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  1. With all the available roms, id like to know what are the pro's & cons of each, such as features, apps, and flaws, and "why" do you feel one rom is better over the other. Please be detailed, not just "this rom is the best".


  2. NovaFox238

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Pros and Cons.... hmm... Well here goes my ... erm... 2cents? It might not be Pros and Cons really, but atleast you get the jist, sorta... lol

    - My opinion, could be one of the best ROMs out, but heading in the ways of AOSP-like, theres lots of bug fixes (as well as other ROMs below, which are heading in the same direction, same bugs, etc...) EIther way, great ROM, fast, great battery life. Has ability to enable JIT. Also comes in 2 versions, odexed and deodexed versions. I personally had a few problems backing up my apps using Titanium Backup, but im sure it will get fixed in later versions.

    - Basically, this ROM runs "Froyo-life" due to the launcher and OverClock capabilities. You can flash a custom kernel to boost the performance. Bad thing is the cameras break when you OC. Otherwise, good, and fast. Cant say much for battery life, IMO.

    - The ROM im personally using at me moment. And to be honest, i LOVE it. SUPER fast loading time (after restarts and shut offs etc...) LOVE the new boot screen, and the CPU-hogless-custom-Nexus-like-Live Wall paper is awesome! I use ADW Launcher on top of it, but I love it. The lockscreen is great. Battery life is VERY usable. Snappy, and cant wait for the updates. (Oh and, loving the AOSP elements that were implemented. ^_^ )

    - Kinda weird, actually. I Flashed this one to try it out, and I didnt get far. I got myself stuck on the "Setup Screen" so I reflashed bugless Beast ON TOP of this one, and it works great. Not quite sure if my phone would run any different, but combining both seemed to work just fine. ~.~

    Fresh Evo::
    - Another champ here. fast, snappy, loving the Fresh SenseUI. (Yes Im a fan of BOTH SenseUI and Vanilla Android) Very smooth, and good battery life. Had a few glitch restarts, but im sure those will be ironed out. All in all, Fresh is always a great route to go for stability and responsiveness.

    Calkulin's ROM::
    - Havent tried this one yet, but doesnt seem like TOO much has been added to it yet. Im sure people will look forward to this one as well.

    - Again, not 100% sure about this one, but I believe this one, like Bugless Beast, can run on top of other ROMs, but this one gives your ROM a make over, changing ICONS and Status Bar, etc... very nice tho, I must say.

    - Tried this one for a few hours. I noticed my battery was draining quite quickly, and I had random reboots everyonce and a while. Again, could possibly just be a bad flash, but remember, these are my opinions. :) Looking forward to future updates on this one!

    OMJ's HTC Evo ROM::
    - Havent tried this one, but apparently VERY popular. You should try it yourself, if you havent already. ^_^

    Im sure I missed one or 2, or more... lol but those are the main ones, I believe that are out so far.
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  3. Excellent well put response. One thing that I been looking at trying to select a ROM is a list of the items they remoed (sprint stuff, etc) and not all have such a list. This is important to me because I want to know what am I losing.

    I personally only need sprints NAV, TV and most definetly love the voicemail (which rom keeps this feature), other than that the rest can go, I don't use friendstream, but do like the pinch to see all home screens, I definelty have to have the speech to text this is a must have, and the speech search you happen to know which of these roms still keeps these features?

    Thanks for your response.

  4. I still haven't figured out what is JIT or hat its for, can you give explain a bit?

    Also what is odexed and deodexed, and how do I know which one I should use?[/QUOTE]

    Why did you personally choose this one over Damage or Fresh?

    With regard to installing a rom over another, so far I have ROM Manager installed, yesterday was my 1st experience working on the phone when I rooted with the awesome tutorial thats posted, and I recall he says that steps 30-34 would be how one would install my question here is:
    1) If I use rom manager, is this "self installing" or just adding the zip to my SD card Root for me to then follow steps 30-34?

    2) say right now I was running fresh, but decide I want to try bugless, are you suppose to do a wipe, and a Dalvic wipe before installing another rom? And what type of backup am I doing?

    Just wonderinng since you mention how you may still keep the benefit of a previous rom even when installing over it.
  5. twospirits

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Database Programmer, Sprint Advocate
    Queens, NY
    I personally use BuglessBeast and so far no problems and even helped me with the battery issue.

  6. I should've waited, I went ahead and installed bugless, and I don't like it, its definetly not bugless, its bugfull: in settings everytime I would click certain things to change I would get an error or force close, when i took a picture and clicked the small thumnail on the corner, error.

    And as much as I hate all the sprint junk, it was missing Sprint Nav, thats a must have, and Sprint voicemail, and Sprint TV....not sure why they would remove Sprint Nav and leave Google Nav.

    But, unless I can find out in the next few minutes if those items are available, then I'm deleting it.....didnt see this as an improvement at all.
  7. NovaFox238

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    Dec 22, 2009
    My answers in BOLD::

  8. NovaFox238, thanks for the answers, I did install bugless through RM, the latest bugless, and seemed to be bugfull as it kept FC on several of the phone settings options, after taking pictures, etc., plus 3 of the Sprint apps I needed were gone, so I installed DC (awesome), when I got the pop up from RM if I wanted to backup current ROM I didnt check it as I didnt want to store unecessary files from bugless on my phone, and also my phone doesnt have really anything to backup yet.

    DC is what I was looking for, I like that it kept Sense, and has another launcher, plus I added Launcher Pro, this way I can switch it up once in a while and not get bored.

    Thanks for al your help.
  9. NovaFox238

    NovaFox238 Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    Sure thing. Glad I could be of some assistance. Yeah LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher are great alternatives.
  10. Taterus Maximus

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Student, Verizon Customer Care
    Boise, ID for the moment
    When I get my EVO I'll probably run Fresh, Flipz is pretty quick with feedback and bug fixes and I've really enjoyed his Hero roms
  11. PSULightingGuy

    PSULightingGuy Active Member

    Any suggestions for the best EVO 2.2 ROM so far? Looking for fairly stock 2.2, but with least crashing on EVO. Seriously considering root now!
  12. kathrynhr

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    May 10, 2010
    I can't comment on any of the other ROMs, but I'm very happy with Fresh 0.3. My battery life has improved by about 50%, especially when the screen is off. I like the fact that 90% of the Sprint/HTC bloatware is removed, and most of the remaining 10% is stuff I would have chosen to keep anyway. I haven't used Apps2sd yet. I've yet to encounter any bugs/crashing whatsoever.

    Looking forward to 0.4, whenever that lands.
  13. DomSim

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    Jun 3, 2010
    just curious, have you tried google nav? makes sprint nav look like the crap it is. i was always a proponent of sprint nav too until i actually tried google nav. google nav can give you ground level lane guidance, sat view, street view of destination and ability to littereally look around at any point. so say you are going to a friends house you have never been to, you can go to the destination in google nav, switch to street view and look if there are places to park on the street or a lot for instance.
  14. OriginalGouveia

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Agreed. Google NAV is infinetly better than Sprint NAV. Try Sat view in settings and you will never use Sprint nav again.

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