[ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM (CM7) + Green Machine Theme

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  1. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    Looks like it crashed attempting to download music, likely attempting to play cloud music. I can read and write code I've tried android coding making apps and I just don't have time or I would try to help with the roms.
    Edit: what's the odd second time stamp

  2. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Hey everyone. Would anyone have interest if i wrote a Linux script to flash the recovery to the phone? im talking about new phones, that have to have the other recovery mentioned in the OP here. I could have it in like 10 minutes if there is a want.
  3. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    That might be useful to new users...
  4. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Thats what i thought. I can only do it for linux and mac os x. If anyone wants to port it feel free.
  5. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    If you want to, I'll port it for Windows.
  6. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    That would be awesome, as i dont use windows. Im almost done with the script, im testing it right now.
  7. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    Cool. Just post it when it's done, I'll take it from there.
  8. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

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  9. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    FYI, look into ROMTools by mmarz, for Windows ;)
  10. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Good point jerry. I never use windows though lol. And WINE sucks. So i try to make my own linux tools ;)
  11. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    in order to keep my integredy around here ill stick with my phone
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  12. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Alright cammykool! Way to man up. I'm proud of you.
    If you need help with anything you just pm me, alright.
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  13. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    hey andy check out my first guide my phone still isnt rommed or rooted so i did it before i redid everything its in the normal OV area
  14. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Looks good.
  15. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    D'oh! Completely forgot about that! A Windows port would be completely redundant.
  16. roym6

    roym6 Well-Known Member

    ok i was downloading some music but i looked into the app and some permissions were revoked. fixed and thanks
  17. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member


    my best battery life time on backside so far
  18. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Well-Known Member

    What was your amount of time the display was on? I find that to be really limited.
  19. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    The only way I'd get that kind of battery life would be to turn all the radios off, then bury the phone in a kimchi pot in the backyard! :)
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  20. exProphecy

    exProphecy Well-Known Member

    +1 for kimchi reference!

    I've got a 3600mAh battery so I usually get around 1 day and 15 hours on average/above average use (no turning off data/wifi =D). At first, I thought it would malfunction or degrade since it's one of those generic Chinese batteries... but to my surprise, it's held up pretty well.

    Here's the cheapest version of it I can currently find ($12-$15):
    Extended 3600MAH Battery + Cover For LG Optimus S LS670 | eBay (from China)
    3600mAh Extended Battery + Black Cover for LG Optimus S U V LS670 | eBay (from USA)

  21. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the way I use my phone I really need to get one of those. Maybe come tax time.
  22. a11467

    a11467 New Member

    Hi all,

    I just got the phone a few days ago and completed the steps outlined in the guide, everything seemed to go well, phone was rooted, roms were installed, phone was then rebooted, green theme looked great, but for some reason I seem to have lost root access as part of the process and no longer able to gingerbreak it again to get root. So the phone seems to be working fine, but I don't seem to have root anymore.

    I tried to reinstall busybox but unable to install it. According to the superuser app it is granting super user status to apps that are requesting it, however they don't seem to be working e.g. astro when trying to install busybox.

    The same is true when using a ConnectBot or any terminal emulator, I get the prompt just fine, "su" command seems to go through fine, but I get permission denied when I issue simple commands like "ls", "pwd" and "cd" work, but that's about it, anything more fancy like "grep" or "which" fails with "permission denied".

    Interestingly I am not able to turn the device off any longer it simple reboots when I ask it to power off. Suspect this is related.

    Not sure what the issue is, or if anyone else has had similar problems. Anyhow, here are the versions of the rooms I used.
    - GingerBreak-v1.20.apk
    - BACKside-IHO-VM670-12162011.zip
    - gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip
    - GreenMachineTheme-12162011.zip

    Android version after flashing roms according to my phone is now 2.3.7 (used to be 2.2.2)

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  23. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Did you make a backup of your system in the recovery(this is called a nandroid backup)?
    If you did restore it. Then see if you have root by typing in su in a terminal emulator.
  24. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    Then pull the battery, hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Reboot, then...
  25. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Ooh Noo, I'm breaking up.
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