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  1. TillerTan

    TillerTan New Member

    Hello guys.

    I have an Archos 80 titanium for a week now, and well, I want it rooted ;p
    I'm pretty sure that nobody did it at this point (I didn't find anything !) so well, I was thinking "Why don't I try myself?".

    But even if I've been using android / custom ROM / etc. for years now, I never tried to make a root patch, and I can't find any "tutorial" or guide-line explaining what we need to :)

    So, do somebody has a link would explain that a little more ?

    Here are some things I got :
    - An update from Archos
    - My tablet... which has natively a recovery, and OTA updates

    My first naive thought was to simulate an OTA update by intercepting the android connection, but well, it seems that it's not possible. (I didn't saw any topic about that !)

    And well.. That's it !

    Edit :
    Here is a good (I think?) link :

    Well, I've to find a way to unlock the bootloader if it is :)

  2. TillerTan

    TillerTan New Member

    Ok I now got a new bootimg, I have to flash it using fastboot. But first.. I need to find flashboot !

    Do anyone know how I can get in ?
    By holding vol down+up+power button, my computer detects something, but can't find a driver. Also, the tablet screen keep off.
  3. TillerTan

    TillerTan New Member

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