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Root, ClockworkMod, Custom ROM for Excite 10 aka AT300 (USA)General

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  1. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

    Just got the Excite 10, also known as the AT300, and I am looking for root, ClockworkMod, and custom ROM! :)

    It's still a new tablet, so maybe there isn't anything yet, but let me know ASAP! Thanks!!

  2. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

    Dear Fellow Excite Owners:

    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! Only 177 more signers to go!

    The reason we cannot root the Toshiba Excite currently, is because Toshiba decided to LOCK THE BOOTLOADER!
    In order to be able to root, Toshiba needs to get their developers to unlock the bootloader! To get Toshiba to agree to do this, we need to get this petition signed!

    Please sign it for yourself and the benefit of all Toshiba Excite (AT300, AT305, etc.) owners so we can get this tablet rooted!

    You need root to:
    * Increase battery life (JuiceDefender)
    * Improve battery life (AutoKiller Memory Optimizer)
    * Restore/make backups (Titanium Backup)
    * Manage startup (Startup Auditor)
    * Manage autorun programs (Autorun Manager)
    * Increase SD speed (SD Speed Increase)
    * Use full features of Ad-Blockers (Droid Ad-Free)
    * Use Firewall
    * Compile apps
    * Pair PS3 controller
    * Connect as bluetooth keyboard for PS3 (BluePutDroid)
    * And many more things you need root access for!

  3. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

    If you really want to speed up the process, begin complaining to Toshiba.

    STEP 1) Register your tablet: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/globalEntitlement.jsp

    STEP 2) Call Toshiba Repair Depot Service 800-457-7777
    Press 2 every time you hear the automated system talk until the system asks you for your serial number. Then speak your serial number and when it repeats it back to you, say yes.

    STEP 3) Demand to speak to supervisor (the chat rep has basically no authority whatsoever. The regular rep will only try to run you in circles until you get frustrated. Then they will hang up on you when they can't help).

    STEP 4) Use your verbal skills to attempt to get them to put in a request to unlock the bootloader and to put you in touch with the department which does this. They will first try to tell you that such a department does not exist. However, it DOES exist, because that department is the one who releases software updates via the Toshiba App in the Settings on your tablet. They might try to tell you that it is hard-encoded into the hardware. THIS IS A LIE. They can easily unlock the bootloader by releasing a software update.

    STEP 5) Make sure to harass them vehemently. Call in multiple times. Make many reports. Cause as much trouble as possible. When this happens hundreds and thousands of times, Toshiba will eventually get pissed off and submit to our demands to unlock the bootloader.

    STEP 6) Mail physical letters. Try to mail a minimum of 20 letters, and as many as 100 or more. Just use a photocopier and copy the same letter over and over. Mail all these letters over several weeks. Just buy $10 in stamps and a $2 box of envelopes. Eventually they will realize that they will use much less company resources by just unlocking the bootloader, then dealing with all the shit we're giving them.

    STEP 7) If you have nothing else to do, mail even more letters, addressing them from each person on the change.org site.

    STEP 8) If they don't comply within your return period, then return your tablet directly to Toshiba. Make sure they know the reason you returned is because you can't root the device. Demand a full refund. (Don't return it if you bought from a 3rd party like Best Buy or ebay. Toshiba will never know so it won't solve anything.)

    STEP 9) Start posting on Twitter about how much you are pissed at Toshiba for locking the device so you can't root. Tell all your friends NOT to buy a Toshiba tablet. Make sure Toshiba can hear you telling your friends not to buy Toshiba.
  4. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

  5. screechie003

    screechie003 New Member

    ok I'm going to try this
  6. jimrin

    jimrin Member

    Even though this is an old post, I am still pissed at Toshiba for this. Where to mail the physical letters?


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