[ROM][Video]NEMESIS TWO Final[codename~TITANIUM](JELLYBLAST v4.2)for SGY (GT-S5360) Only

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  1. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member


    Introducing : Nemesis Two.
    The best ROM EVER built for Galaxy Y.

    With superb themes, revamped UI, a brand new Launcher, Android 4.2 status bar and the fastest kernel out there, it

  2. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    OTA Updates...!!!

    1.New Improved Status Bar
    >Much Improved and Faster
    >Most Black on Black Fixed
    >Improved Dialer,Contacts,Phone,
    >Improved MMS+Fixed Bugs
    >Fixed Nemesis Booster FC
    >New App to Change the Owner Pic and Name Without Decompiling

    Download:Dev-Host - AC.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

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  3. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Known bugs and FAQ:

    1. Mobile network not working.

    Reset your APN.
    Go to mobile data -access point -press left button -reset to default

    2. Settings app has weird titlebars
    Hehe, sorry about that, that's a graphic error, will fix soon.

    3. Some options in Nemesis Hub force close.
    Again, that's something developer is fixing, expect an update soon.

    4. I hate colors.
    Well, it's time to try out something fresh and new. Otherwise try out the thousands of other roms that,unfortunately, look the same.

    5. Nice Rom! Smooth and fast!
    Well Credit goes to developer!

    6. Can I use xxxx kernel?
    This Rom is kernel free, so use any kernel you want. In case of Kernel issues, clarify with the kernel dev.

    7. XXXX app is isn't working!
    Ask the developer of the app.
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  4. xdavidx

    xdavidx New Member

    the best galaxy y rom ever....the only problem is that wi fi doesnt connect...plz fix that :)
  5. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Wifi Fix : dhd-stock.zip


    1.Download Stock WiFi driver
    2.Go for cwm by madteam
    3.Mount system (it should display as UNMOUNT after mounting)
    4.Install zip from sdcard

    No Need 2 Say Thanks!!! Just Press It.
    it costs only 2 joules of energy and movement of arm muscles.;)

    Rate this thread ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ and share it to your friends too!!!
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  6. xdavidx

    xdavidx New Member

    good job man works now..thnx u the best ;)
  7. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Nemesis 2 on its way.....!!!
  8. voipster

    voipster New Member

    Hi, I
  9. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

  10. Mirshad

    Mirshad New Member

    Thankss a lott buddy..U have a great future :)
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  11. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member


  12. Stoplovin

    Stoplovin New Member

    i have Nemesis One with savie kernel!!
    do i need to flash stock rom and kernel before installing Nemesis TWO? or ill just flash Nemesis HD, Phoenix then Nemesis TWO?
    aside from the bugs that you've mention are there any bugs?
    are all BUGS is FIX now (June,2013)?

    FAST REPLY will be much appreciated!!
  13. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Mate, First Read the instruction properly . For flashing this rom first you need to flash stock rom first.then root the device.After that flash the rom as per instruction reboot then again flash the required kernel and reboot.

    Done :)
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  14. Stoplovin

    Stoplovin New Member

    OK thank you!! :D
    but bdw if i go to stock rom, can i directly install The Nemesis Two? (sorry for noob question, im really new in using SGY)
    and is Nemesis Two STABLE?
  15. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    If you go directly flash the rom gets boot loop. Also see the Known Issue section for bugs. Rom is Almost STABLE :D
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  16. arana

    arana Member

    Hi i just updated to what i think was latest OTA
    i first was on jelly blast 3.5, i noticed there was an update and it installed nemesis
    then there was another update, so i installed again, now it shows 2.5 hybrid holo edition
    now i cant use the settings application because it crashes i already cleared cahed/factory reset and now it wont even boot (boot loop)

    process com android settings stop unexpectedly, please help
  17. jit patel

    jit patel New Member

    Hi i just updated to what i think was latest OTA
    i first was on jelly blast 3.0.4, i noticed there was an update so i download with OTA updater and then i click on install , i click on reboot option my phone updated, now it shows 2.5 hybrid holo edition
    now i cant use the settings application because it crashes pls help me..
  18. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    Did u guys noticed 1st step of Instruction ?? Its is clearly mentioned that before proceed to rom installation you must flash STOCK ROM FIRST & then Root and then flash.Updating from another custom rom will create problems
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  19. jit patel

    jit patel New Member

    how to install flash player in this rom?
  20. jit patel

    jit patel New Member

    how to install flash player in this rom?
  21. Rawhabbero

    Rawhabbero New Member


    I installed nemesis 2.5 hybrid-hole edition and I get the loop, how can I fix this? I know it's my fault and there are other with this, but please help.

  22. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    If you get bootloop then flash Stock rom first followed by root the device and reflash the rom again with correct procedure. :smokingsomb:
  23. vamsi96

    vamsi96 New Member

    Hey! im running nemesis 2.5..updated..
    the nemesis owner info force closes and doesn't let me select a pic
    and..the text is invisible when im typing in whatsapp (ive seen only this after the update)
    and this new update seems to be heavy on battery.

    -please fix-
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  24. zaenudin

    zaenudin New Member

    How to download flasing jb v4
  25. catrawalkar

    catrawalkar New Member

    hey can you please help me in wifi fix?? the link you provided seems not to be working..this rom is amazingly awesome but what i just need is wifi...please help me...:'( please guide me to download wifi driver..can contact me on catrawalkar@gmail.com

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