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Root achieved...any news on CWM?General

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  1. skeeterpro

    skeeterpro Member

    OK, I see where root is gained on our GT 7+ which a great! Now has anyone heard anything about a recovery scheme. CWM would be preferable but having a way back from a bad flash is vital.

  2. Nykon777

    Nykon777 New Member

    :)I just got into contact today withchainfire' the maker of oden.I'm giving him a dump for us. What program you may ask? Mobile Odin' say goodbye PC
  3. skeeterpro

    skeeterpro Member

    So, "Mobile Odin" would be a version of CWM or something else entirely?
  4. skeeterpro

    skeeterpro Member

    Just a heads up everyone. garyd9 over in XDA has done it! Flashable via e3 root and CWM! Works great! Check the Galaxy Tab Plus forum.

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