;)

    PS i didnt want to be rude :D:cool:

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