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  1. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member


    Please read this entire post before proceeding!

    -ERE27 Android 2.1 VS740ZVB Base (credit to Google)
    -Fully Zipaligned and Deodexed System
    -Init.d boot sequence
    -Custom Static Wallpapers (thanks RedFury, Vmanisme, and Jedii)
    -Tons of tweaks to increase performance & battery life
    -Google DNS for a faster and safer online experience
    -System Audio from the Droid X
    -Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans Tweak *Battery Saver*
    -Version Information In Settings > About Phone
    -Ads blocked by default in apps & browser *No need to use AdFree*
    -Camera Sounds & Low Battery Sounds Silenced by default
    -Optimized Native Process Manager *No need to use task killers*
    -Percentage in Battery Icon (images by Xeudoxus)
    -Velocity Boot Animation (thanks RedFury)
    -Automatic Apps2SD, just create an ext partition on SD card and we do the rest (read me)
    -Very fast and responsive!

    Apps Included: *many moved to data partition for easy uninstall*
    -Velocity About App (developed by RedFury)
    -Native Sound Recorder App (thanks Pete)
    -Testing App
    -Flashlight App
    -Spare Parts App (modded by Pete, customized by Trident)
    -Velocity Tips Widget
    -SuperUser (developed by ChainsDD)
    -Terminal Emulator
    -Droid X Live Wallpaper
    -Droid X Video Player
    -Droid 2 Live Wallpaper
    -Barnacle Wifi Tether
    -Astro File Manager
    -ROM Manager
    -Google News and Weather App
    -Improved Google Car Home App

    Tools and Utilities:
    -Nano Text Editor

    -ads show or block ads
    -browser remove or restore browser app
    -calc remove or restore Calculator app
    -carhome remove or restore Car Home app
    -cpuinfo displays CPU information
    -email remove or restore Email app
    -fixperm fixes script and Busybox permissions
    -genie remove or restore News & Weather app
    -lwp remove or restore Live Wallpaper apps
    -mms remove or restore messaging app
    -ota enable or disable OTA updates
    -switchboot switch boot animation
    -sys mount system as read only or write only
    -usb enable or disable USB storage
    -velocityboot enable or disable Velocity boot animation


    -Amazon MP3
    -Backup Assistant
    -Corporate Calendar
    -Corporate Directory
    -LG Bookmarks Widget
    -LG Calendar Widget
    -LG Clock Weather Widget
    -LG Digital Alarm Widget
    -LG Dual Clock Widget
    -LG Home
    -LG Home Selector
    -LG Message Widget
    -LG Socialite
    -Think Free Office
    -Visual Voicemail
    To install these apps back to the system/app partition, simply do the following:
    1. Place the desired app on the root of your SD card
    2. Launch Terminal Emulator
    3. Type "su"
    4. Type "sys -rw"
    5. Type "cat /sdcard/example.apk > /system/app/example.apk"
    6. Type "sys -ro"

    Theme: (credit to RedFury)
    -Complete Dark Theme
    -Modded services.jar file (for white clock)
    -White text in all ongoing system notifications

    Gridlock Kernel Information:
    -Deadline is the default I/O Scheduler
    -Netfilter Support
    -IP Tables Enabled
    -RNDIS Support/USB Gadget Support
    -Swap Support (If you intend on using, please see this notice)
    -ext3 and ext4 Support

    Release Notes:
    -Wiping data, cache, and Dalvik cache is MANDATORY
    -I recommended ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Recovery
    -ROM Manager OTA updates are enabled
    -Developed in part with Peter Alfonso, RedFury, Gridlock, savoxis, and Vmanisme
    -Check ROM download statistics here
    -File hosting provided by Noodle Software! :)

    ROM Download Link:
    Do not make mirrors or download from anywhere other than NoodleSoftware.com!

    OPTIONAL ROM Add-ons:
    Do not install any ROM add-ons unless they have been adapted to work for Velocity by me and are located in this post. Velocity now requires special adjustment for nearly all add-ons. To request something to be adapted, please PM me.

    -Android Stock Theme
    Don't like the new Velocity theme? Flash this just like you would flash a kernel. Do not apply over anything other than Velocity stock theme!

