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[ROM][WIP] LG-MS870 Custom Rom Celia V.Beta

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  1. Bard

    Bard Well-Known Member Developer

    Basically this is GameTheory's Icy Spirit with custom Icons and Bootanimation.

    I was initially making Roms from scratch but it gave me too much trouble.. especially keyboard stopped working error garrr!!!

    So I just used his rom as base (permission acquired) then added UOT theme. Later I will add more updates.

    Work in Progress, so no download link yet (sorry :D)

    Special Thanks to
    GameTheory (Icy Spirit)






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  2. Bard

    Bard Well-Known Member Developer

  3. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

  4. skrapmetal

    skrapmetal Well-Known Member

    How is your batt icon working? UOT wouldn't work for me, I had to add them in manually. Apparently the battery icons are in SystemUI and uploading that file into UOT causes an error.
  5. Bard

    Bard Well-Known Member Developer

    Battery icons are working fine; both charging and discharging all work.

    When using UOT

    1) Select simple icons and try them first. I heard fancy animation ones don't work well with Motion and Spirit

    2) When submitting files upload make sure to submit below 3 files.
    framework-res.apk (/system/framework)
    systemui.apk (/system/app)
    and lge-res.apk (/system/framework) on com.htc.resources.apk field.

    So far this method work for me :)
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  6. NikeBoy42

    NikeBoy42 Active Member

    Sweet Cant Wait Till The Download Link...

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