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  1. dumbteentarget

    dumbteentarget Well-Known Member

    ok so i have everything working well when i first load the velocity 3 rom... I then proceed to partition the sdcard using drellisdee's recovery and a bunch of applications dissapear including flashlight and i notice calculator doesnt work. am i partitioning wrong? or should i partition the card b4 i flash the velocity rom?

  2. DoctorZaius68

    DoctorZaius68 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if there is a way to keep the corporate calandar and corporate directory apps? I use those for my business.

    Please advise.
  3. motorsport226

    motorsport226 Well-Known Member

    Any chance v0.3 will be making it to ROM manager?
  4. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    My Youtube widget is gone after the v0.3 upgrade. I haven't checked the market for another but I sure did like the v0.2 Youtube player.
  5. Math-Uhhh-Saurus

    Math-Uhhh-Saurus Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :D
  6. bamaredwingsfan

    bamaredwingsfan Well-Known Member

    Question. I will be installing both rom and radio update, do i do the radio 1st or the rom 1st? Or does it matter?
  7. darkxsun

    darkxsun Well-Known Member

    There are links to them in the first post. Put them in /system/app, don't try to install (at least, it didn't work for me, pushing into /system/app did).
  8. DoctorZaius68

    DoctorZaius68 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I am a newbie to all of this...Would I load all of the files from the ZIP into /system/app?

    Thank you for your help and patience.
  9. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    That shouldn't matter. Personally I would do rom first, not boot into it yet, then do radio, but shouldn't matter either way.
  10. mattrb

    mattrb Well-Known Member

    Please answer my question Trident,

    How do force apps to go on the internal storage and not app2sd. For example live wallpaper, hand cent, or dialer one.


    Have a good day
  11. Matthewisbomb

    Matthewisbomb Well-Known Member

    O my this is so nasty
  12. chevyrado14

    chevyrado14 Well-Known Member

    love it!
  13. dvanlinton

    dvanlinton Well-Known Member

    where is the droid video player at... when i go to my unstaller i see it for me to unstall it but i dont see it in my app drawer..
  14. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    With APPS2SD enabled, it will automatically copy ALL apps to your SD card. With APPS2SD disabled, ALL apps will be on your device memory. You will have to disabled APPS2SD in order to have any applications on your internal memory.

    If you want to have select few apps on your SD and some on your internal memory, you will have to wait for Froyo. I am looking into porting Froyo, with the help of Trident, but there is no guarantee it will ever happen from us. LG says they will have some news for us by the end of October. Whether or not that's a release or just an update about when it will be released, who knows?
  15. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have Youtube problems?
  16. justin153

    justin153 Active Member

    Cant tell you how awesome this is, went from linpack of ~3.5 stock to scoring over 8.

    Donation made, keep up the good work.
  17. blay

    blay Well-Known Member

    mmmm, Velocity .3 goodness. I just have a quick, rather unrelated question. Are there any threads, articles, or just general discussions on the "security" of custom roms and things related. Are you any "less secure" when using a custom rom rather than using a stock phone?

    I'm fairly new to smartphones, and worry that like computers, there could be some security risks w/ as much as the phone can "connect to the outside" w/out the user really knowing. Just looking for any good reads on this, if there even are any.

    On topic, running .3 and so far, very stable. Really appreciate someone (as it seems LG has moved on) that will take the time to make the Ally bearable. ;) Good stuff Velocity & crew. Thanks again.
  18. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    Here is your biggest risk:

    This ROM is a package of modified software built by someone you don't know. He told you what he put in it, but you didn't disassemble it to check what's actually in it. There could be keyloggers, virii, trojans, etc etc etc etc in it. You would have no idea.

    That's the worst case scenario. Very unlikely, especially this popular of a ROM.

    The less severe issue, you're not going to get to install stock ROMs as they come available. If a serious security issue becomes apparent, you will not be able to install it without checking forums to make sure its safe to install over a hacked ROM. So there may be a slight delay in getting to use the latest security patches.

    Otherwise, it's pretty darn safe. I wouldn't be installing it if it wasn't.
  19. darkxsun

    darkxsun Well-Known Member

    There are specific links to the apps he removed. Grab the one you want and put it in /system/app. It's what I did for LG's ClockWeatherCalendar.
  20. mattrb

    mattrb Well-Known Member

    thelostsoul, you never answered my question. I phased my question with the knowledge that all apps will go to SD card.

    The question is, how do I temporarily turn off app2sd so I can put apps that should not be on the SD card such as live wallpapers, handcent, and any other background apps such as google voice.

    The darktremor guide on xda gives two commands reinstall & remove. I want a command that is more versatile. Something that can put some apps on the internal memory and some on the SD card. What is the commands for this because reinstall & remove push all apps to either place. Tell me if I interpreted this guide wrong or if there are other commands.
  21. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    What I'm saying is, it's one or the other. Apps2SD lets you either have ALL of your apps on your sd or all of your apps on your device memory. It does not let you pick where to put individual apps at all.
  22. mattrb

    mattrb Well-Known Member

    My buddy has a Nexus One with Enomther's TheOfficial Nexus1 - v2.12.4 and that has darktremor. The spare parts app turns on darktremors script. I can put apps on it and then activate the darktremor. The apps on internal will stay there. I don't think you are correct. I hope that Trident responds.

    Please trident, can you answer my question from my earlier post. Link.
  23. dumbteentarget

    dumbteentarget Well-Known Member

    I did this with backup assistant and everytime i try to restore my contacts, i get a popup window that says "the application Backup Assistant (process com.fusionone.android.sync.baclient) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

    I get this error message when i tried installing BA from the market and had the same error message so thats why i tried pushing it to /system/app.

    Is this a bug in the system?

    Or does anybody know if its possible to take all my contacts that are backed up with backup assistant and back them up to my google account? It seems that all the contacts are mingled together in the contact list, but they dont share contacts between the two accounts.
  24. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    That's a froyo build. Read the rest of my post. Android 2.2 supports it natively anyway. Android 2.1 does not. Apps2SD moves the data portion for applications to the sdcard. Therefore, all applications must either be on the sdcard or the device memory.
  25. Matthewisbomb

    Matthewisbomb Well-Known Member

    I have had no problems with this ROM thus far. This is a very nice improvement from Velocity V0.2. LOVE IT!!
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