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  1. viperlocc

    viperlocc Well-Known Member

    So, just got my new Axis which from my understanding is the Ally, which replaced my Hero.

    Looking to root, have fun with it, test it out, whatever.

    Is their a 2.2 yet for this phone? Currently, what is the rom everyone is hyped about using?

  2. p1ayrTh3 Ru13

    p1ayrTh3 Ru13 Well-Known Member

    No 2.2 for axis right now, I haven't seen any roms for it either
  3. AlexMason

    AlexMason Well-Known Member

    lol, your phone is a knock off of LG Ally, refer to there for rooting techniques.
  4. mjp2365

    mjp2365 Member

    Axis may be a "knock off" of the Ally, but the techniques for the Ally DO NOT work correctly for the Axis. I learned this the hard way. Attempted Trident's method to update to 2.2 and then to Velocity. BAD IDEA!!!! This not only bricked my phone, but it SUPERBRICKED my phone. The update worked to about 70% and then................

    Nothing. Phone won't even turn on now. Tried several methods to get it to turn on, but the file system is officially FRIED. So, don't just assume that because one phone is a "knock off" of another that the same programs will work for both.

    As far as rooting, I rooted the Axis VERY easily with Z4Root. Absolutely no problems, very easy, quick way to root and unroot. I also used the LONG method to root and it worked fine as well.

  5. Awake00

    Awake00 Member

    Ive scoured the ineternet. There are absolutely NO working Roms for the the Axis. You can root your phone... but i dont see the point.
  6. mjp2365

    mjp2365 Member

    Working on these as we speak (and have been for a few weeks):

    Froyo (2.2.1)
    Velocity 1.0
    Frunisher 1.0

    and some other customs.....

    As I have posted before, the Ally and Axis are not the exact same thing. It's a tedious process getting things for the Ally to work on the Axis, but I'm slowly getting there.

    ***If anyone has an Ally (VS740) that they wouldn't mind copying all the system files from and emailing them to me, it would help A LOT!!***

    PM me or email at

    Semper Fi
  7. mjp2365

    mjp2365 Member

    There are many other things you can do after rooting the phone........ modify file system, delete system junk apps, change notification sounds, run apps requiring su permissions, etc. Flashing custom ROMs is not the only reason we root phones. In order to modify anything with your phone that you can't do without rooting, you must root.

    Semper Fi
  8. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    I have a 2.2.1 nandroid dump for the ally but i dont think it will work for you since its 2.2.1 and you guys are on 2.1
  9. ericj54467

    ericj54467 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I really need a ROM for my LG Axis. I have found a lot of stuff for the Ally, but nothing for the axis. I am looking for the sbf file, a recovery that works, some rom's. I really like the cyanogen roms. Also, would love to have froyo, gingerbread or honeycomb. Please let me know if anyone can find anything. I can't find anything for this phone, because it is the apex/ally, but not the ally/apex. Thanks.
  10. wellenreiter16

    wellenreiter16 New Member

    Woohoo!! Look what i found today!

    I am still at work but mean to try it out as SOON as I get home! I can't wait!
  11. wellenreiter16

    wellenreiter16 New Member

    Yep- went to and was able to locate a froyo update for the Axis. Took about 20 minutes and I had no problems.
  12. NomadCF

    NomadCF New Member

    Well no need to wait any more for Revol to do jack @#$, LG already put out a working and testing version. I did a full write up on how to upgrade here : Revol Axis - Upgrade to Android Froyo 2.2.2 - www

    LG did all work and should ge all the credit, I just found the document hidden on
    there server.

    I also posted the original PDF also.
  13. G3ORGE

    G3ORGE New Member

    So now that 2.2 is out for the axis, is it safe to use same rooting methods used for 2.1 on this phone?

    Never mind, my Axis easily rooted after the update to 2.2 via SuperOneClick. It wasn't as easy as when I used z4root when it was on 2.1, however i already had the usb driver for my Axis so the root process was probably easier for me than most who will attempt this way. :p

    I never realized how much i missed having it rooted. :D

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