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root and bad esn?

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  1. williamgibbs

    williamgibbs New Member

    i bought a droid incredible 2 off a guy on craigslist. i know, i should have checked the esn before i left with the phone. i didnt. it was brand new in the box. still had plastic on the face, not a scratch, accessories hand not been opened, etc.

    it was his phone, verified by the number i called him on and his name, but after he sold it to me and before i tried to activate it (after about 2 weeks) he turned it in as lost to asurion and they blacklisted the esn. i called both verizon and asurion and explained what happen, offered to fill out reports on a fraudulent claim against him, etc. they didnt want to be bothered and said there was nothing i could do but send them the phone it was their property. I even offered to pay them to fix the phone and they said they wouldnt do that either.

    and of course i called the guy back and he just acted like he had no idea what i was talking about and then blocked my number. police report and all this is just a waste of time over $200.

    anyway, with that being said, its a incredible 2 global. can it be rooted/flashed or whatever to work on another network other than verizon, with that esn issue? even if its one of those prepay ones, etc?

  2. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your luck. People are assholes!

    The easiest option, I think would be flashing it to Cricket Wireless; if you have it in your area. They are really the only carrier that doesn't give a shit if it's a stolen device as long as they get money.

    My wife is a former Verizon employee and said that customer service can remove the blacklisted phone if they want. You just have to talk to the right rep. Explain what happened in a very nice manner and she said they might just hook you up.
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  3. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    Any luck with the phone?

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