[ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM (CM7) + Green Machine Theme

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  1. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    Here is my phone at 864MHz with smartass:

  2. unknownsoldi

    unknownsoldi Well-Known Member

    What's up with Blarf's recovery being CWM v4. and aospCWMod only being v3.2.0.0?
  3. bhasden

    bhasden Active Member

    Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this, but I've got a couple devices that my wife and my phone sync to via bluetooth. Since I've flash both of our phones with the same ROM, we've now got the same wifi and bluetooth MAC addresses and some of the bluetooth devices don't seem to like that. Is there any way to change the bluetooth MAC address?
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    What is your battery off charge time,and the temp at cold idle and after using in the heat of the day.
  5. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    wait.. You're actually able to run Quadrant at 864 o_O?? krazy!
  6. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    The info is hard to come by, unless one looks at the source code and comments included in there. From what I understand, it's based on interactive governor, but with a sleep profile, so when phone is sleeping, it wont' run faster than the min frequency (no need for separate Setcpu profiles).
  7. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

    i run on performance(825/480) all day, and i will try quadrant standard, just installed it actually(and global quadrant rank), so i will have my results(of both) up in a few minutes.
    testing 806 first, on both and then 825(and maybe higher, depending how my tests turn out).

    quadrant crashed half way through at 864 on performance. moving on to GQR at 864 on performance.
    - GQR crashed upon opening app.
    so im assuming that SMARTASS is probably better than PERFORMANCE(as in more stable at higher speeds). going to test(or at least attempt to) on SMARTASS at 864.
  8. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

  9. nitestalkr

    nitestalkr Well-Known Member

    I've got a few ideas for the next build.. some customization features for the desk clock/dock clock (whatever its called when you click the clock). I mean its pretty much the only thing that's lacking customizing features. If its not possible, or your not able to, that's fine. Its just a suggestion.
    (By few I mean just that one... seeing that it might bring up more ideas)
  10. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    Customizing the desk clock is normally done by replacing it with one that has customization features, or looks the way you want in the first place.

    That being said, I'm open to all suggestions, just don't be upset if it's not a priority. ;)
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  11. gdog05

    gdog05 New Member

    I'm not new to rooting hardware, or flashing or anything, but I will admit I was a little leery at the thought of doing so to my precious new phone. Turns out, it was pretty damn easy, and it turned out oh so sweet. I just wanted to thank you all for your posts and tutorials and for actually working on the ROM (Jerry). I feel like my inexpensive (and first smart phone) cannot be replaced by anything better. And I love that feeling.
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  12. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I just did what you wrote step by step and it worked fine for me. I have the 0831 build.
  13. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you format but I wound up formatting my SD card, repartitioning and then copying my SD card backup from my PC back to the card (I like to keep a copy of the SD card on PC for just such occasions). This seemed to do the trick for me. I reloaded all apps from TB with no issues.

    JerryScript: you are probably right about how many apps are actually not used. I have a bunch of large games on my phone and about the only things I use are Wordsmith, EnjoySudoku, and a few others.
  14. LeetMiniWheat

    LeetMiniWheat Member

    thanks but that didn't help.

    wifi drops a lot too on for some reason which I never had a problem with on aosp's. (but aosp had bluetooth and GPS issues) so I'm trying some of the other IHO builds (on BobZ's right now)

    I hope in time some of the bugs in Backside rom get worked out. but it did occur to me that they could be from Blarf or IHO itself. or some obscure configuration I'm using.
  15. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I went in and deleted those files (well, ones that were close in name - I see you changed that in a later post) and I did have audio with a short video I made to test. No audio before that. It is strange that deleting those two files would make it work. I wanted to get rid of the camera click anyway. Now I need to go back in and figure out which file is making the focus sound and delete it. Thanks.
  16. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    I use blarf recovery and only select format/wipe selection. It also wipes the SD partition.
  17. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    I don't even know HOW you can make this build better! LOVING IT!! ^_^
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  18. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    I switched to the recomended recovery for the IHO builds(asopCWMod v3.0.2.4) and I have not been experiencing the problems that I used to. asopCWMod might be doing a better job of wiping data(residual data will corrupt a new ROM or an update to an existing ROM,and cause the system to act all kinds of FUNKY)

    You problems are not with this ROM as there are so many more members that are not experiencing the problems that you are. You problems stem from the recovery not wiping correctly. I tried Blarfs recovery( He even mentioned it works with some "V"s but not for others) but it didn't work on my "V".

    I have not been having any problem with Bluetooth or GPS while using the asopCWMod recovery. You might have had problems with a previous build that had Bluetooth and GPS bugs,but all those bugs have been engineered out now.
  19. AmishFury

    AmishFury Well-Known Member

    anyone having problems with apps that use a shake to do something (shootme for example)

    i am completely unable to get shootme or screenshot it to take a screenshot with a shake of the phone... everything from the light shakes that worked on stock to shakes so violent i was afraid the phone might go flying across the room and nothing
  20. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    They just rolled out the s gb update. Will we be possibly seeing a new kernel in the new future. I also started getting the sound recording issues used the delete fix but I actually like having the click sound if possible to fix that it would much appreciated.
  21. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    So I purchased a 3600mAh battery from eBay (around $12 bucks from China) and I'm wondering how long the stock battery lasts for you guys on a normal day. I believe I remember getting 15-19 hours on stock but on this battery it's about 1 day and 10 hours. For 3600mAh, I was expecting much more.. so anyways, what's your guys' battery life? =]
  22. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    I grabbed that S Gingerbread, tossed it in my oven, tweaked it with some V sauce, and I have a semi-working port on my phone now, rooted and running smooth as butter. Everything is working except the phone itself and mobile data, due to the update having a new radio.img that I'm not willing to flash at this time. If you want a pure gingerbread Optimus tablet, it's a great port. If you want a fully functioning phone, it may take awhile. ;)
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  23. LeetMiniWheat

    LeetMiniWheat Member

    just an update here, I actually had more problems with BobZhome's ROM than BACKside ROM. (bluetooth pairing wasn't working, and I got the same screen turning back on issues) I'll continue to troubleshoot the screen issue, it may be an app I'm running.

    I've been using asop's ClockworkMod Recovery since june, whats the difference between v3.2.0.0 and v3.0.2.4?
  24. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    I'm not really sure,but, you could google it and go to the dev's site to see the change log(those things that were fixed or improved).

    I'm pretty sure I got version from this thread in the first post.
    It appears to wipe better. I have installed BobZhomes ROM as well and had to try to connect twice, but it did connect to my Bluetooth device.

    It is always better to get the newest version of something as bugs get engineered out with each new version.
  25. LeetMiniWheat

    LeetMiniWheat Member

    I agree, which is why I don't want to downgrade from to, unless there's known bugs in my version of aosp's clockworkmod recovery? the first post has aospcwmod 5/31/11, is that or I forget where I got my aospCWmod from, but I know it was back in june/july.

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