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  1. x-amp

    x-amp Well-Known Member

    I honestly can't tell what its for but don't disable it or your signal gets lost instantly

  2. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Script Update 15

    So I got a call from Comcast Securities this morning... Apparently they frown upon uploading more than 500gigs in 7 days. Since my home server (awesomazing) has become compromised I have decided to move the OTA server to which is a RackSpace Hosted Gentoo 10.10 box with a 10MB connection. So it should be allot nicer for you guys.

    To switch to the new server all you need to do is Update to v15. I will keep awesomazing up as long as comcast will let me, hopefully there isnt service interruption anytime soon.

    • New Server, Quicker, Safer, More Expensive than the one before.
    • Added version number to main menu!
  3. Morte

    Morte Member

    Just an FYI

    Been trying to determine my problem with Charging for the past week. Basically phone will not charge while plugged into a USB port. I tinkered through possibly apps that are running and such as well as the CPU governer. Phone seems to not only draw more power when plugged into USB but would actually decharge at a rate faster than normal usage would account for. Even on a freshly installed Velocity laydown.

    Solution: Install the LG USB drivers. Why? don't have a clue, but my phone refuses to charge off of ANY USB port on a system without the LG Drivers installed. Wall chargers would charge it, just not USB.
  4. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Seems like the issue may be related to USB tethering -- on it.
  5. noodleinjar

    noodleinjar Member

    **** I THINK ITS BOOTLOOPED! WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO?!?! It just keeps saying lg then velocity. I wiped when to backup and restore then hit backup then I wiped data and cache. UGH PLEASE PM ME SOON IDK WHAT TO DO.
  6. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Well-Known Member

    First calm down, second go to the ally irc channel and someone can help you there right now.
  7. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Script Update 16

    I felt guilty making a release that was just a server change, so I threw in some toys for you guys to play with:
    Version 16:
    Added Stagefright Toggle
    Added LCD Density Changer
    Added Used Space Checker

    with the density changer: anything over 400 is pretty much unusable, might be good for blind people, I tested and you can still get to terminal to switch back, same goes for low, I whent down to 100, very small. If for some reason you adjust it too much to either way, you can run the script from a adb shell and set it back down, generally you will be ok from 150-300
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  8. PuNN-

    PuNN- Active Member

    Does the Stagefright Toggle fix the problem some of us are having with choppy out-of-sync camcorder playback?
  9. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    Try it out, might need a reboot to stick, only made sure the settings where persistent.
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  10. CallitCaptive

    CallitCaptive Member

    Hey can someone help me out... the link for velocity 1.0 doesn't seem to be working.
  11. Darkangels6sic

    Darkangels6sic Well-Known Member

  12. Afteraffekt

    Afteraffekt Well-Known Member

    Why don't you guys add the Stock 2.2 Theme the script?
  13. socobandit

    socobandit Well-Known Member

    Question...what does the odex rom script do? Will it free up more memory?
  14. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    Probably due to the usb driver subsystem change I did. On linux this is not an issue but I didnt develop under windows.
  15. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes. Odex is the opposite of deodex. The stock lg rom is odexed and the java classes.dex are contained in an odex file. Deodexing allows theming but the side effect is the classes.dex are placed into the apk. On first boot or wipe of dalvik-cache on a deodexed rom these classes.dex are unpacked and optimized into the dalvik-cache and take up some space there. Using the odex script on velocity will re odex all the apks in system and will give you ~ 33mb more free space on /data partition at the cost of not being able to install any themes that alter the system apps after the point you odexed. Framework is left deodexed on velocity FYI.
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  16. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    On windows greater than xp or linux no additional drivers are needed for rndis wired tether. Xp users have reported that upgrading to sp3 has the drivers included.

    Id like a xp sp2 or less user to try this for me.

    Download and install active sync 4.5. Yes this is for windows mobile but contains the driver you need. Download details: ActiveSync 4.5

    Plug-in phone and activate the wired tether.

