[ROM][WIP]CM7 Port for Vortex VS660

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  1. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    Code (Text):
    1. #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    2. /*
    3. * Your warranty is now void.
    4. *
    5. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    6. * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    7. * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    8. * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    9. * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    10. */
    ==== '''Developer: Blarf''' ====

    Builder: BobZhome
    Current Version: CM7.2.0RC0-VS660-BobZhome (12-2-2011)

    Description: Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: About CyanogenMod

    ==== '''People worked with/owe thanks to:''' ====

    Alex Zepeda a.k.a Blarf - For his great skills on developing for the Android.
    Steve Kondik a.k.a Cyanogen - Seriously? Do I need to state why we owe thanks to this guy?
    Koushik Dutta a.k.a Koush - For his recover.
    TyMiles2012 - For needed files and testing

    ==== '''What NOT working?''' ====

    • Camera

    ==== '''Changelog''' ====


    1. Sync'd up with CM: Now at 7.2 RC0
    2. Added: Custom carrier label *See Screenshots here
    3. Changed: System Font to Roboto
    4. Kernel v2: To many changes to be listed


    1. Sync'd up with CM
    2. Changed: Camera permissions
    3. Kernel v1.4: Eighteen minor changes


    1. Kernel v1.2: a) Removed: Building of unnecessary modules b) Changed: To Sprint's/Zefie's AMI304 driver


    1. Kernel v1: a)Changed: Setting in .config to match stock one


    1. Kernel v0.9: a) Reverted: Video Drivers b) Added: EXT 3 and 4 Support c) Removed: OC CPU Freq 864 MHz
    2. Changed: Camera Drivers to stock ones


    1. sync'd up with CM
    2. Kernel v0.7: a) Added: Bootup Default Max & Min CPU Freq b) Added: CIFS(Common Internet File System) module


    1. sync'd up with CM
    2. Camera: Back to stock(removed all tweaks)
    3. Kernel v0.5: a) Changed: Video Drivers to Novatek_Hitachi b) Added: Interactive Governor c) Added: Smartass Governor d) Added: Overclocking

    10-23-11: Initial release

    1. sync'd up with CM: Android version - Updated to 2.3.7
    2. sync'd up with CM: CM
    3. Removed: FM Radio
    4. Removed: all live wallpaper, but kept live wallpaper chooser
    5. Removed: 2 extra themes - theme chooser/manager is still included
    6. Removed: Bootlooder from Reboot/Recovery Menu
    7. Removed: all languages except English
    8. Removed: ADWLauncher
    9. Added: LauncherPro
    10. Added: New ringtone - "Somebody's Out There" by one of my favorite bands: "Triumph"
    11. Changed: bootanimation
    12. Kernel v0.1: Stock LG Vortex

    ==== '''Download Links''' ====

    NOTE: If you end up having issues, always go back and try wiping. Start fresh and see if things don't improve.

    NOTE 2: It'll take awhile for everything to settle down. Especially after installing gapps and syncing accounts. Give it a few minutes to settle and reboot a couple times. The system will speed up after that.

    Build 12/2: CM7.2.0RC0-VS660-BobZhome-120211.zip MD5checksum= 5045c824963c2d1b274fb50c9d9df5ac

    Custom Gapps(with old version of market): gapps-gb-20110613-BobZhome.zip MD5checksum= 336211d87495e440e46e6d1f5b37d4d7

    Latest Gapps: gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip MD5checksum= 1647897d8ac3efb04723d2ad2c361a3f

    ClockWorkMod Recovery: VS660_recovery.img MD5checksum= c358c55d56ae384aa7eb2dfcd9bc3f39

    ==== '''How Can You Help?''' ====

    All credit goes to Blarf(the Dev)...please donate to him for all the great work he has done.
    Donations to me are also welcomed.


  2. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Here's a video involving that screen animation lock screen problem we were talking about earlier. It wasn't easy to explain.

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  3. F4280

    F4280 Active Member

    Im going to try this
  4. F4280

    F4280 Active Member

    Quick Question if im on 2.2.1 and i flash this to 2.3.x is there any way i can go back to 2.2.1
  5. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Make a Nandroid backup on your recovery before you flash, which is one thing you should always do before flashing anything, so if you want to go back 2.2.1, you can easily recover to that Nandroid backup on the recovery.
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  6. F4280

    F4280 Active Member

    This is perfect but all we need is this screen animation fixed, i had success in theme chooser and applied lunar ui. And yea the camera i need that to lol but ill keep posted while you guys resolve the issues. Last but not least THANK YOU FOR BRINGING CM7 TO THE LG VORTEX :D:D:D
  7. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Glad to hear that! Once I get home from school, I'll get a couple logcats here to help with some issues.
  8. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Sometimes, settings refuse to save, they will check off, then when you leave, you'll notice that your settings didn't apply, so you go back and notice that your setting became unchecked, or all vice versa. This became a really annoying problem when it involved going into airplane mode and switching keyboards.

    Here are some logcats I recorded earlier, I'll try and get those settings issues logged later.
    These were logged with "adb -d logcat" If there are any other logging commands and what they do, let me know, I only know that one, and "adb logcat -b radio" for networking.

    Running the Camera.

    Locking and Unlocking the device a few times, for the screen animation issue.

