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[ROM] Velocity V0.4 | LG Ally | Super Fast | VZC | Android 2.1 | Stable

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  1. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member


    -VS740ZVC ERE27 Android 2.1 Base (credit to Google)
    -Fully Zipaligned, Deodexed, and OptiPNGed System
    -Init.d boot sequence
    -Full sysctl support using sysctl.conf
    -Custom Static Wallpapers (credit to RedFury, Vmanisme, Jedii, and Afteraffekt)
    -Tons of tweaks to increase performance and battery life
    -Google DNS for a faster and safer online experience
    -System Audio from the Droid X
    -Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans *Battery Saver*
    -Version Information In Settings > About Phone
    -Ads blocked by default in apps and browser
    -Optimized Native Process Manager *No need to use task killers*
    -Droid Boot Animation
    -Automatic Apps2SD - just make an ext partition on your SDcard and we'll do the rest! (More Information)
    -TURBO4 enabled by default for a faster and more optimized experience (credit to Getitnowmarketing)
    -Accel GPU included for improved UI rendering *Velocity exclusive* (credit to Getitnowmarketing)
    -Dalvik2Cache - the dalvik cache is automatically moved to the cache partition for more space in the data partition
    -Very fast and responsive!

    Apps Included:
    -Native Sound Recorder App (credit to Pete)
    -Spare Parts App (modded by Pete and Trident)
    -SuperUser (developed by ChainsDD)
    -Wireless Tether (modded by Getitnowmarketing)
    -Music Mod 1.6
    -Velocity Tips Widget
    -Terminal Emulator
    -Droid X Live Wallpaper
    -Droid X Video Player
    -Droid 2 Live Wallpaper
    -Astro File Manager
    -Google News and Weather App
    -Improved Google Car Home App
    -Quick Boot
    -Google Maps

    Tools and Utilities:
    -Nano Text Editor

    Scripts: (credit to Savoxis, Delocated, and Pete)
    Need help using scripts? [HOW TO] Using Scripts
    -a2sd check and manage Apps2SD
    -ads show or block ads
    -apps remove or restore various system apps
    -backup backup your apps and other important data
    -barebones strip your phone down to its barebones
    -color change the color of the date, time, and ERI banner
    -cpu Easily overclock your device without the need of a 3rd party app (compatible only with the included kernel)
    -cpuinfo view various information about your CPU
    -droidboot enable or disable the Droid boot animation
    -fixperm fix script permissions
    -godmode allows temporary editing of any file
    -ota enable or disable OTA updates
    -restore restore your apps and other important data
    -switchboot switch boot animation
    -sys mount system as read only or read/write
    -turbo enable or disable GNM's Turbo performance pack
    -usb enable or disable USB mass storage

    -Amazon MP3
    -Backup Assistant
    -LG Bookmarks Widget
    -LG Calendar Widget
    -LG Clock Weather Widget
    -LG Digital Alarm Widget
    -LG Dual Clock Widget
    -LG Home
    -LG Home Selector
    -LG Message Widget
    -LG Socialite
    -Visual Voicemail

    Theme: (credit to Google and Trident)
    -Nexus S Gingerbread theme
    -Transparent notification panel
    -Green progress/loading bar
    -Modified ERI banner to display "Velocity" instead of "Verizon Wireless"

    Custom Kernel: (credit to Getitnowmarketing)
    -Patched kernel from 2.6.29 to as thats the last .29 kernel.
    -Android staging drivers backported from kernel .32.
    -Backported lowmemorykiller from kernel .32.
    -Backport of idle time code from kernel .34.
    -Overclocked to max of 864Mhz.
    -Added deadline I/O scheduler as an option. Anticipatory is still default.
    -Added Interactive gov as option.
    -Ext 3 and Ext 4 supported.
    -Ipv6 supported.
    -Netfilter and xtables.
    -Tun.ko for Open VPN.
    -Swap enabled.

    -Developed largely in part with Savoxis
    -Wiping data, cache, and sd:ext is MANDATORY
    -File hosting provided by Noodle Software and mAndroid
    -Due the numerous speed and performance tweaks included in this ROM, your phone may not be able to overclock as high as it did previously

    ROM Download Locations:
    Noodle Software


    -Gridlock Custom Kernel
    This uses deadline as the default I/O scheduler, has netfilter support, IP tables, RNDIS/USB gadget support, swap support, and ext3/ext4 support. This cannot be overclocked and is for the few who cannot run an overclock kernel at 600Mhz. Flash this in recovery. You do not need to worry about wiping anything.