    When its asks you for the driver generic RNDIS driver, you can choose the place of this driver (don't choose automatic).
    Then point the "Find New Hardware" wizard to the directory location :
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\Drivers
  17. chevyrado14

    chevyrado14 Well-Known Member

    i already upgraded to sp3 and it works awesome now thanks for the info maybe it will help someone else.
  18. socobandit

    socobandit Well-Known Member

    is there a script to deodex the rom if i decide to theme later? or will i have to reflash to get back to deodexed?
  19. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok so I was one of those curious people who flashed velc. 1 via ra recovery with eclair. Course it didn't work. Just flashed velocity and lg. So I flashed back to velc 0.4. But now every time I go into ra recovery. The velocity logo appears. That suppose to happen or a side affect of doen somtin u were told not to do? And another question. Why can't the ota command be installed on velc 0.4 to install v1 on a eclair device? Wouldn't that work since verizon can do it. Y can't we? An attempt to install 2.2 on allys via custom command?
  20. EpicFailz

    EpicFailz Member

    ok almost evey post you have made on this site is looking for an easy way to stay rooted and move to 2.2.1. The steps are not really that hard. It took me about 1.5 hrs to do. All the time you have wasted with asking how to do this easier and you could have been done by now. You wont brick your phone just do it.
  21. Fishndad

    Fishndad New Member

    Just curious, this is more a question than a reply. I have the same issue since version.04 that I can only charge when connected at home and not at work on my work pc. When you install drivers, does the drivertell the USB port to "up" the voltage? I was thinking that normal usb ports put out a little over 3 volts but the battery needs more or actually it does discharge? Further note, my co-worker has the same problem... completely different phone all stock. If this theory is correct then people can understand the importance of installing the correct drivers.
  22. fltblkvic

    fltblkvic Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with Epic on this one, there really isn't an "easy way out" of this one. You have to remember, if there was an easier way to get the 2.2.1 update while maintaining Fastboot and Root Access, I'm sure they (Trident, Getitnowmarketing, and Savoxis, the brains behind this Rom) would have revealed that information by now instead of just directing people to the http://androidforums.com/ally-all-things-root/263285-guide-froyo-2-2-1-root-users.html link to get there. There is a "One Click Root Method for Froyo 2.2.1 on the LG Ally" but you won't get the benefits of doing it the long way. These guys have put a lot of effort into coming up with this method and have had much more feedback since the day that post was released, so it's a much better method now. If you still can't seem to get over your fears about updating check this out: http://androidforums.com/ally-all-things-root/263819-my-guide-froyo-root-update.html. It's a method that a lot of people who seem to be afraid of Tridents complete method have tried with success and relative ease. Give it a try, if you get stuck or have questions there always the freenode Web IRC (qwebirc) avenue. The people who built this rom along with other Android experts are there chatting in realtime to help with this exact kind of thing. Good luck amigo, I hope all the best for you and your quest for Ally Greatness! :cool:
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  23. PuNN-

    PuNN- Active Member

    To answer my own question, yes it does.

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  24. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    At this time no. Its a possbility but we will need to change some of the odexing method. Reflash to go back to deodexed.

    Velocity comes with a Velocity splashed ra recovery but is the same as the latest version I have on rom manger in every other way. Only the stock recovery can flash the updated radio needed to run froyo roms. All flashing radios that we did on eclair with a custom recovery (Ra or Clockwork) was just a placebo. That's why you have to follow the upgrade to froyo method. If thats not something you want to do maybe stay on eclair or stay stock.

    As a whole most phones require usb drivers to be able to usb charge. Usb mass storage should be no drivers needed however. I have it set in kernel on velocity to usb charge at 500mah.
  25. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    so in this case once I find a theme I like I can odex the rom and save same space. if I feel I need to "go back" I can restore a nandroid right./ or reflash
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