    -Baseband Version VS740MVB.5210.1015: (new radio.img)
    Flash this just like a kernel. You must reboot into recovery once more after installing to wipe your cache.
    *Only flash once! I cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your device by flashing this!

    -GNM Overclock Kernel:
    Download Version Adapted for Velocity V0.3

    -GNM Turbo 4:
    Download Version Adapted for Velocity V0.3 (with kernel)
    Download Version Adapted for Velocity V0.3 (without kernel)

    Remember where you saw all of these options first.. ;)

    ENJOY! :D

    Have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions? Post them here! :)

    *Please do not "kang" anything from my work without my permission. Always remember to give credit where it is due. I work very hard on my projects.

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  2. mattgaitan

    mattgaitan Well-Known Member

    YAY thank goodness, ill be installing this in a few!
  3. d0nd0n

    d0nd0n Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much, download just finished and will be flashing.

    Does the Apps2SD feature require a class 6 SDcard? I think the one included with the phone is a class 4 and I read somewhere that it requires a class 6.

    If I format my SDcard to ext3, Windows will no longer recognize it, correct?
  4. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

  5. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    It's best to have a class 6, but it will work with lower class cards as well.
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  6. d0nd0n

    d0nd0n Well-Known Member

    Will Windows fail to recognize my SDcard via the USB cord if I format to ext3 for the Apps2SD feature to function?
  7. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Nope. It will still see it.
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  8. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    Everything is so far working very well. Thanks again. :)
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  9. d0nd0n

    d0nd0n Well-Known Member

    Flashed and working well so far.

    Thank you so much!
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  10. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    I did notice one thing just now. With the flashlight app if you close it by clicking home the front LED will still blink but if you exit it with the back button it will stop blinking.

    Just wanted to throw that out there.
  11. warttack

    warttack Well-Known Member

    Sweet!!! Thanks Trident
  12. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    "-lwp remove or restore Live Wallpaper apps"

    This script appears to have a type in the mount command. Have to type "sys -rw" first to mount the drive as read-write.
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  13. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    I would like to recognize this a a bug. I will be releasing a bug patch in the near future.
  14. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

  15. skater95

    skater95 Well-Known Member

    Trident, another amazing ROM. Thank you, but this one is short lived.. but it was worth re-rooting for a night!
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  16. GRZLA

    GRZLA Well-Known Member

    All previous releases I was able to download directly from my phone, a little let down that I am not able to do so with this version.

    Also, I will be releasing a theme for this within the next week or so if you aren't feeling the way it looks!

    Thanks for your hardwork Trident.
  17. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    I just haven't had time to put it in ROM Manager yet.
  18. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Just reboot into recovery and clear Cache and Dalvik cache as per Drellisdee's instructions DO NOT WIPE DATA
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  19. d0nd0n

    d0nd0n Well-Known Member

    Skype will not function.

    Keeps saying it can't connect to the cellular network.
  20. dvanlinton

    dvanlinton Well-Known Member

    is the link down? i cant go to the page..
  21. dumbteentarget

    dumbteentarget Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much! This is amazing! Just a few questions. So im running velocity .3 with the turbo 4 and i have my 16 gb sdcard partitioned. How do i install apps off of my sdcard wen transfered from my pc? i used to use thinkfree office. I tried using the terminal and found the files on my sdcard but when i tried running the .apk files, i got permission denied. The superuser app is allowing terminal su permission of course. How can i install these apps? Specifically, im trying to install setcpu downloaded from ppcwarez instead of paying for it.

  22. joeymogul

    joeymogul Active Member

    Which ROM are you using?? Did you go back to V.2 ??

    I miss the transparent status bar but needed the APPs2SD so this is a winner so far. At this point, all my APPs are redownloaded and working perfectly. Google Voice has a bug that the first attempt doesn't play the voicemail through the speaker phone. GPS still seems to take about 4 minutes to find me, but that's not a Velocity issue.

    So far so good Velocity...thank you
  23. dvanlinton

    dvanlinton Well-Known Member

    is it just me or what? i cant seem to download any of the links.. its telling me the page is down..
  24. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    All of the links are working for me.
  25. ImageJPEG

    ImageJPEG Well-Known Member

    I restored back to Velocity 0.2

    0.3 ran a bit hotter on my Ally and seemed a bit quarky...
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