    -Android Stock Theme
    Like Android's stock theme better? Flash this in recovery. You do not need to worry about wiping anything. Do not apply over anything other than Velocity stock theme.

    -Baseband Version VS740MVC.5210.1015 (new radio.img)
    Flash this in recovery. You do not need to worry about wiping anything. If you have issues with the Android Market after flashing, boot back into recovery once more and wipe your cache.
    *Only flash once! I cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your device by flashing this!


  2. RageXicity

    RageXicity Well-Known Member

    Yay finally!!!
  3. Goonie21

    Goonie21 Well-Known Member

    Trident is DA Man. Velocity rocks as always!
  4. blay

    blay Well-Known Member

    Good stuff. Thanks.
  5. lightningdude

    lightningdude Well-Known Member

    So the MVC radio isn't included in the ROM? Do we reflash it if we've flashed it on a prior ROM?
  6. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to..
  7. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    The Radio is never included in with a rom as it is flashed separate from the rom itself. If you flash a new rom or even restore a backup your radio version should stay the same.

    So if you flashed this radio update previously, there is no need to reflash.
    lightningdude likes this.
  8. lightningdude

    lightningdude Well-Known Member

    You left a link to download the MVC baseband in the addons. If we already flashed the MVC on .3, do we need to reflash it on .4?

    Thanks for the clarification, savoxis.

    Love the ASCII art on the install, btw, Trident.
    Trident likes this.
  9. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Just want to give a shout out to Delocated for all the help he provided with making the scripts more dynamic and user friendly.
    Nemesiis, EZ-SKIPPY and Trident like this.
  10. Matt's 175

    Matt's 175 Well-Known Member

  11. bombay420

    bombay420 New Member

    anyone else having problems with the restore script?? I installed the rom with no problems, then ran the restore script and now it just keeps cycling on the boot screen. idk if its something I did or if its a bug?? The script I ran was the complete restore (restore -c), the restore said it completed then rebooted the phone, and thats when it started cycling on the boot screen. anyone able to tell me if i did something wrong? should I have just done the app restore?? any help is appreciated!
  12. AllyWonders

    AllyWonders Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the devs working on such great ROMS....and making this phone worth having great job ...
  13. Matt's 175

    Matt's 175 Well-Known Member


    Links are broken.
  14. ccsoccer03

    ccsoccer03 Well-Known Member

    the urls have (")'s in them. ex. http://"www. instead of http://www
  15. AndroidKris

    AndroidKris Well-Known Member

    I'm probably a little over excited about this, but I tried v0.3 and it made my phone lag like crazy. I was running Punisher 0.1, so I'll be giving this one a try and I'll update in the morning. :)
  16. bnitty

    bnitty Well-Known Member

    not sure what I'm missing but I don't see the download link just add ons
  17. LethalRise750

    LethalRise750 Member

  18. Robo1007

    Robo1007 Well-Known Member

    A few quick questions, we can still OC per setcpu but maybe not 729 or 748 MHZ pretty excited to check this out!
  19. FuzzYRptRPuP

    FuzzYRptRPuP New Member

    i installed the new .4 velocity root. I love it already. but i have a problem. My home button doesn't work anymore after i booted
  20. bombay420

    bombay420 New Member

    well, after re-installing the rom and choosing not to run the restore script again, I must say that velocity 0.4 is EXCELLENT!!! I have not reinstalled setcpu and have had no problems with speed or lag. Trident, kudos again to you and all that help with the development of velocity! Definitely cant wait to see whats instore for velocity 0.5!!!
  21. Goonie21

    Goonie21 Well-Known Member

    You don't need setup cpu you can run script from terminal emu.
  22. jrock204657

    jrock204657 Well-Known Member

    Very nice work Trident! Extremely fast, easy to use, and reliable so far!
  23. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Very nice ROM - I like all the new scripts. Is there a script you can run to see a list of available scripts/commands? Thanks!

    Only 1 minor criticism - the default wallpaper is UGLY !!! First thing I changed. LOL!
  24. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    My home and send keys don't work. I also see there's no power button airplane mode either. Love the ROM otherwise. Though with two defunct buttons and no quick airplane mode I'm going to have to switch to something else.

    Edit: no slide to unlock either...
  25. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    Might need to re wipe everything and re-flash. All buttons work fine plus the power button options work for me in my testing.
    Valkerie likes this.
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