    That's all I could get you for now. Maybe you'll catch other issues I haven't found when using the phone alone in those logs. If you happen to get another testing build compiled BobZhome, keep us all updated! ;)
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  9. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

  10. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    So how is performance compared to Froyo? anyone done any benchmarks? and WOW really happy for you all finally a CM7 Port haha gave my Vrtex to my bro a while back I would like to update it for him so please tell me how its running for you guys. Thank you OP.
  11. lesheifner

    lesheifner New Member

    This is great news.

    Like others, I'm going to wait until the camera works. I'm happy with disabling animation until that issue is worked out, but a working camera is unfortunately a must for me.

    I've literally been looking at every LG Vortex forum, every day for the last 6 months, and it's wonderful to finally get some more positive updates to this loathsome, despicable, embarrassing phone. I've been hoping that one day, either I'll get a new phone, or someone, like you guys, will make the LG Vortex, (again, an embarrassing piece of mobile trash, to be avoided by respectable consumers at all costs) somewhat decent.

    Efforts to turn this phone from the lowest Android common denominator to something usable are heroic. Cheers for that, and as soon as I can afford to, donations are in order.

    PS: "Your warranty is now void." Our warranty was void when we got this piece of tripe. With updates like these, the phone now has some value.
  12. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Just by using the phone after flashing, for the ROM's first initial release, it's definitely an improvement! Plus, the battery life also had an outstanding performance! After 11h 35m 18s, the battery was at 13% remaining!

    I also performed a full benchmark with Quadrant Standard and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed because of the fact that the device wasn't even overclocked!


    Way back with the old Breakneck Rom, I ran the device somewhere around 750~800MHz and the benchmark number was around 650! If we could get this kernel overclocked to that same number (I can't get it above 600MHz for some reason), I think we'll be able to break 1000 points!

    I think the Vortex is a great phone, people just don't know it's full potential. That's what we're trying to achieve here. ;)
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  13. Dreadlord12p

    Dreadlord12p New Member

    After I flashed this ROM I lost the Verizon mobile network. Please help me, Ive been waiting forever for cyanogen mod to be on the LG vortex. Please help.
  14. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Please re-read! I fixed a typo that would have been dangerous if followed!

    Download the zip file that's attached to this post, extract the build.prop file to the root of your SDcard, then use either RootExplorer or ADB to replace the build.prop file already in the /system/ folder in the phone, then change the permissions to rw-r--r-- on the new one. Once you've done that, reboot your Vortex, and you should have signal.

    What You'll Notice: When you get your signal, the Roaming indicator will be stuck, but 3G and Call and Texting strength will be shown in the notification bar and they both work. That's what the "Roaming Indicator" bug BobZhome was referring to in the topic's opening post.

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  15. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

  16. aperseghin

    aperseghin Active Member

    Ok here is a list of my current issues that hopefully will help.

    1)Tried installing swype and it worked once and then after a reboot, force closes over and over . (current solution is i purchased slide-it keyboard)

    2) MAJOR ISSUE -phone thinks it has a keyboard. When dialing *228 to update roaming or reprogram i get NO DIAL PAD, there are settings for physical keyboard so that's a dead give away that we have an issue here.

    3) random force closes (SPB Shell[legit copy], Gallery, Handcent, Messaging[settings page]) - not all the time just randomly

    4) cant overclock this kernel (would be nice to go up to 800mhz) or install AOSP Helper(used by JuiceDefender Ultimate)

    5) known issues (camera screen animations)

    Now for the GOOD

    Phone seems quick, battery life is better, major potential
  17. Dreadlord12p

    Dreadlord12p New Member

    Has anyone found a fix for the camera for the LG Vortex yet? I really need it.
  18. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    wow, nice, i might give this a go on my wifes phone. how to you return to total stock though? i mean the stock recovery & rom? ive seen no guides on how to do it anywhere.
  19. joshuazick

    joshuazick New Member

    Rooted stock rom- androidforums.com/vortex-all-things-root/261820-rooted-2-2-1-update
    Stock recovery- mediafire.com/?i1891y3o1uyunhu]recovery-dump-v.img.zip

    Absolutely love this rom, in the OP you said you used the stock kernel will the OC kernel that worked with 2.2 also work with this rom?
  20. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    1) make sure the keyboard is on phone, and NOT on sdcard
    2) will be fixed in next build...probably this weekend
    3) again make sure system & important apps are on phone
    4) OC will be in next build
    5a) I'm going to use different drives in next build to see if it helps the animations.
    5b) A logcat output from the mediaserver process when you try to use the camera would help pinpoint the problem.
  21. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    I installed this today on my phone and was overall very impressed. The ONE thing that is bumming me out is that Netflix won't play without lagging the sound behind the image. The latest version runs perfectly well on Android 2.2.2 even without overclocking but not in BLARFBREAD (it needed a name). I even tried the oc kernel by getitnowmarketing which did OC but did not help Netflix at all.

    Otherwise, I'm very impressed and expect to see even greater results in the future. Thanks!
  22. Dreadlord12p

    Dreadlord12p New Member

    Roaming indicator is flashing now and it wont go away -_-
  23. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Known issue.
  24. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Well, as cool as it was to be running CM7, I had to go back to my rooted stock 2.2.2 today. Lockscreen would NOT unblank for me, and I ran into several apps which I use most frequently that either would not install or force-closed when I tried to run them. Since this is a work-in-progress and I depend on my Vortex on a day to day basis, I'll wait a bit and let things develop a bit further.

    Thanks for all the hard work, BobZhome. I'll stay tuned for further developments! :)
  25. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    Updated OP with new build
    I'm not sure anything has been fixed/improved, since I don't own this phone to test on.
    Good feedback is very welcomed!

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