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  1. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    I believe that if any of the screens were removable, Isaac would of attempted to remove them. Though that red screen is his, I definitely think that should stay.

    As for the barcode scanner, The only reason why it worked at all on stock was because they pretty much had the rom "Trick" the phone into thinking it had auto focus. When In reality, It doesn't. I'd think in order to get this working you'd likely have to break something else. X_X

    Also, If you are trying to send a .PNG you'll have problems. For some reason it always gives me issues sending or receiving them. If not, Perhaps try MetrOFF again? I used it and I've send and received fine. :]

    I got one "Make more space" message once. Though it happened while I was downloading an app..I had more than ample space. I guess that is just a little quirk?

  2. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    I don't see it on there. Perhaps he'll put it up. It's available on the wiki though. :]
  3. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    That whitish grey sometimes just means that the theme is buggy. It won't actually affect it that I know of.
  4. Hottoddy

    Hottoddy Active Member

    Off Topic..:D What is the consensus on Launchers for my ascend? lp, adw, go launcher? something else?
  5. MoneyHoarder87

    MoneyHoarder87 Well-Known Member

    I use ADW Launcher EX, contrary to other peoples' opinions, it is fast and very customizable.It also had a "recent" update that has made it considerably better. I have tried the others but always come back to adw. I guess if you use any of them long enough you will have a fondness for it.
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  6. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Best one I think is just the one that comes with Cm7, The stock launcher. That one is the fastest and it does look nice.
    Though I'm using ADW for the options and personal touches it can give.
    I used to use LP, It was okay. I just got bored of the fact that it didn't have different app drawers like ADW does.
    Go Launcher was fun too but, I got bored of that too and when I was stock it FC a little bit.
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  7. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    I really liked Go Launcher on my LG, although I'm using ADW now because it came with the ROM and it seems more stable.
    The one thing I miss about Go Launcher is the scrollable dock drawer and the vast array of customizations.
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  8. Hottoddy

    Hottoddy Active Member

    Survey says....3 out of 3 lean towards adw for their current launcher needs!..:eek:)
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  9. Dsanders77

    Dsanders77 Well-Known Member

    ADW agreed. Best free themes, I use Opake and it looks awesome. Although the tinkered stock is pretty damn cool.
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  10. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Woah. I've never even heard of Opake. Tell me the features?
  11. Carlos1986

    Carlos1986 Well-Known Member

    I like the stock launcher that cm7 comes with, I was using launcher pro for a while, I was thinking about going to go launcher ex , the only thing I wish is that you could change how many screens you have in the stock launcher, I only use 3 of them
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  12. stamper

    stamper Active Member

    Question for Issac,

    On the Wiki you said that you had a new GAPPS for your new build (5212011) but you said it was temporarily down and to use the GAPPS you currently have posted.
    I was wondering if you had fixed GAPPS yet, and if it was built into the 5212011 build ? or will it be a seperate zip like the current GAPPS?

    I am going to flash the new build tonight and wanted to know if I should flash the GAPPS zip as well.
  13. one80bysummer1

    one80bysummer1 Well-Known Member

    He'll put them up when they're ready man...

    And GAPPS will never(?) be built into CM7...legal issues between the CM team and Google I believe.
  14. RunicMourning

    RunicMourning Active Member

    I'm a bit of a minimalist. I prefer Zeam. It's a good launcher. Runs fast even on stock Ascend.
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  15. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    when i use go launcher ex, i had the black glass theme and it was awesome, but for some reason launcher pro kept calling me back...
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  16. Vowalla

    Vowalla Well-Known Member

    Guys I just downloaded the newest cm7 build and I want to oc it to 748. Do I use the same zip that I used on 05142011 or it's not compatible?
  17. kaboomx

    kaboomx Well-Known Member

    no on the wikie it says to wait for the new one
  18. kaboomx

    kaboomx Well-Known Member

    "Do not flash the OC_748 package with this build! It needs to be updated firs"
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  19. Vowalla

    Vowalla Well-Known Member

    Thank you, just saved me from doing a big mistake o_O
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  20. muffintopped

    muffintopped Member

    When I installed the last three times (I keep trying, because it says this is missing), it says sd-ext is not found. Any ideas guys?
  21. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Dont worry about it ;) We all get that unless the sdcard is partitioned.
  22. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    and i get that all the time and no issues after flash has been success. :cool:
  23. kingjay2012

    kingjay2012 Well-Known Member

    Note: if you are with cricket metroff do not apply to you, metroff only apply to the metropcs users that have the ascend. Cricket users are ready to go, so just flash the build and gapps for the latest update.
  24. Deej029

    Deej029 Well-Known Member

    Good morning ascenders! 2 days ago I flashed CM7 05212011. Ever since then I am having issues with my music skipping. Did not happen when I was on the 0507 build (skipped right over 0514. figured aint broke, don't fix. lol) Anyway. Was wondering if maybe I need to change the speed of the phone? I am currently running at 710 ondemand. Honestly, not really understanding the need for OCing as I only play 2 games and use my phone as a music player on third shift. Although, the phone is a lot faster and more responsive. Anyway. Is there something I need to change? And if not, should I just flash back to 0507 build since I had no problems? TIA!
  25. rmoreaux1

    rmoreaux1 Member

    I just rooted my phone and installed cm7 yesterday. Everything seems to be working ok. I have a few questions. First I really liked the swype keyboard but cannot find it anymore. I checked the market and it does not have it listed. Is there a way to get swype back.

    Also I installed titanium backup but it says my phone is not rooted. I thought with the cm7 the phone is rooted. What should I do about a backup program.

    This is the first phone I have rooted so everything is pretty new to me thanks.

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