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  1. GPS2600

    GPS2600 Member

    I just finished rooting my Samsung Admire Metropcs is the carrier. I am not a try noob but I have a lot to learn. I would like to flash custom roms to the phone but have some questions about how to do it properly. I want to make a backup of the phone state now. Is it possible to do that? Not just backup the apps with Titianum backup but everything. Basically, If a flash the phone with a new rom and I dont like it I want to flash it back to how it was. I am also interested in building my own where I can flash the phone will all the apps I want on it.
    I have all the development tools I need. Android SDK, Eclipse with ADT plugin. I know some ADB commands.

    So what I am asking is... Is it possible to backup or make like a system image of my phone now?
    And, How to build custom roms? I am open to any suggestions and I am willing to read read read that is how I got this far.

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    RomManager,Astro file makes a backup of current rom settings
  3. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't use RomManager on the Admire unless you want a nice new paperweight.

    Install clockworkmod custom recovery on the Admire, which allows you to make Nandroid backups. This is what you are after, an exact image of your phone in it's current state. Go here

    There aren't any custom ROMs for the Admire currently except for the Admiral Beast ROM. A user named Mystery is working on an update to the Beast ROM to allow flashing through CWM, but it seems to be giving him trouble. Go here

    But hopefully now with a working custom recovery, people can start cranking out some ROMs.

    Maybe you can be one of them :D
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  4. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    GPS2600, welcome to the AndroidForums! Glad you signed-up with us :)

    Also just wanted to let everyone know that I've moved your thread to the all-things-root sub-forum for the Admire.

    Cheers and good luck!

  5. GPS2600

    GPS2600 Member

    I follow the instructions:


    1. Download (Odin) and (Drivers)
    2. Install the drivers. There's not much to it.
    3. Follow the steps to enter download mode at [ACS] THE ODIN THREAD: Return to stock OR in short:
    a. Turn the phone all the way off, then remove and replace the battery and make sure the usb cable is unplugged.
    b. Plug the computer end of the cable into your computer.
    c. Hold down the Camera button, tightly. The Camera button is kinda flimsy.
    d. While still holding down the Camera button, plug the usb cable into your phone.
    e. Wait a few seconds. You should be at a screen warning you about how custom roms are dangerous to your warranty. You already know that, so hit Volume Up.
    4. On your computer, extract Odin and open it.
    5. Without touching any other options (don't do it, I'm not helping if you do,) click the OPS button and select the .ops file in the same folder as Odin.
    6. Click PDA and select the cwm tar I posted in this thread and just click OK when it warns about an "invalid image."
    7. Click Start and wait.
    8. If your phone reboots, you have CWM installed and can boot into it by holding Volume Down and Back while turning on the phone. If the green bar with the timer doesn't move after about a minute, take your battery out and start over.

    Powered up with the button combo and is says CWM based recovery v5.0.2.7 with 9 options to choose from. Is this the menu I use to backup my current phone state. If so, how do I locate that backup file and transfer it to my laptop or additional storage for safe keeping just in case.

    From my understanding this is how you can flash roms to your phone too. Is that what "Install zip from sdcard" is? I have read so much about this CWM but I really need to talk to someone who has used it before so I can learn how too. Can I have multiple backups?

    Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    So you are planing to do the whole thing by yourself?
    Btw,I still don't know whats missing in cwm to work properly.
  7. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    Nothing is missing in CWM. It works fine.

    I think you are referring to MysteryEmotion's ROM (Admiral Beast). He was saying that he was having problems getting the ROM to 'play nicely' with CWM. He's got it figured out now and he posted the new ROM.
  8. driftinanomaly

    driftinanomaly Active Member

    Yes, that is the correct menu. Choose the backup option. You can find the backup on your sd card at
    Clockworkmod > backups
    It will have a name based on date and time.

    Yes, the install zip from sd card is for flashing roms, themes, or modems.

    I would suggest looking up qbking's videos. He has done a how to video for damn near everything.

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