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[ROM] Velocity V0.3 | LG Ally | Fast | VZB | Android 2.1 | Stable

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  1. RobDaBomb

    RobDaBomb Member

    Hello! I ended up getting launcherpro and now in the end LOVE IT compared to the lg home! I installed velocity and the turbo 4 and absolutely love my phone so much more now!

    ONE PROBLEM. I have HORRIBLE battery life now! I can't understand it! I have everything possible to reduce battery life on, even have setcpu running at 120mhz to 245 with screen off and brightness at 5%! Before velocity and turbo 4 i've had great battery life! Is there anything that I can do to help? Or any ideas? I know somebody said how their battery life improved, but mine did the complete opposite.

    thanks for any help!

  2. fltblkvic

    fltblkvic Well-Known Member

    My battery life improved but I didn't install the Turbo 4 GMN.
  3. I installed Velocity v0.3, GNM Overclock Kernel (Not the Turbo 4), and the new radio.img and my battery life improved, I believe it's the Turbo that killing your battery.
  4. RobDaBomb

    RobDaBomb Member

    well what exactly is different in the turbo 4 then just the overclock kernel? also i have never used launcher pro until now, so i wonder if its normal if it force closes a lot lol.

  5. joeymogul

    joeymogul Active Member

    Can Metamorph themes be used on V.2 or V.3??

    I see the warning regarding the original theme but is Metamorph dangerous??
  6. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    2 n00b questions (sorry)...

    1. I need Corporate Calendar and Directory installed for work. When I tried to download/install the aks from the OP, I get the message "application not installed". How do I install these??

    2. The main reason I installed this rom is for app2sd, but I don't see any options to enable this. How do I do this?

  7. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    If you have your sdcard partioned correctly the rom will take care of the rest. Just remeber your sdcard should be partioned before flashing velocity .3
  8. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    I followed the partition steps before flashing it. How can I check if it worked correctly?

    My internal storage read just over 100mb before I started installing apps and now it's under 100mb.
  9. Leogorath

    Leogorath Member

    That's covered in the FAQ for HOWTO: Partition Your SDCard for A2SD. If you don't want to click, here's the relevant bit:

    Essentially, as long as you don't see just "Placeholder" for the first ls command, and you do see a "/system/sd" partition on the df command, you're in good shape.
  10. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    So it doesn't look like my SD card is setup right, even after following the original partitioning steps.

    What about the apps that were removed? Why won't they re-install? When I go under 'about' the SW Version still says "VS740ZV9". Why is this??
  11. fastyz

    fastyz Member

    Launcher Pro is a great program. It runs very smooth and fast for me. I havent seen any FC issues with it.
  12. greenless

    greenless Well-Known Member

    So I ended up downgrading to V6, but I can't get rid of the clockwork recovery, so I can't install the V8 update. How do I move forward?
  13. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

  14. Gidieon

    Gidieon Member

    ummm what happened if the phone froze on the verizon wireless screen?
  15. Brian P.

    Brian P. Member

    V .3.................Rom Manager..................Please.
  16. relldotnet

    relldotnet Active Member

    I have a question. how do get get the LG Alarm Widget back? I still have the alarm notification, but i dont have the widget. and i cant install from the sd. or is there a way i can clear the alarm and notification from my notification bar? is there a script for this?

    Also any information on how the droid video player works would be appreciated. it doesn't show up as an app but i can see it via my uninstaller app...
  17. srozzman

    srozzman Active Member

    for the droid video player app, just play a video, and you will be presented with a choice of whether or not to use it
    relldotnet likes this.
  18. relldotnet

    relldotnet Active Member

    ^ But can i play vids from the sd card?
  19. srozzman

    srozzman Active Member

    yes. use a file manager, such as ASTRO (available in the market) to browse to the video and select it
    relldotnet likes this.
  20. ThePDW

    ThePDW Well-Known Member

    First of all, I'm really digging Velocity .3 Thank you, whoever you are! I can't imagine how much work this must have been. I hadn't heard of it before Saturday and after having some issues I finally got it working... I had to reset or flash or something like to get it there. So far it seems a good deal faster though at times it seems kinda slow and unresponsive for no reason at all, even when I have plenty of RAM free. I keep reading bits about a new radio.img and I've searched around to try figure out if this is something I need, but I can't seem to make sense of it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  21. djennings

    djennings New Member

    First of all, as with everyone else, I want to heap tons of kudos on Trident for Velocity ... awesome!

    I have installed the Corporate Calendar apk by following the instructions included WAY above. The "install" goes fine but when I try to run it I get a "pop up" message that says that the data is not in sync and asks that I wait (with the dreaded rotating arrow). This never seems to resolve. I've let it run for an hour and it never seems to "sync" ... anyone have this problem or any suggestions?

    Thanks to all

    ** UPTDATE **
    I just downloaded the Corporate Calendar and reinstalled ... works like a charm ... so who would have thought THAT would take care of it?
  22. mxc1090

    mxc1090 Active Member

    Hey Trident,

    Love the continuing improvements to your roms. It seems like your releases are on a bi-weekly schedule! Great work.

    Some things that I hope you take into consideration for your next release:

    1. Somehow fix the fact that you can't set full res (960x800) wallpapers w/o zooming & cropping (or using Wallpaper Set & Save)

    2. Possibly incorporate a new lockscreen?

    3. Default clock included?

    4. I like how your "Velocity" loading screen is looking better and better...keep up the development.

    5. Possibly turn GPS off by default (right after rom is installed)?

    6. Default LauncherPro?

    No gripes...just some suggestions. Thanks a lot Trident!
  23. cb3p0

    cb3p0 Well-Known Member

    im stuck at the velocity boot animation after i installed the gnm turbo 4 with the kernel
  24. mxc1090

    mxc1090 Active Member

  25. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Well-Known Member

    Is flashing the baseband necessary? Not sure what it does; does it improve the 3G or the Wi-Fi radio?
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