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[ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM (CM7) + Green Machine Theme

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  1. jonr76

    jonr76 Active Member

    thanks andy. i just dont understand why after two clean installs on 0820 and 0830, one phone worked perfectly and the other did not. in either case, i found a good work around. i am now using an aftermarket messaging app. what i love about it is it gives us alerts both audibly and in the notification bar whether data is enabled or not. on the stock messaging app, i could only get notification when data was enabled on my phone, as soon as data was disabled, the messages would appear but i wouldnt be alerted. now with the market sms program, i get instant notifications regardless of data enabled/disabled. so now i can leave data off all of the time and use wireless. my battery life is now excellent again. i only turn data on when away from wireless or sending or receiving a pic message.

  2. LeetMiniWheat

    LeetMiniWheat Member

    Hi, long time lurker here. Big thanks to Jerry, AOSP, Blarf, IHO guys, and others.

    Have a few questions though;

    1) Anyone else have to fight with their phone sometimes to get the screen to stay off? I press power/lock to turn off, and 5 seconds later it comes back on. usually happens a few times, though can't pinpoint yet when it happens or doesn't happen. (this time it happened while GMail was in foreground) have to troubleshoot more, but wondering if anyone else is getting it in case it isn't just me. had my screen on all night a few days ago because of this. (that time i had MOG in foreground)

    2) is it possible to switch to 1x/2G data mode to save battery on the Optimus V instead of staying in 3G all the time? Power Control Widget's 2G/3G toggle doesnt' seem to work. Hardware limitation?

    3) And speaking of data speeds, I typically get only 50-200 KBps with 3G on the Optimus V depending on signal strength, meanwhile on the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go device I used to get up to 1Mbit/s on a good day. Does Virgin limit speeds on phones? Or is this a hardware or software limitation? Would updating the PRL help? (Had issues getting the MSL code though)

    mind sharing what aftermarket messaging app you're using? and how exactly does it retrieve messages even with data disabled?
  3. brucecadieux

    brucecadieux Member

    I too had the screen problem, there is indeed a setting.

    Press the menu button on the phone.

    Select Edit.

    Drag the grey area until your desired screen shows.

    Then press the pin icon.

    That will set that as the default screen on the phone.
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  4. Guito

    Guito New Member

    Followed instructions on my first phone a couple of months back with no problems, the best rom ever! tried it yesterday and when I am done it flashes the LG and then goes to a blank screen (black but still lit up) and sounds like it loads completely. I can even get it to go to sleep and wake up but it is blank so I can't tell what buttons I am hitting. I can get this rom (aospCMod-OV-20110307-signed) to work but when I switch to yours, blank screen again. any ideas or tricks. The phone is the LG Optimus V.
  5. jack454

    jack454 New Member

    Sounds like your phone has the different screen. You need the build with a different driver. IHO-Purity-X (Xionia kernel) Go here and look down the page for the download and a link that explains why you have this problem.
    Hope you can see the link. Says I can't post them.
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  6. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Some times you can get a corrupt download, especially if you download using your phone because of the slower speed. Try downloading and doing a fresh install of the ROM and gapps,making sure you do all these things:
    1.wipe cache partition.
    2.wipe dalvik cache(advanced section)
    3.wipe data/factory reset.Now that your rooted YOU MUST NEVER USE THE FACTORY RESET IN THE PRIVACY MENU ON THE PHONE
    4.format boot,system,data,and cache
    5.go to install zip from sd card
    6.go to select zip from sd card,chose the ROM first. It will go thru the install procedure. When done go back to step 6. and select the gapps.

    Try waiting to install the theme,if you might like to,until after you have installed the ROM and gapps,and rebooted a couple of times.If you want to install a theme all you have to do is go into the recovery and wipe cache partition and dalvik cache,then do the same thing you did to install the ROM(theme must remain zipped)
    When you need to install an update to an installed ROM,all you have to do is wipe cache,and dalvik.

    To change the boot animation (must remain zipped) go to /system/media(make sure that you have changed permission of the system from r/o to r/w) and delete the boot animation found there. Then copy the boot animation you have on the sd card and paste it where the old animation used to be(on next reboot it will be there)

    If after doing this it still leaves you with the same problem then try jack454 Idea.

    You might also try this [FIX]Black screen with custom recovery and custom roms - Android Forums
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  7. OmensEdge

    OmensEdge Well-Known Member

    I'm currently having a problem with the latest build of this ROM. After I turn my phone off at night and turn it on again in the morning, there is an icon in the taskbar that informs me that my storage card needs to be mounted. This has only happened with this build and seems kind of random as it doesn't happen every single time.

    Any suggestions? Could this be related to an app?
  8. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    That happened once to me. Never again tho. I just figured it was just a glitch. Glitches happen so I left it at that.
  9. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    Here ya go. No problem, I'm lazy too!! :p
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  10. Guito

    Guito New Member

    Thank you guys, don't know what we would do without you!:)
  11. unknownsoldi

    unknownsoldi Well-Known Member

    I have a minor problem using my Bluetooth headset. When I turn on the headset it immediately places a call. I have to have Bluetooth disabled when I turn on the headset.
  12. jetfactor

    jetfactor Well-Known Member

    awesome! thanks so much. now i remember how i got to the problem in the first place, from messing around with that setting having no clue what i was doing. hahah.

    and for you, or anyone else...

    still learning about this Launcher... i feel like it's a completely dumb idea, but how do I change the default green color of the icons to something else, like blue? (not running green machine theme, btw)
  13. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    I use rover blue
    [CM7 Theme] Rover's Mix V.1.9 + Rover Wallpaper + Lockscreen & Animations [08 May 11] - xda-developers
    There's other colors too. You'll get an error about your screen size select use anyway I've been using out for months. It works with theme chooser, download the apk, install, open theme chooser, choose rover blue, your done. No flashing needed.


    My current setup
  14. unknownsoldi

    unknownsoldi Well-Known Member

    That theme looks cool. Does it also change the pattern lock? Also, we use MDPI for the Optimus, right?
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  15. pandacookie

    pandacookie Panda-riffic!

  16. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    Yes we use mdpi, I've never used pattern lock and am currently using widgetlocker.
  17. Frozen_Droid

    Frozen_Droid Well-Known Member

    Anyone with the latest build mind testing this for me? I'd like some feedback on it :3
  18. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    There's no point in running in 1x Mode, the data would take longer to transmit overall, so you use up more power. 3G idle takes almost no battery.

    It all depends on the signal and congestion of the network, the only throttling VM announced is in october for heavy users.
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  19. bafonso

    bafonso Member

    Does anyone know if this rom is supposed to work with bluetooth tethering? I'm interested in using wireless tethering for root or similar.
  20. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    Just used it no issue
  21. LeetMiniWheat

    LeetMiniWheat Member

    Thanks, though the speed from my optimus is much slower than the VM broadband2go device I used to own from the same location and presumably using the same 3G towers. And I haven't used enough to get throttled.
  22. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

    There's an option to create an update.zip in titanium backup (go to your app list in TB press the menu button, press more, scroll down, press create update.zip) and from what I understand it packs all of your apps into it, I'll try out my theory. And if it works, cool, if not, oh well.
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  23. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

    How do you know how. Much you have used, cause idk like to know how much I've used so I can be prepared for potential throttling
  24. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    They have apps like traffic counter in the market that will track that mine does pretty well.
  25. Frozen_Droid

    Frozen_Droid Well-Known Member

    You "used" it? Used what?

    My specific issue is that when you go to Facebook>Menu Button>Settings, the screen freezes, facebook crashes.

    Also , now I'm not receiving email notifications :/

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