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Rookie rooting?

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  1. Deadendmikie

    Deadendmikie New Member

    I just picked up a Craig brand android netbook from my local rite aid for dirt cheap. I went into it expecting awefulness, and it's actually better than I thought it would be. but I'm curious if it's possible to root it, and if so, how I would go about doing it.

    As it stands, it has no access to Market (that I know of), and even though it has Amazon Appstore preloaded, it doesn't come up. Also as far as I can tell, there is no actual way to hook it to my computer. I mean, it has a usb port (x2!) and an sd slot (not micro), but I'm a total moron about this stuff. Suggestions?

    And where and how would I go about doing it?

    Thanks. :)

  2. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    I don't know much about your model, and probably most people here don't either, especially in the Lounge. So for the "where" you need to find a place where other Craig owners are discussing the device. As for the "how", have you tried Google? A search for "root craig android" turns up a number of hits at androidtablets.net, where there appears to be a dedicated Craig subforum.

    You can also try a forum search here, but I didn't find anything too promising looking with a quickie search, and there isn't a dedicated subforum, unless the device was sold under different names (as many of the cheap Chinese tablets are).
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  3. chix4nascar

    chix4nascar New Member

    I also Just bought the craig netbook from rite aid, would like to get online & play facebook games etc. Is there a way to speed it up & increase memory?? I've been having problems, and would like any feedback as I am not very computer savvy, thanks!
  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Generally these are easy to root. I rooted a craig tablet using an update.zip method. It will depend on the processor that is in the netbook as to what you need to use to root it. The only model of Craig netbook I can find is a CLP281 and I am unable to locate a root method for it currently. I would think if a root method comes out it would involve just putting an update.zip on the root sd and either unmounting/mounting the SD or tell it to check for an update.

    Welcome to AF:D
  5. chix4nascar

    chix4nascar New Member

    I did get the Craig netbook CPL281 but haven't been able to find out how to upgrade or increase the memory for my gaming, if anyone can help this Novice step by step into getting going I'd appreciate it!
  6. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    At this point I do not think the CPL281 has been rooted so there is no update zip available. I have found instructions on how to make an update.zip but unless you are a dev or feel very comfortable playing around in linux and potentially bricking your netbook I would advise against trying to do so.

    Also looking further at the specs on the tablet it only has 256MB ram I am not sure it will be powerful enough to run flash games at all. From what I can find with other's reports on nearly identical internal hardware even after being rooted flash won't work.
  7. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    You should be able to get more info on the netbooks as well as hear from people that know more about them here Craig Tablets this is the craig tablet section on a different forum. As well as here Rockchip RK2818 Tablets the Rockchip RK2818 section of the same forums which is the processor that your netbooks contain. When I rooted my old the craig tablet I used these links, hopefully you can find info over there that is better than what I was able to provide as well as other users that have more indepth knowledge of your netbook. :D
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  8. megan1234

    megan1234 New Member

    hello and i apologize for jumping in on the conversation but i think it maybe similar to what im trying to do
    my friend purchased a craig 7" android netbook for her 10 yr thinking that the android market would be easily accesible for apps.i did find the SlideME Marketplace on the netbook it isnt responding apparently because the site is down. As far as i understand that is the android marketplace for the netbook. but ofcourse it doesnt work. i was wondering if an update was necessary to use it. so i went to the craigelectronic.com but it just keeps stating that the update failed. what can i do this poor kid cant use his christmas gift .................... i am unable to figure out how to download even the most common apps for the netbook. i am thinking its just not possible. while doing research i saw some things about rooting. I am just a little confused, if a different os can be rooted to be used as an android phone is it then possible to root the netbook so it acts like a tablet? and if so how? also would it just be easier to return and the netbook and just pick up a tablet?
    is it possible to change the rom on the netbook without ruining the netbook? I saw something about replacing the rom with a HTC WWE is that only applicable for a phone?
    also while researching the issue i found people on yahoo answers with the same issue is this because of where it was manufactured or because it is a cheap netbook?
    What would be the easiest solution?
  9. ccphilly1984

    ccphilly1984 Well-Known Member

  10. intanet

    intanet Member

    You can download z4root app and it will root your device. Simple instructions on the screen. I think it's Root, Unroot, ReRoot. Select what applies and it will reboot afterwards. I have the Craig Netbook CLP 281 also and z4root worked for me. I learned about it on a Youtube video so check it out there if you want more info. Then, you can download Terminal Emulator and type in su (stands for super user) and hit enter. You will see the $ change to a # sign. Don't ask me what it means. I'm an Android newbie. But it shows you that you are rooted. (a window may pop up asking you for permission to allow Terminal Emulator super user priviledges.) Just click yes. Then do what ever a rooted person does. I'm still learning so don't ask me.

    If you want to root your netbook using someone elses modified Rom, a guy named Jason came up with a root over at XDA forums. He also included Market in the apps of his Rom. Here is the link.

    [ROM][INFORMATION] Craig CLP281 Android Netbook - xda-developers

    He's been working on perfecting it so you'll see a few roms. To date, Rom 4 is his latest.
  11. technopro

    technopro New Member

    I have a WM8650 netbook which runs on Android 2.2. Trying to root it with SuperOneClick.
    Connected the netbook to my PC with a USB cable.
    Set the netbook to 'USB Debugging' and 'Configure USB to ADB'.
    From the PC, the command 'adblinux devices" does not list any device and 'lsusb' does not recognise the netbook.
    Any suggestion?
  12. intanet

    intanet Member

    I wrote the January 28th post about rooting the Craig Netbook clp281 with z4root application. It worked great on that model. But I just bought the newer model Craig Netbook yesterday (Aug 2012) at Riteaid called the clp 281a. It is much faster than the previous model with a 1.3ghz processor and 1gb ram. It is running Android 4.0.3. Problem is, this OS no longer has USB debuggin. The path:
    Settings->Applications->Development- USB Debugging is not in this version of Android on this device. (And I've looked everywhere else in Settings.) So, I can't use z4root app to root this netbook like I did with the previous model because z4root asks you to enable USB debugging before it can do the root process but USB debugging is nowhere to be found. And this problem is nowhere to be found on the internet either. I've been searching for hours for any info on it. Bummer. If anyone can offer assistance that would be great.

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