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  1. mattrb

    mattrb Well-Known Member

    Firstly, froyo app2sd is utter garbage compared to darktremors script, I dont know if you know that. Froyo app2sd does not completely put the app on the sd card. Even with the froyo ally, darktremor should still always be used. I saw apps still on the data portion of the internal nand and not on darktremor when it was turned on on the nexus one. I may be wrong but it would be great to find someone that could give me a definitive answer.

  2. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    I asked Trident last night. He said no.
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  3. mattgaitan

    mattgaitan Well-Known Member

    Hey Trident, I'm not too sure why but Velocity V0.2 and V0.3 run worse than stock ZVB on my phone. With stock ZVB i rarely have lag, but with V0.2 and 0.3 it just seems slower and lags more. Any ideas?
  4. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Because of all of the features combined with the less than stellar hardware.
  5. Hey Trident thanks for the amazing ROM :)
  6. acura2g

    acura2g Member

    Can't install Velocity .3

    Starts and a little after I get this:

    E:Can't chown/mod / system/xbin
    No Such File or Directory
    E: Failure at line 84
    Set_Perm_Recursive 0 2000 0755 0755 system:xbin

    Any ideas?
  7. fltblkvic

    fltblkvic Well-Known Member

    How did you do that? I loved the LG Clock and Weather widget and was sad when it wasn't included but if you found a way to do it, please I'd love to know!! Thanks
  8. imo just download FancyWidget it comes with the HTC Sense Clock and weather

    btw flt thanks for the velocity for dummies
  9. fltblkvic

    fltblkvic Well-Known Member

    Oh well I mean have "Beautiful Widgets" installed and the weather/clock app that comes with that is nice, but it comes with all sorts of other nonsense that I don't need or use. I figure that widget came with the phone so it should work well. I mean I guess I don't need it since well, I mean who cares, it's just I saw an opportunity and figured I'd jump. As for the V0.2 For Dummies, thanks, I'm just glad it helped. I think I need to update to V0.3 and repost, don't you think? Man I'm lazy!!!:D
  10. fltblkvic

    fltblkvic Well-Known Member

    First things first. You need root access for a detailed list of instructions check here: How to "root" the LG Ally
    An easier way of doing this is by getting "universal androot" from the market.

    Next you'll need an application called Rom Manager, this is available through the market.

    Once you have root and have Rom Manager installed it's fairly easy.

    1: Flash Clockwork Recovery in Rom Manager
    2: Once flashed make a back up, make a back up, I can't stress it enough, make a back up!!
    3: Using your computer download Velocity 0.3, here's the link: goo.gl/VnXo
    4: Once downloaded move to your phones sd card, don't put it in any kind of folder, just leave it in the root directory of the sd card (ie. e:/velocity_v0.3_release.zip where e: is your sd card)
    5: After it's been copied to your sd card go back into Rom Manager and select Reboot Into Recovery, this will reboot your phone into recovery mode.
    6: Using your physical D pad with the keyboard slid out, select these options, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, advanced, wipe dalvik cahce.
    7: Next you hit the back button on the keyboard and select from the recovery menu "install zip from sd card", select the velocity 0.3.zip file and watch it go.
    8: After it reboots and loads up, the verizon logo splash screen goes, then a cool new VELOCITY animation till it gets to your home screen, VIOLA, you're now running Velocity 0.3.

    Hope this helps, let me know if there is a step I'm missing, I'm 99.8% sure that's that all you need though. :cool:
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  11. 4hed517

    4hed517 Member

    I've never heard of darktremors script and I've never had the privilege of using a Nexus. I did use Froyo on a G1 running cyanogenmod and I really liked the feature that you're referring to. What thelostsoul is saying is this feature is simply not available on this rom. Your LG Ally is not cool enough to have the developer support that the Nexus One has. I for one am thrilled that this Trident fellow has taken it upon himself to see that I get to tinker with my Ally just as I did my G1, and I intend to donate in the near future as a means to encourage.

    EDIT: This rom is Android 2.1, the enhanced apps2sd feature you seek is specific to Android 2.2 (aka Froyo)
  12. 4hed517

    4hed517 Member

    Are you running a swap partition? I haven't tried this rom with a swap partition and it seems noticeably quicker than stock. I know a class 2 or 4 SD card with a swap partition and/or apps2sd can cause lag. I'm currently using a class 6 SD card and running apps2sd and it still feels faster than stock.
  13. 4hed517

    4hed517 Member

    Sounds like a bad download? Re-download rom and start over.
  14. ImageJPEG

    ImageJPEG Well-Known Member

    Buzzybox does not work...I will try to load the widget but it tells me that I have to force quit it...thos happens every time I try to load the widget
  15. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    Just got it installed, very cool, thanks! Think I'm gonna run Velocity without Turbo for a few days cuz my battery life sucked when I ran that on top of V0.2. I did flash the new radio though. Anyway to verify it worked?

    EDIT - Dayum. Phone is SO responsive and snappy now.
  16. focker58

    focker58 Member

    Thanks a lot good rom. recommendation though for flashlight app flashlight LED from the market works on ally flawlessly.
  17. GRZLA

    GRZLA Well-Known Member

    I'm noticing when I flash your rom I have the "new radio img" and my software version says v8 still. I tried doing another fresh install to see if I just botched the first one with the same results.
  18. Thanks so much Trident for this once again amazing release. I have the OC kernel with the new radio image running and my Ally has never been so powerful. I will continue to watch for more of your releases and will spread the word to my friends with this phone.
  19. toolman520

    toolman520 New Member

    I got really excited when you mentioned a flaslight app that worked on the ally bu this one seems to be trying to tak a picture about every second or two. Keeps clicking. I will stick with the tasker widget I createdfor now.

    Ally running velocity .0
    W turbo OC 787
  20. spiritofjon

    spiritofjon Active Member

    I have .3 up and running and have a couple issues.

    A. The calculator no longer functions. Each time I try to access it I get a force close message. Am I the only one with this problem and if so how would I go about fixing it?

    B. v3 seems slower than v2. Using linpack I am scoring lower marks with v3 and turbo than v2 with the same turbo settings. Not only that but it just feels a bit sluggish. Did I do something wrong on install, or should we expect for this release to be a bit more sluggish?
  21. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    My calculator works? That's odd..

    And I agree.. it does appear to function slower. I'm looking into it.
  22. mattgaitan

    mattgaitan Well-Known Member

    lol so i wasn't crazy when i felt it seemed a lot slower.
  23. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    I actually just tried the calculator and mine also force closes.
  24. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    Calculator is working fine for me. I actually was getting the force closes with Velocity 0.2, but with the new 0.3 the calculator is back to working fine.

    V3 doesn't feel sluggish at all to me, I'm not even going to flash turbo on top of it this time because it's so smooth and responsive.
  25. Hey Trident, my market is acting up now, downloads initiate but then fail and will not allow me to download anything at all from the market, including updated apps. Any ideas as to why?
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