[ROM v3] GingerFast for Xperia X8

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  1. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Whilst waiting for ICS 4.0+ to be ported to the Xperia X8, I thought you guys might want to try another fast and stable Gingerbread ROM. I have been using this ROM for a few weeks now, I must say this ROM is slick, fast, stable and light on battery usage.

    This is a new Gingerbread 2.3 port is based on GingerXperia v22 by xperiafan13, modified by kopbem37. It incorporates fully working SONY Bravia Engine and xLoud modules on stock kernel.

    DISCLAIMER: Please use the information below at your own risk with no warranty of any kind if you "brick" your phone.

    - LauncherPro
    - SONY Bravia Engine
    - xLoud
    - Multi-touch support
    - Overclock CPU 748 MHz
    - Optimized ROM for battery life
    - Smooth 2D and 3D rendering

    GingerFast v3
    A lot of bug fixes
    Improved 3D/2D performance
    Faster UI

    FEATURES IN GingerFast v2
    3 megapixel camera
    Wired headset control (Answer / end calls, play / pause music ...)
    LED Nodification
    Expand ***** 2 ZOMM
    No error restart! (SD safe to delete)
    Video Recording
    FM Radio
    Apps2SD native Froyo
    Market works well
    Camera button (with the previous release)
    Online load
    Headphone Jack
    Audio Mixer
    Video Playback
    YouTube, with or without HQ
    open GL/3D
    SD card
    USB Storage
    Mute button on the call

    GingerFast v3 OR GingerFast v3
    GingerFast v2

    1) Rooted and xRecovery installed on your Xperia X8.
    2) Baseband xxxxxxx15 - check <settings><About phone>
    3) Xperia X8 Stock Kernel

    Step 1: Make a backup copy of your Android Eclair 2.1 using xRecovery
    - check that your phone's SD Card has at least 650MB of free space
    [SD card free space is to hold both your phone original backup ROM and the 2.3 ROM]
    - shutdown your X8 and wait 5 seconds -> <reboot> your phone.
    - when you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen -> start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times and you will enter the xRecovery Menu.
    - select <backup and restore><backup> from the menu

    - This will create a backup file in your SD Card <SD/xRecovery/backup>
    - After you have completed the backup using xRecovery, it will return to the menu screen.
    - Now choose <reboot> - your X8 phone should restart

    Step 2: Download GingerFast v2 ROM
    - <mount> your Xpedia X8 and copy this file <gingerfast v.2.zip> into SD card
    - <unmount> and shutdown your Xpedia X8

    Step 3: Installing the 2.3.5 ROM on your Xpedia X8
    - <boot> Xpedia X8
    - when you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen -> start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times and you will enter the xRecovery Menu.
    - <select><factory reset (full wipe)>
    - <select><wipe cache partition>
    - scroll down and hit <install custom zip>
    - select <gingerfast v.3.zip> from your SD card & hit <yes>
    - xRecovery will start to install the ROM on your phone.
    - when it is done, xRecovey will go back to the startup menu
    - <click><reboot>

    Now you can start using your phone :)

    If you have decided to keep and use the Gingerbread 2.3.5 ROM...

    DO send a big THANK YOU to the developers @ XDA for their hard work building this custom 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM


    Ice Cream Sandwich Lock Screen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers
    Ice Cream Sandwich Live Wallpaper

    cheers :)

  2. rajan296

    rajan296 New Member

    hi gabe,

    i have installed gingerxperia v23 using xrecovery, but it seems my battery drains faster than the original stock eclair. now i am thinking of going for gingerfast v2. should i flash the stock eclair and then flash the gingerfast or can i flash it with existing gingerxperia v23.

    also kernel version is blank after installing gingerxperia v23 when you check in settings>about phone> and android version says 2.3.7
  3. bluemoon2

    bluemoon2 New Member

    HI Gabeyong,

    I recently installed gingerfast v2 on my x8, This is the first time I am using any custom ROM and i am really happy till now.

    Although I have few issues on which you may be able to help..

    1. Not able to add any account for sync in account & sync apart from the default email client which came with the ROM which is little bit crappy to use and i really want to use the gmail clien from google.

    2. Not able to sync my contacts with facebook frnds.. I had previously many contacts synced with facebook before and now they are not coming.

