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Roms for the ZTE Engage V8000 or LT(N8000)

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  1. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

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  2. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    Dude the links are broken
  3. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    Unleashed PrePaids is temporarily down as soon as there back up the links should be good ;)

    Sorry for any inconvenience ;)
  4. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

    So what's the difference between all three of them?
  5. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    Each link has info for that rom ;)
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  6. svz235

    svz235 Well-Known Member

  7. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    I've added a Stripped Mod for the Engage LT(N8000) as well!!!
  8. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest


    Well since these two engage models are so different and I will be updating the roms at diff times I've decided to split the Stripped Mod thread into two threads. One for each phone.

    I have removed everything in the Stripped Mod thread for the V8000 and will leave that thread up for the Engage LT N8000 rom only.

    The Engage V8000 rom has been updated and moved to a new thread found HERE
    if you have the V8000 you should check it out there's been lots of cool changes(check the changelog in the new post for the full list)

    Sorry if this causes any confusion or chaos for the Engage owners but I figure splitting the rom post will make things lots easier in the future ;)
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  9. Seaf0ur

    Seaf0ur New Member

    great rom.... works perfectly, clean, however, is there any way to make this rom to work with boost mobile instead of cricket?
  10. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    There's an engage for boost? What is your phone model number?
  11. dolfinluvr

    dolfinluvr Well-Known Member

    I tried to use the link to download the roms & it takes me to a site that asks for my credit card info. Is that where I'm suppose to be.
  12. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    All my links in the op here take you to that roms thread on UPP. And all the download links there I have posted are dev-host links so no you shouldn't be getting anything asking for credit card info ;)
  13. wilzard

    wilzard New Member

    This sounds great. I'm downloading now going to install on my sister's phone tomorrow.
  14. insomniac45177

    insomniac45177 New Member

    Can anyone in here help me?

    i have a cricket engage n8000. and like a moron while trying to root it i wasnt paying attention and put a v8000 on it i think. but now i have no camera no wifi and other features. also if my screen shuts off then it turns white with colored lines through it when i turn it back on. recovery isnt an option i dont think, because when i try to boot into recovery i get the same white screen issue and the phone restarts. i need help bad.
  15. d3vroid

    d3vroid New Member

    Did you fix this yet?
  16. 21ST24

    21ST24 New Member

    Email hola soy nuevo y soy de El Salvador hablo solo de espaƱol nesesito de su ayuda Tengo un ZTE
    Cricket Engage LT
    N8000 y desearia liverarlo yn se como Porque No me reconose ningun sim

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