ROMs built from leaked ICS (2231 or 2233) builds

  1. mahashel

    mahashel Well-Known Member

    I am loving the new ICS build (6.7.2233) on my Bionic. It is a Moto build, however, so it is consequently full of bloat. Any word on devs moving their ICS ROMs (ie: AOKP or CM) to the new semi-official Bionic ICS code base?
    I would love to see a tuned, bloat-free version of 2233 out there.
    Is this a possibility, or are folks (devs included) waiting for ICS to officially drop before work will begin in earnest?
    Release notes for AOKP and CM nightlies make no mention of the new ICS bits.

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member Guide

    Here are is a rom that are based off of the leak.

    ROM|ICS-LEAK| |CM9| |Unofficial| |NIGHGHTLIES| - DROID BIONIC - droidHIVE Forums
  3. fatpomp

    fatpomp Well-Known Member

    Check out this thread

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