    Please tell me if i am doing anything wrong or should i try any different custom rom..

    thnx in advance

    PS: i already installed facebook and gmail apps from the market and they are working fine individually but are not automatically syncing.
  4. Chadw1985

    Chadw1985 New Member

    Try doing a factory restore. If that dont help reinstall the rom and do a factory restore in xRecovery before you boot the first time. I used that rom for a little bit. It was buggy. But over all it was ok. Alot better with some tweaks.
  5. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    hi gabeyong i have q for about this room if this the best room of the GingerXperia V23 best and i have problem about room GingerXperia V23 it is show messaging about callloge and ask me "force close" what i do it about this problem
  6. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    GingerFast V2 is based on GingerXperia V22+SONY Bravia Engine and xLoud.
    If you decide to change...

    you need to do...
    factory reset full wipe
    wipe cache partition
    wipe battery stats

    flash GingerDX v24 ROM instead

    cheers :)
  7. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    Mean that GingerFast V2 is modeled on the system GingerXperia V22 with some modifications Is this what you mean You can see that good GingerXperia V23 the best it can be used Or scroll down the best system GingerFast V2 Please give me the advantage of these systems
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  8. Gz7

    Gz7 Member

    hi. gabe ... lot of thanks for gingerfast v3 ...i'll try it..

    cheers :) :) :)
  9. Gz7

    Gz7 Member

    hi. gabe... i have little problem with gingerfast v3.. everytime i opened the setting and set the volume i have this massage "the application settings (process com.android.setting) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again ) force close.. may be you have a solution for this.. but when i used the older version (gingerfast v2) this problem not showed at all..

    Thanks gabe

    Cheers :)
  10. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I didn't have any issues with this rom.
    Did you do a factory reset?
    You may want to try that...

    cheers :)
  11. bluemoon2

    bluemoon2 New Member

    Hi gabeyong,

    As I am new to custom ROMs i have a small query...I have currently gingerfast v2 installed on my phone and want to upgrade to v3..so now I have to just flash the new ROM on current one or should i do all the steps again i.e.

    factory reset full wipe
    wipe cache partition
    wipe battery stats

    and then flash the rom

    In case i have to use the second option will the messages and current contact list will be erased too?? if yes, what is the method for retaining them?

    Thnx in advance
  12. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    It is quite safe to just flash and not do a factory reset and the rest of the stuff.
    I am quite sure you will retain your messages and other stuff.

    cheers :)
  13. wanaberocker

    wanaberocker New Member

    hai gab, i am newbie and i have instaled ROM gingerfast v2, its so nice.. i love it..
    but i cant find 3G and HSDPA signal, maybe the same problem with ifanverb case in gingerxperia v23 trhead, so i decide to flash the baseband with E15a_X8a_2.1.1.A.0.6_Baseband_015.7z, but its not working, help me please ...
  14. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I tried <X8 Shakira E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_generic.ftf> and got 3G working.
    I am not sure about E15a_X8a_2.1.1.A.0.6_Baseband_015.7z
    Is your phone E15a or E15i?
    Mine is E15i

    cheers :)
  15. wanaberocker

    wanaberocker New Member

    now i am already know if my phone were E15i too... where can i download X8 Shakira E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_generic.ftf..? i am sorry for bad english.. :)
  16. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    You can get it from the FlashTool X8 guide here <--- guide

    cheers :)
  17. Hi Gabe,

    Thanks for your help, I've succeeded custom ROM using GingerFast V3

    Just few minutes using it, so i don't know what will happen to my phone next day haha

    i wish i don't face problems and bugs problems :)
  18. Hi Gabe,

    Thanks for your help, I've succeeded custom ROM using GingerFast V3

    Just few minutes using it, so i don't know what will happen to my phone next day haha

    i wish i don't face problems and bugs problems :)
  19. just found out that i face the same problems :(

    how to do factory reset? from xrecovery menu?
  20. and also when i click some of the contact always shows process com.sonyerricson.infiniteview has stopped unexpectedly. please try again

    how to handle this, gabe? :(

    sorry too much too ask
  21. and by the way, i can't find my market application nor Play store? what i have to do? :(

    help me, gabe :(
  22. Hi Gabe,

    I've found my Play Store hehe :D
  23. bluemoon2

    bluemoon2 New Member

    hi gabeyong,

    I am also facing the same problem for contacts with photographs..can you help us??

  24. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    To do a factory reset...
    - shut down phone (wait 5 seconds)
    - power up phone and when you see the words "SONY ERICSSON" appear press the <back> button a few times.
    - then hit your <volume> buttons to look for <factory reset (full wipe)> hit the home button.
    - after that reboot phone

    cheers :)
  25. Hi, Gabe

    i've done it, but still got the problems with force close :(

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